Single mother-of-three paralysed from the face down after getting free flu injection at the hospital where she worked

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Vaccines, a topic we need to be ever vigilant about. They have ramped up the contents and frequency ‘required’ these days. Research them well before making your informed decision as to their efficacy. EnvirowatchRangitikei

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Daily Mail, UK
A single mother-of-three became fully paralysed after getting a free flu injection at work.

Kathy Watson-Jones, a hospital clerk from Greensborough in northeast Melbourne, received the vaccination on April 23 and that evening her legs started shaking and feeling like jelly.

By lunchtime the next day Ms Watson-Jones was paralysed from the face down.

The 45-year-old was rushed to hospital and after a day of tests doctors told her she had contracted the incredibly rare Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) – a disorder that causes the immune system to attack the nervous system resulting in paralysis.


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From A Divine Spark, Comes Our Soul

Culture of Awareness

By Rolley Hurley,

Your Soul came into being long before your Mother gave birth to you. Your true being is not made of the flesh; instead you are an entity more advanced than this mortal world can reveal. You are a spiritual addition to a wondrous creation which you hardly know.

Your memories have been erased by the human satire of illusion, yet you sense there is more. Be silent and listen for the melody of your glorious spirit, and hear your voice of reason. Be still and experience the love, peace and harmony from which you came and feel the joyful part of you that exists. Be aware that now is your time and eternity is your space!

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Woman Spends 23 Years in Prison for Marijuana Distribution

Culture of Awareness

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

While states across the US are legalizing marijuana use for both medicinal and recreational purposes, our jails are full of people who have been incarcerated over minor offences involving the possession, and sale of marijuana.  Lynda Lee Byrnes has already spent 23 of the 27 years she was sentenced in prison over just such an ‘offense.’

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has published a lengthy invective railing against the notion that our prison systems in the US are full of one-time marijuana users, but one in eight people sitting in a cell right now are there because of a marijuana offense. This amounts to around 12,000 people according to US Bureau of Justice Statistics, or twice the population of many small towns across America.

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Another Win for Big Pharma — Holistic Health Herb Kratom Now a ‘Schedule I’ Drug

Culture of Awareness

By Carolanne Wright, Wake Up World

Used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia, kratom has attracted attention in the West as a potent natural medicinal that addresses a spectrum of health complaints — like pain, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, chronic fatigue, addiction, insomnia, stress and more. It’s such an effective herb that Thailand banned its cultivation and use — largely because it was such wildly popular, non-addictive alternative to opium, which ultimately threatened the economy.

Since history has a habit of repeating itself, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the U.S. is following a similar path in outlawing the herb. Only this time, many feel kratom is being persecuted because the herb safely and economically replaces a range of pharmaceutical drugs. Notably, this change was made by the DEA as a ‘temporary’ scheduling order, bypassing the judicial review process that normally regulates Schedule I classification.

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You can’t have war without racism. You can have a world without both.

Rise Up Times

After all, the 1% benefit from the theft from and exploitation of these people, so in their view, nothing else matters. And these crimes against humanity have been perpetrated for decades.   

By Robert Fantina  Remarks at #NoWar2016  World Beyond War


Earlier today we heard about racism and how it plays out in the conquest and exploitation of African countries, with a focus on the tragic situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. People in North America don’t normally hear much about this; that lack of reporting, and he resulting lack of interest, in itself indicates a high degree of racism. Why do the powers that be, the corporate-owned media that is one with the U.S. government, not care about the blatant racism happening in Africa, and the suffering and deaths of countless men, women and children? Well, obviously, in the minds of those who control the flow of…

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Report offers cold, hard truth about global warming – Summit County Citizens Voice

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR: Floods, droughts, extinctions, and human intraspecific conflicts will all increase as the CO2 now in the atmosphere traps heat and slowly warms the land and sea.  Failing to control the causes increases the liklihood of a great collapse that takes away our civilization as well as much more that is unique and beautiful.

By Bob Berwyn

“The Paris climate agreement will likely be triggered into force within the next few weeks, which marks the beginning — not the end — of an intense effort to try and cap global warming before the planet is overwhelmed by heatwaves, droughts and super storms.

“Governments and citizens need to rapidly ramp up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, a group of scientists said this week, releasing a new report showing that the climate pledges made toward the Paris agreement won’t do the trick.

“The INDC’s are totally inadequate to meet the 2-degree…

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Scientists: We May Be Shooting Past 2 Degrees

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

This news item tells us what we already knew: The Paris agreement of last year is a good start, but inadequate by itself to solve the larger climate problem.

What is different now is that, in the interim, global temperatures have taken a breathtaking jump that is greater even than the large spike we might have expected with the El Nino of last winter.  We are closer to the edge than we thought.
To be real – the idea that there is a 2 degree threshold below which we are “safe” is nonsense – the number is arbitrary. We are already in territory that will melt catastrophic portions of the polar ice sheets, and create havoc with weather extremes, agriculture, and infrastructure around the world in coming decades.

hansensmallWashington Post:

Here, in the wake of the first presidential debate, the media skewered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for denying his 

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Good Day to Help Climate Scientists in a Perilous Time

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


In 1995, I co-founded The Weather Underground, where I continue to serve as Director of Meteorology.

As a scientist myself, I strongly believe in the power of scientific research.  Scientific discoveries uncover truths that improve our understanding of the world – and, at times, also threaten corporate profits.  When that happens, all too often, the companies involved (and the politicians these corporations fund) react by attacking the scientists, with the goal of shutting down and/or discrediting their work.

CSLDF provides critical protections for climate scientists, who often lack financial resources or legal knowledge to fight back on their own.  It is the only organization to provide a legal defense team to researchers under attack.  I’m proud to be a founding board member of CSLDF, and hope you will join me in support of this worthy cause.

A generous donor is matching all donations up to $50K made before…

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September 30 Energy News



¶ India is one of the largest producers of coal in the world. But unregulated mining has led to environmental issues we might not even imagine, one of which is increasing conflicts between elephants and humans. As forests are being cleared for coal mining, wild elephants are entering villages in search of food and attacking people. [BBC]

A wild elephant in Chhattisgarh (Subrata Biswas) A wild elephant in a village in Chhattisgarh (Subrata Biswas)

¶ GE Renewable Energy has received a contract from Max Boegl Wind AG to supply four 3.4-137 wind turbines that are planned to be integrated with a 16-MW pumped storage hydropower plant in Germany’s Swabian-Franconian Forest. The hydropower equipment will be delivered by local company Voith. [SeeNews Renewables]

¶ Vestas has broken into a fresh market with a deal to build the 50-MW Tsetsii wind farm in Mongolia. The Danish wind manufacturer will deliver unidentified hardware to Clean…

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Greed Knows No Religion

In Saner Thought

Back in the days after 9/11 there was a ransom offered for the location of Osama….it stood for a decade…… one would step up to claim the multi-million dollar reward.

I thought hen that these people that knew of his whereabouts were more dedicated to the movement than to the pursuit of cash…..almost admirable…..

But in the end….greed will always win the day…..a true American way……

A friend in Iraq sent me a mews story that I need to pass onto my readers…..

Kirkuk – Iraqi media outlets announced on Monday, that eight people working in the so-called Diwan al-Zakat (Zakat Bureau) of the Islamic State in Hawija district, southwest of Kirkuk, disappeared with 600 million dinars in mysterious circumstances.

According to, “Eight workers in ISIS Diwan al-Zakat in Hawija, including the currency exchange official, disappeared in mysterious circumstances yesterday.”

“600 million dinars also disappeared from the fund of…

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