Avoiding Judgement

Most enlightening human beings have been sensitive souls their entire lives. Often you have been judged for that sensitivity, treated as through it was a less than desirable trait to have. In truth, it has been your greatest asset, and is serving you well as you continue to grow and expand.

Many of you have tried to conform in order to avoid judgment from others and protect your sensitive natures. This has been a survival tactic but one that has put you in resistance to yourselves. We would like to offer a healing exercise for this today.

We wish for you to sit quietly and think of all the times you have tamped yourself down in order to gain another’s approval. You may remember specific times, or simply have a sense of how many times it has happened. In this right now moment, we invite you to call back the power you gave away to someone who was not able to see you in your truth. You may experience it as little fragments of self. Feel the joy and excitement both you and those pieces of you feel as they are being called home to reintegrate with you.

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Nuclear wastes: Hardened On-Site Storage (HOSS) safer than transporting wastes to “temporary” storage


(Transport dangers) Any mainline rail can be used. The condition of the rails in the U.S. is not good. Think of recent train derailments – as NIRS has often asked, “What if nuclear waste had been aboard?” The irradiated nuclear fuel casks aboard trains bound for Holtec/ELEA, NM, combined with the rail cars, would weigh around 180 tons. These would be among the heaviest loads on the rails, and would risk further damaging them.

(Waste container contamination) sometimes the exterior of shipping casks are contaminated, sometimes severely so. Above, 49 such incidents of external contamination were documented in the U.S. from 1949-1996. As revealed by Mycle Schneider of WISE-Paris in the mid- to late 1990s, Areva (now called Orano in the U.S., as at the WCS, TX CISF) experienced a very large number of externally contaminated HLRW shipments.

Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: What Congress, Federal Agencies and Communites…

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Farmers and ranchers across the State of New Mexico rallying against “temporary” nuclear waste dump


Opposition rallies ahead of public hearing on Holtec site  Adrian C Hedden, Carlsbad Current-Argus . MT July 17, 2018 

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Jewish Americans Abandon Israeli Birthright Tour to Expose Propaganda

Wasserman said she saw a great difference between the narrative offered on the Birthright tour to what she experienced in visiting Palestinian families.

“The narrative on the trip is that Palestinians are terrorists,” Wasserman said.

“It’s not safe, it’s not safe to go into East Jerusalem,” Berkson-Gold exclaimed, imitating her tour guide.

“We went into East Jerusalem again today and it was fine.”

The lack of any narrative or dialogue on the Birthright tours is just as misleading, she said.

While sitting at a bar in Jerusalem, Wasserman presented a map every person on the tour was given.

“It doesn’t even label the West Bank, it’s all presented as Israel.”

On the map, the West Bank is called Judea and Samaria – the Jewish nationalist term for the region.

Berkson-Gold’s tour started in what was described to them as the north of Israel, standing on top of Mt Hermon, overlooking the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights has been illegally occupied by Israel since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

“That was not information that our tour guide gave us,” Berkson-Gold said, clearly annoyed.

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July 22 Energy News



¶ “Can Atlanta Run Entirely On Renewable Energy by 2035?” • Atlanta is working to put flesh on a framework to run entirely on renewable power by 2035. That covers both municipal operations, including Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and all the lights, appliances, and air conditioners in town. Here is a plan for how to do it. [Sierra Magazine]

Atlanta (Sierra Club photo)

¶ “With EPA rule change, worries linger for those near coal ash ponds” • As one of his first major acts at the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, the acting administrator, signed and finalized new standards overseeing coal ash. Critics of the new coal ash rules say they are a gift to industry and a continued burden for those communities near coal ash sites. [CNN]

¶ “Oil industry plans to keep workers safe – by firing them and having robots do their jobs” • The…

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Saudi Arabia’s Mega-City Project Is Doomed to Failure

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By Jerrod A. Laber

June 24 marked a historic occasion in Saudi Arabia, as the government finally granted women the right to drive a car. The change was announced in September 2017, and women started receiving licenses in early June. The reform is part of a larger modernizing agenda set by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), the heir apparent to the throne, who hopes to transform the country and diversify its economy.

Central to his agenda is “Vision 2030”, an initiative to transform the Saudi economy through privatization and restructuring, in the hope of lessening its reliance on oil production. Vision 2030’s main attraction is “Neom”, a 26,000 square kilometer city to be built on the coast of the Red Sea, near the border with Egypt.

The Saudi government is banking on Neom to transform the country into an economic powerhouse. An official press release says the city will…

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South front


Israel Evacuates 800 Members Of White Helmets And Their Families From Syria To Jordan FILE PHOTO: A member of the Syrian Civil Defence (known as the White Helmets) walks near buses as a convoy carrying opposition fighters and their families from rebel held areas south of Damascus on May 6, 2018. © Rami al SAYED / AFP

Israel is working to hide the evidence of special propaganda operations carried out by the US-Israeli-led block against the Damascus government in Syria.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israel transported several hundred of the White Helments and their families from the southwestern part of Syria to Jordan overnight Saturday. The IDF described it as “a humanitarian effort” at the request of the US and European countries.

The IDF claimed it engaged in the “out of the ordinary” move due to the “immediate risk” to the lives of the civilians in the area. The move came as Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, were…

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Estonia Spy Chief: Network of Operatives Pushing Russian Agenda in West

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From VOA:
Estonia Spy Chief: Network of Operatives Pushing Russian Agenda in West July 21, 2018 5:49 AM, by Jeff Seldin

WASHINGTON — For the past several months, intelligence and security officials in the U.S. government and private sector have cautiously marveled at the seemingly slow pace of Russian cyberattacks and influence operations using social media.

Unlike in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, officials say so far there has been no frenzy of hacks, phishing attacks or use of ads and false news stories to penetrate voting systems, alter voter rolls or influence voters ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Some have suggested the slowdown is the result of better preparation and better cyber tools that have allowed social media companies to thwart Russian efforts. But among Western intelligence agencies, there is also concern that Russia may not be relying on bots and trolls because they…

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DDT: Week 78 – Walking Back

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The meeting at Helsinki with Vladimir Putin was supposed to be a high spot of the first 18 months for Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) after he was inaugurated. Instead it was his worst week thus far: he spent four days walking back his statements before escaping to his Bedminster (NJ) resort. After denying his rejection of intelligence information about Putin’s election meddling which may have made the presidential election illegitimate, DDT invited Putin to Washington in the fall, but the GOP head of the Senate said that Putin would not be welcome in Congress. DDT’s actions are increasingly called treasonous.[visual new York cover]

Doug Heye, former communications director for the RNC, said:

“Helsinki was such a disaster that we have lost sight of the disasters that came before that in Brussels and London. Then, from a PR perspective, obviously the back and forth they’ve had this week has also been…

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