Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power Industry

The Westinghouse Electric Company filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday, in a major blow to the nuclear power industry. The Chapter 11 filing came as Westinghouse reported huge cost overruns in its efforts to build new nuclear reactors in South Carolina and Georgia. Regulators are now questioning whether the plants will ever be completed. Westinghouse technology is used in more than half the world’s nuclear power plants. The company’s bankruptcy comes as the cost of electricity from solar and wind farms continues to drop.

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Residents furious over high court decision to revoke Takahama nuclear plant injunction

Yoshinori Tsuji, the representative of the residents in the class action lawsuit, expressed frustration over the latest ruling, saying, “The decision was unjust as the high court took the policies of the central government and the utility into consideration.”

Tsuji also said the Otsu District Court’s injunction order handed down a year ago was a groundbreaking decision which reflected on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. “It further legitimized the authority of the judiciary,” he recalled.

Tsuji then slammed the Osaka High Court, saying, “The high court took a decidedly different stance from the district court with regard to listening to the people’s voices. Shame on them.”

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DEA Stole $3.2 Billion in Cash From Innocent People in Only a Decade

The Most Revolutionary Act


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With Weaker Fuel Economy Standards, Everyone Loses, Including U.S. Automakers

But in reality, weaker standards would achieve just the opposite and would harm jobs and national security, for at least four reasons.

First, nearly all big overseas auto markets have higher gasoline prices than, and efficiency standards comparable to or stiffer than, the United States. (Europe has CO2 tailpipe standards for 2021 tougher than America’s for 2025.) Many nations—including by next year all of China, the world’s top auto market—also price carbon. Reverting to subpar efficiency would make new American autos less competitive or potentially unlawful abroad. Offering highly efficient models overseas and less-efficient ones at home would raise automakers’ costs and risks in both markets. Global competitive­ness requires world-class products everywhere, not laggardly innovation in America.

Within the United States, automakers have resolved the domestic form of that dilemma by harmonizing upwards to tighter pollution standards in California and nine allied states. The new threat to harmonize downwards by trying to scrap California’s standards (now valid to 2025) would trigger fierce litigation and plunge the industry’s product planning into years of uncertainty, benefiting only foreign rivals. Other nations won’t weaken the higher efficiency standards they’ve fitted to their circum­stances and priorities, but they’ll happily take market share if we weaken ours.

Second, U.S. automakers have invested billions of dollars and untold reputa­tional capital in laudable energy and climate leader­ship, from Ford’s aluminum F150 to Chevrolet’s electric Bolt. Sustaining market credibility and customer appeal requires consistent de­livery on those promises. That’s also a smart hedge against big risks like oil-price yo-yos. Imminent U.S. “peak car” ownership makes advanced techno­logy an even more vital bulwark against market shrinkage. And it makes the draft Federal Budget’s cancellation of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufac­tur­ing Program, saying industry is better placed to fund it, even more damaging to Detroit.

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European Commission Allows State Subsidies for Russian Govt Owned Rosatom to Build Nuclear Power Station in Hungary; Ignores Orbán Takeover of Nuclear Regulator

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… Paks [Nuclear Power Station] can only go ahead with public subsidies… The Hungarian government has mislead its people: Paks II is not economically viable and it will cost taxpayers dearly.” (András Perger, Greenpeace Hungary energy campaigner)

Rosatom is a State Corporation and thus is subordinate to the Russian President, rather than the government.

From Greenpeace:
Commission green light for Paks state aid ignores Orbán takeover of nuclear regulator
Press release – March 6, 2017
Brussels – The European Commission has given a green light to state subsidies for the construction of the Paks II nuclear power plant in Hungary. The decision is irresponsible and ignores prime minister Viktor Orbán’s takeover of Hungary’s nuclear regulator, warned Greenpeace.

A new law approved by the Hungarian Parliament in early December allows the government to overrule the country’s nuclear regulator on matters related to the construction of nuclear reactors and…

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Mend Your Heart

You are meant to love. It is to you I am speaking. I created you to love. Enjoy the mind set of love. The intent to love serves.

How can it be that one of the biggest blocks you have on Earth is to feel love and to give it? You find so many reasons to not love. Not loving your fellow man seems a whole lot easier than loving. What are these impossible obstacles to repress full love from your heart that you build up and so keep your Love in reserve? Must you? What can be so urgent about not loving? How about setting unlovingness aside and never become acquainted with it again. What do you possibly need unlovingness for? It’s a poor excuse.

It may be you look for reasons not to love. One of these reasons may well be that your heart has been hurt. You know, dear ones, when someone offends you, all the more reason for you to open your heart. Open your eyes, and open your heart.

When you feel offended, you are the holder of offense. In the long run, offense is not a good reason to forgo love to and from your heart. Think of it, you have a heart. Keep it open.

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There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

Despite the fact that countless individuals have used cannabis oil to heal their afflictions, the U.S. Cancer Institute lists cannabis as a ‘cure’ for cancer on its website, and a multitude of veterans credit the herb with helping them ditch opioids and alleviate symptoms of PTSD, the marijuana plant remains classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States.

In fact, in most countries around the world, use of the herb and its components for medicinal and recreational purposes remains to be illegal. This continues, regardless of the fact that 0 people die from using the herb each year. In contrast, 30,722 die from alcohol poisoning and 38,329 from abusing pharmaceuticals annually (according to 2014 data).

Some activists, such as Rick Simpson, have suggested that the plant is still illegal in the U.S. on a Federal level because of its multitude of uses. A part of the plant known as hemp can be used for clothing, food, and industrial purposes, and components of the ‘flower’ known as marijuana can inspire creativity, free-thinking and, of course, contribute to healing.

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