Fukushima; Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The Rest Of The Story?

Many mass media outlets are triumphantly and victoriously announcing to the world that Fukushima Daichi is in ‘cold shutdown’ and that the crisis is over. But is it really? 

What do them mean, when they say ‘cold shutdown? Lets go further into this word and try to figure out a definition. How did they manage to cram Fukushima into it? Are they talking about a ‘normal’ reactor, using a normal method of shutting off a nuclear reaction? That cannot be, because the complex that they are talking about had multiple reactors that melted down. Maybe we need to check into this further… Let’s check the normal method of cooling down a reactor.


Maybe they are talking about the normal method of movingcontrol rods into the core, in order to stop a nuclear reaction which createsheat? “In any reactor, a SCRAM is achieved by a large insertion ofnegative reactivity. In light water reactors, this is achieved by insertingneutron-absorbing control rods into the core, although the mechanismby which rods are inserted depends on the type of reactor.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scram
The Scram definition does not seem to work for Fukushima either,because the control rods are melted and gone. For that matter, so are the fuelrods. At least three reactors and possibly more are completely melted down, and the 65 ton blobs of nuclear fuel left the reactor core. 

No one really knows where they went or where they are, much less whattemperature they are.  Maybe I am lookingin the wrong place to find a definition for a ‘cold shutdown’? Let me try NRC website..The NRC website says a cold shutdownis; “the term used to define a reactor coolant system at atmospheric pressureand at a temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit following a reactor cooldown.”
Since there is NO REACTOR CORE and no control rods areleft, and the reactors all have holes in them, how can it be shut down via acoolant system that no longer exists? Even the company and government authorities will have to admit that themultiple molten nuclear fuel bundles from several reactors are also probablystill fissioning in out of control criticalities, may have entirely or mostlyleft containment and possibly even exited the reactor BUILDINGS.

According to one nuclear official, a melted down core penetrates concrete at a rate of about 2 inches per hour. The official manual that tells plant operators what to do, tells them everything, except for what to do in case of a melt down or a melt through. So what does a plant operator do when a melt through happens and the 65 ton melted radioactive corium blobs leave multiple reactor buildings? 

Since the manual does not say anything about this, they can theoretically call it a ‘cold shutdown’, since all of the melted fuel left the building (cold). If we define a cold shutdown as multiple blobs of molten fuel leaving the building, I guess we could stretch the definition to exclude these molten blobs OUTSIDE the buildings. They just have to ‘forget’ to tell the public about the MULTIPLE melted corium  blobs leaving multiple reactors, and ‘forget’ to tell the public that they have no idea where these multiple 65 ton blobs of highly radioactive corium are.
Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson says about TEPCO’s claim ofcold shutdown; “But I don’t know why they choose to say cold shutdown, becausethat’s an affront to those in the industry who really know what the termmeans,” he said. “That nuclear core is still in a configuration where thecenter is extraordinarily hot.” What he means is that even if the corium is still inside of the containment vessel, but outside of the reactor, then the upper part that is contact with water may be around 250 Degrees Fahrenheit, but the bottom is over 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit. Again, Gunderson is guessing at this temperature, because no one really knows for sure.  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-12-19/fukushima-dismantling-to-start-as-cold-shutdown-announced.html 
Greenpeace, which was in Japan revealing the coverup ofhigh radiation levels in Fukushima Province and in the ocean, which the TEPCO and the Japanese government resisted and denied at first, said: “The Japaneseauthorities stated last Friday that Fukushima is in a state of “coldshutdown. This is not true. At first glance, the announcement that thestricken nuclear reactors are now “stable”sounds like some rare good news fromthe disaster zone. Not at all. As we all know, first impressions can bedeceptive”…. Read the rest of the story at; http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/news-and-blogs/campaign-blog/redefining-cold-shutdown-doesnt-hide-the-trut/blog/38482/
I am not an expert, but I believe my own eyes when itcomes to the term ‘cold shutdown’. The definition of cold shutdown according toALL of these authorities is that every part of the Fukushima complex, includingall reactors, are supposed to be below the boiling point of water, right?
So why is it that when they went into reactor #2 with anendoscope (after cold shutdown was announced), they found steam and drippingwater from steam condensing at the top? ONLY BOILING WATER creates steam. TEPCOitself announced that their vision was obscured due to the massive amounts ofsteam inside the reactor. Or did I miss something in science class? COLD water,below the boiling point, CANNOT CREATE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STEAM! 
And if ‘cold shutdown’ means that all parts of the meltedcorium is below boiling point of water, why do they not even know where thesemultiple 65 ton corium blobs that may very well have melted completely out of multiple buildings at Fukushima are, much less what they are doing, or whattemperature they are? They have ‘estimates’ and guesses, but really no oneknows.http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/02/1041766/-Lets-Play:-Wheres-the-Corium
Workers have reported that radioactive steam is comingout of the ground through cracks in the ground. What other explanation is therefor this, other than multiple melted 65 ton corium blobs sinking down throughthe ground? How does this fit in with the company claiming everything is in‘cold shutdown’? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8ZywzIVIl8
The steam coming up from out of a crack in the floor of areactor building at Fukushima also does not inspire confidence in anythingthese people say. Is this the basement, which means the corium is underground,or is this steam coming out of the first floor, meaning the steam is coming outof the basement of one of the buildings? Either way, it may indicate that amelted corium blob has left containment, or that it has left the buildingentirely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cA8Kz_bPmM 
Finally, what about ALL of the spent fuel pools at FUKU?Are the authorities in charge claiming that all spent fuel pools are also incold shutdown as well? Because as far as I can recall, one or more of themmelted down as well, so they have could very well also have melted corium blobs at the bottom of one or more of these as well. 

Who is claiming that there is nothing still melting andfissioning inside one or more spent fuel pools at the FUKU site? Who inspectedthem and measured the temperature of the melted corium at the bottom of thespent fuel pool(s)? I have not heard anyone doing that, YET. So how can theyclaim ‘cold shutdown’? http://enenews.com/report-spent-fuel-pool-4-lost-water-began-boil-after-70-new-years-quake-plant-worker
So what would be the motivation for the authorities to be’claiming’ with great authority and assurance that this Fukushima complex isnow in ‘cold shutdown’, when it is really still totally out of control,steaming, fissioning, and could theoretically blow up any day in a massive lifeextinction event, if one or more of the corium blobs hits groundwater? 
Why were they in such a HURRY? Hmmm, maybe the above reason is why they want everyone tobelieve that this plant is shut down. Maybe they also want to divert attentionfrom the fact that the MOX reactor #3 and it’s spent fuel pool melted down andblew up, resulting in a massive release of over 600 pounds of highly toxic,radioactive plutonium? 
Analysis of #3 Explosion http://youtu.be/1Q3ljfLvHww
Why is there such as pressure and hurry to claim ‘coldshutdown’? Could it be that they do not want any more news coverage? Could itbe that the industry and government authorities embedded with them do not wantjournalists digging around and finding facts that got covered up? How dangerousis this estimated 600 pounds of plutonium that got thrown up into the air andcarried around the globe?
Top Secret Study; Effect of Injected Plutonium On Humans
Only one out of all of the human test subjects in this‘study’ were given any information about what was being done to them. Twoadults were injected with 10 micrograms, and died shortly after that. Otherswere injected with smaller amounts and also died within several years. Only twotest subjects lived longer than several years, but no details are providedabout what diseases they suffered from, whether they had problems withpregnancy, fertility, birth defects, etc. This was a badly designed study firstof all, and did not give informed consent or any compensation to any of thevictims. It does tend to suggest that the industry from the very beginning hasfew or no ethical or moral boundaries. Here we see supposed US medicalprofessionals acting much like the medical doctors in the Jewish concentrationcamps where medical experiments were carried out without any compensation andno informed consent.  http://library.lanl.gov/cgi-bin/getfile?00326640.pdf
Scientific Meta-Study Of Plutonium On Animals And Humans
This is a scientific meta analysis of many studies ofboth humans and animals and the Effect of plutonium on both human nuclearworkers and animals. This meta analysis confirmed that a definite cancer linkwas found in both humans and animals, as well as a lower risk for the generalhuman population not working in the nuclear industry.  http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp143-c2.pdf
Plutonium Study On 144 Beagle Dogs
“This study was conducted to determine thebiological effects of inhaled 238PuO2 over the life spans of 144 beagledogs. These findings in dogs suggest that similar dose-related biologicaleffects could be expected in humans accidentally exposed to238PuO2.” 
What happened to these dogs that inhaled plutoniumparticles? They all died of cancers, of various types… 100%. So we can seethat INHALED plutonium is a VERY TOXIC, highly dangerous, radioactive substance thatshould not be around people or cities. But the fact of the matter is, that 600pounds of this stuff was spread out over the whole planet. Some experts saythat 200 pounds in the air is enough to kill everyone on the planet. 
Now the final piece.. This is also something the industrydoes not want you to know. They are desperately trying to keep the nuclear explosion and this plutoniumnews covered up. They are desperately trying to keep the following informationabout ‘hot’ plutonium particles floating around the world, out of thenews. 
In his video, Gunderson talks about how hot particles or’fuel fleas’ were measured around the world. The average person inhaled 5-10 ofthese per day, in the USA. Now, if some of these were plutonium, what might bethe effect? Gunderson shows a picture of ONE particle of a radioactivesubstance in the lung.. You can see the damage it causes to the surroundingtissue. Radiation is deadly to living tissue, especially in close quarters andINTERNAL to the body of humans and animals. http://youtu.be/7r-awf_hnfs
Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Plutonium MOX Fuel NuclearFallout Likely To Drop On The U.S As US Plutonium Levels At 20 Year Highs. 80%of the Fukushima fallout went towards the US and away from Japan. How much ofthat total amount got deposited on US soil, or in US fishing waters? No oneknows, and no one is researching it. Coincidentally, the EPA shut offall radiation monitors shortly after the Fukushima accident, so no recordsexist during the height of the fallout, right after the accident.  http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/05/19/nuclear-physicist-plutonium-mox-fuel-nuclear-fallout-drop-22822/
Next, Arnie Gunderson explores why the authorities arepart of a culture of constant coverup’s of nuclear accidents, as well as whator how much radiation is released. He details how the government regulator isalso the promoter, and everyone involved is part and parcel of the nuclearindustry, including the IAEA, EPA, NRC, etc.. The whole industry is notdesigned to protect human health, but to cover up accidents and protect theindustry, which cannot survive without this artificial support, taxpayerprovided corporate welfare and unlimited ‘insurance’ provided again by thepublic. No investor or insurance company will touch this industry with a tenfoot pole.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIOfjuYWxl4
Now, after reading all of the above, why do you thinkthat the authorities are claiming ‘cold shutdown?
Why would major news media owned by GE (they sell nuclearplants and nuke items)  not cover thissubject in depth, especially knowing that this is potentially still a globallife extinction event?
Why would the mass media journalists at these same GE owned mass media outlets not be investigatingthe plutonium danger and research the health effects of this first ever MASSIVEplutonium release into the air that we all breathe?

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