Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 ‘Carrington Effect’

Did you know that an extreme solar storm hit Earth in thelate 1890’s? Did you know that this storm sent large electrical sparks shooting out ofthe telegraph line machines that existed at the time? Did you know that this type ofsolar super storm is powerful enough to fry all electric circuits, fry alltransformers, and turn off all electric power grids WORLDWIDE? Did you knowthat this super solar storm (Carrington Effect) has been extensively studied,researched and talked about in scientific circles? The scientists are even predictinganother one will hit Earth soon, with potentially catastrophic results.

“The National Academy of Sciences and several otherfederal government studies suggest that this extreme solar activity andemissions may result in complete blackouts for years in some areas of thenation. Moreover, there may also be disruption of power supply for years, oreven decades, as geomagnetic currents attracted by the storm could debilitate thetransformers.”

I think you will agree with me, that having the power goout all across the globe for a year or longer is a huge problem. That willcause a lot of suffering, loss of life and maybe even collapse entire civilizations.But there is something that is even worse than that… What could be worse thanmass starvation, no power, no gasoline pumps and no water pumps working?

What I am pointing at this the Fukushima Effect. When thepower went out there, we all know what happened within 8 hours. The plantsmelted down, and blew up, along with their spent fuel pools, because they losttheir power source FOR 8 HOURS. What will happen to all of these nuclear powerplants and their spent fuel pools, if we lose power for MONTHS or YEARSGLOBALLY, as these scientists are predicting? 

How do we keep all 400-1000 nuclear power plants,research facilities, university plants, military plants and secret facilitiesaround the world and their associated spent fuel pools globally from meltingdown and blowing up, after the power has been out for potentially weeks and/ormonths? The backup power systems of batteries and generators only last for acouple of days at most.

The ‘experts’ all said that the tsunami that hit Fukushima‘could never happen’. The experts said a multiple melt down and melt through ofnuclear power plants could not happen. The experts in the nuclear industry aresaying that a Carrington Effect cannot happen, so they are not getting readyfor it. This same scenario happened at Fukushima. They knew 20 years ago that atsunami was coming and they had plenty of time to get ready for it. It wouldhave cost 100 million to get ready and modify the plant. They did nothing. Thenuclear industry so far, is doing NOTHING to get ready for this CarringtonEffect.

The next climax of solar storms is going to happen inlate 2012, according to this reporter. Here is a really neat video and closeups of the sun doing what it does…

NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum tonow occur around mid-May of 2013.

Solar SuperStorm 1859 — It can happen again, and it willhappen again guaranteed. Just like tsunamis, earthquakes and fires, it willhappen again.

We had better get ready, because the perfect super solar storm iscoming soon, just like the tsunamis that have hit various areas of the world recently.. Tsunamis are part of what happens every couple of hundred years. They are‘natural’. Super solar storms are ‘natural’ too, and they happen every 50 to 200 years. We may very well experience a Super Solar Storm very soon. Are we ready for this? 

We might not be as ready as people were back in the 1890’s when the last Solar Super Storm hit Earth. Back then all that existed were a few telegraph wires. When the storm hit, sparks flew out of the telegraph clickers, and started a few fires, but that is about all. Electricity and technology as we know it today did not exist back then. 

Today we rely on electricity and technology for everything. We also rely on nuclear power plants, which need to have electricity going to them 24 hours a day, or they melt down. Bottom line, we need to have all nuclear plants turned off and allnuclear material cooled down to the point where there is no power needed tokeep the nuclear fuel material cool, or we are all toast. Why is this?

Can you imagine 400 plus nuclear power plants and theirspent fuel pools all melting down, melting through and/or blowing up as reactor#3 at Fukushima did?

Fukushima Reactor 3 released 500 pounds of plutonium intothe air, and possibly 20 tons of uranium when it exploded. No, it was NOT ahydrogen explosion, as explained by Gunderson and other experts.… 


Analysis of #3 Explosion

Imagine 10,000 times that much radiation going into the air,globally, and then NEVER STOPPING, due to radiation releases from uncontrolledmelting blobs of corium fissioning into the air forever and possibly causing 400-800 China Syndromes, that never stop.

What is the NRC doing to protect the public? What is theEPA doing to protect the public? What is the IAEA doing to protect the public?What are any of the other regulatory, safety, or nuclear marketing and sales organizations doing toprotect the public from this? NOTHING. As a matter of fact, they are coveringup what is happening and protecting the people who are responsible for thepotential life extinction event above.


Dr Christopher Busby and RSRRW President Roland Von Malmborg discuss this issue in the video below and propose some solutions. They discuss and predict 4,000 Chernobyl disasters will happen worldwide, if nothing is done to prepare for the Carrington Effect. 

The book Busby recommends is: “Defending theEnvironment: Civil Society Strategies to Enforce International EnvironmentalLaw”. By Linda A. Malone, Scott Pasternack. 2004, New York. 

What is your politician doing to protect your family fromthis? Ask them. Send them a link to this article. Send them a copy of thisarticle.

What is your local emergency planning and disasterpreparation official doing to prevent this? Ask them. Send them a link or thecomplete article.

These people all have children and families. They are notsafe either, no matter what bomb shelter that they think will save them. Some of these government officials may believe that this disaster will not affectthem, as they have a nuclear bomb shelter ready for them. There is only onesmall problem. This disaster will go on for tens of thousands of years, with no end. Unless they are willing to live underground PERMANENTLY and forever, they better make some changes happen above ground. 

Very little has changed since Chernobyl blew up andradiated everyone, except that many more nuclear accidents, meltdowns, meltthroughs and ‘accidental’ radiation releases happened, plus way moreradioactive substances are now in the air, on the ground and in the ocean aswell as inside all of us.

How many radioactive elements and isotopes are releasedfrom something like Fukushima, some of which eventually end up inside all ofus? According to Asahi: about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials have beenreleased from Fukushima reactors.

Let’s focus on just 93 out of the 1,000 total, shall we?There are 93 different long lived radioactive elements that hang around andpollute both the environment and us for at least 17,000 years and up toBILLIONS of years in total decay life. Want to see the list of all 93?

Fissioning reactor corium blobs at Fukushima are STILLreleasing this long lived radiation TODAY, with no known turn off date. Themedia and regulatory bodies keep saying this plant is in cold shutdown. But isit really? Fukushima; Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The RestOf The Story?

If you take the time to read and understand what isREALLY going on as opposed to the spin (or the complete silence) put out bymass media owning companies like GE, which also manufactures and sells nuclearpower plants, then you will also understand why even survivalists will not makeit through 20 years of staying underground, much less 25,000 years of stayingunderground, once the Carrington Effect hits Earth.

What are they going to eat down there; dirt? Where willthey get radiation free water, and more uncontaminated food, when what theyhave runs out? You can only store so much food, and then you have to come up onthe surface and grow more. Or, you could start eating your comrades, butcannibalism has its own consequences.

Bottom line, having the power turn off for a year is abummer and a lot of people will die. But having the power off for a year andhaving 400 nuclear power plants and their associated spent fuel pools meltdown, melt through and then blow up, just like Fukushima did recently, that isa MUCH BIGGER bummer and a terminal one for humanity, I am afraid.

This bummer is entirely preventable. We can live througha super solar storm, but only if we get ready. Do you need some encouragementand passion to be part of the solution, instead of the problem? Listen to asong, and maybe that will help.

This young performer deserves to be on Oprah, all of thenews channels and every talk show… and become a #1 hit song worldwide.
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?

Who will save the children after the Carrington Effectmelts down 400 nuclear power plants, 400 spent fuel pools and they all self destruct? 

Will it turn out that for lack of you, it will be toolittle, too late, with warnings ignored, and prophets silenced?

Get involved. Make a difference. Do what you can. Write aletter to the editor. Pass on the Youtube song. Start a blog and post the linkto this article. Copy the article and pass it around at work.
This song should be on NPR, PBS, and all public accesscable channels.

Those who serve to cover up the crimes that thesecriminals are committing are JUST AS GUILTY, as accessories after the fact.


Want to make a difference? Feel free to share blog post this via twitter, Facebook, other social media by copying and pasting the item below. Send it to your friends, family, co-workers and elected officials or leaders who you think can make a difference. 

Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 ‘Carrington Effect’; Year Long Power Outage?

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  1. Great idea! However, although you may be right on the money there, I feel that the sensational wording of your article will cause people to perceive you as just another crackpot doomsayer and ignore you. If it were re-worded and made to read less like you're just trying to whip people into a frenzy of panic, then you may even get someone to listen. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting if I were you. They ignored the warnings at Chernobyl and Fukushima. This probably won't be any different.However, we can still try.I'll keep working on my local, state and federal politicians here in Australia, as I have been for years now. Please keep up the good work.On behalf of all humanity, I thank you for your efforts.


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