Anti Nuclear Poetry By Or-Well

March 2, 2012

“Reports of tumors
are no more than rumors
spread by conspiracy-paranoid Doomers.
No “Authorized Study”
shows such results,
for Best Happy Data
it’s best to consult
Appointed Specialist Media Talkers.”
(AKA shills and soulless Skin-walkers).
Nobody’s dying from what can’t be proved
to be anything other than what pre-existed
because relevant data has all been removed
or baseline comparison hopelessly twisted
by studies NOT DONE, covered up, cherry-picked,
give us more funding,
we’ll get this thing licked,
with Professorial spit and some polish
you’ll be good-to-go
on your way to a death
from what you can’t know.
February 25, 2012
Here is an unconfirmed Tepco paper,
found on the blade of
a bulldozer scraper:
“Defining fuel rods:
A handout for Press,
On How to Contain
An Exploded Mess.
Fuel in reactors is “Athlete” or”Scholar”.
Speaking contrary will cost you dollars
or in a back alley
earn you plastic bag collars.
Fuel in the Pools is “Resting Grandmother”,
or “Learned Grandfather”, anything else
don’t even bother,
or even think it,
or that Plutonium water, well –
you’ll be made to drink it!
As for the little bits scattered about,
it would be sad if you were to shout –
Godzilla or Fugu or earthquake-induced,
explosive debris or any danger –
no, this would be better and more discreet
Hello Kitty Litter bits stuck on your feet
are easily cleaned with a quick little sweep.
I gotta go and get uncrazy,
that was a rework, sorry for lazy,
it’s criminal rotten what
away with they’ve gotten,
they deserve to be pushing up daisies.
Well you built those plants
the quake went rattlin’ through,
yeah you built those plants
the quake hit and they blew,
I believe to my soul
that’s what you knew they’d do.
Well you built those plants
the target of giant waves,
yeah you built those plants
sayin’ it’s stong and brave,
but not one of those plants
your beliefs can save!
Nuclear power
is diggin’ us all a grave,
Nuclear power
is throwin’ us down a well,
well we won’t stop
’til we send them all to Hell!
based on Joe Turners’ song
Shake, Rattle and Roll.
February 16, 2012
Three topics in one
but it’s all the same,
all part of the
profit/control/power game.
Reassurance, rigged science,
false choice and fear,
we’ve got the fix
if you pay for the gear.
There’s no danger to you,
we can clean mountains,
take some more drugs,
don’t peek behind curtains,
listen to us,
don’t ask, think or tell,
the economy, jobs and
more money’s the yell,
all on the way
to nuclear hell.
January 30, 2012
We’re busy! We’re working!
(We’re doing alright)
We’re looking for cesium!
(Science Lite)
in Pine trees and mice
(not veggies and rice)
doing Nature stories
to keep it bright!
(We don’t think you are)
We won’t have to look far
(YOU won’t take a walk)
There’s not much where YOU are
(and dead plants don’t talk!)
OK maybe hiking
won’t be to your liking
but urban biking is fine
so stop all your sniping.
This won’t be Chernobyl
(We’ll see to that!)
We’ll find damage expected
(the rest under our hat!)
There’ll be News AT Eleven
(The rest “under the mat”)
We’ll all Work To Recover!
(as they say – That is that!)
And as for farmland
(take this to the banks)
All Levels Acceptable
And we’ll take the Thanks!
Another Professor
from under the rug
scoffs an award
and gets a hug
for doing a gypsy dance
to quell the fire
of “fear epidemic”
public reaction
to something dire.
“Don’t get manic or panic
Don’t take ANY action –
The Profs have your back
and that’s satisfaction-
guaranteed!” Just don’t call them
When you start to bleed.
Time for a rabbit out the hat –
Fukushima isstuttering
like Porky the fat,
like Pepe Le Pew
with nuclear spew,
like the Tasmanian Devil
and the big rooster too –
the one that’s a blowhard
cock-of-the-walk –
“Ah say, ah say Boy,
Do’n act like a chicken –
git in there and fight!
Give that plant a lickin’!”
It’s time for Elmer
with his double shotgun
to focus on Nukers
wherever they run,
because wascawwy Bugs
the anti-nuke bunny
wants grandkids with ears
and a future that’s sunny.
P. Pig on Fuku, Nukes –
“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” He adds,
“I never thought I’d consider that line
as forecasting the future, yours and mine.”
That’s the cue, so sing along –
“No more Over-ture,
it’s curtains down!
Turn out the lights
on Nuclear Town!
No more re-license
or nursing Nuke-farts –
we know all their lies by heart!
This is it, the fight of fights,
pull pro-nukers from their heights,
for us they don’t give a shit,
so shut them all down – this is it!”
February 11, 2012
Decontaminate mountains!
It’s cleaning up on deceit –
profit fountains,
all corporate neat.
Don’t get in a tizzy
we’ll scrub an area
as big as new Jersey,
easy peasy neat as a pin,
counting on help from J-gov spin.
So it’s a myth, a lie, a big fake –
along with dead leaves
there’s money to rake!
February 11, 2012
Up against psychopaths, killers & crooks
up against sheeple & how Snookie looks
Up against Leaders who’d bleed us to death
Up against Spokes-folk with poisoned breath
Up against Bureaucrats and banal evil
Up against Ideology Neo-Mediaeval
Up against Moneys’ tentacled squid
Up against failing energy grid
Up against Banksters avoiding jail
Up against NPPs doing the Fail
Up against Warmongers plotting a kill
Up against those seeking Powers’ cold thrill
Up against apathy plain and simple
Up against some Celebs’ butt dimple
Up against those who play us for suckers
Up against the wall for all …………!
You can rhyme with “suckers” I’m sure
a common ’70?s insult du jour.
February 11,
Loss measured by factors of finance amoral
or societal change and devolution?
Telling kids stories in settings pastoral
about the failed anti-nuke revolution –
forget about iphones, TVs and books,
culture transmission becomes strictly oral
while fashioning some bone fishing hooks,
relearning roof-thatching,
hand-threshing rice,
wood-stoppered clay storage jars
keeping out mice,
depopulated and on the return
to drying manure
for fires to keep warm.
OK, a bit dire,
but the wheel turns,
that’s my mood,
History’s not kind
but nor is it rude –
societies collapse
when mass death intrudes.
Striking fact that’ll strike you dead,
and mess with the
“fair and balanced” head.
Run Journos run!
Back to the office!
Repeat the Pool report,
that’ll suffice!
Repeat “cold shutdown”,
“Return to your homes.”
Don’t even mention
how your geigers moan or
plutonium in bones.
Look, they’re watching TV
in master control,
to see which networks
don’t swallow it whole.
Repeat “Keepin’ it stable”
“Some fuel MAY have melted.”
Help Tepco along with
keeping Truth smelted.
Repeat “Reactor 3
lost some off the top”
and “There were some leaks
and maybe some stopped.”
“Thought to” and “could have”,
“appeared to” and “may”,
that’s called reporting,
for that they get paid.
This report is crap,
the “Press Club” kind,
pap for the masses
they think are blind

The relentless killer, invisible, deadly,
is hunting your children,
who trust and love readily,
who need your protection,
who don’t have a choice.
Or have you rejected those with no voice?
The pure and the innocent –
why have you damned the smallest to suffer
in poisoned Japan?
Take your foul-burning debris
and those copping the plea;
“Who could have known?” and “It wasn’t me!”,
take your faked readings and endoscopes
and shove them where only
proctologists grope!
Take your leaders bowing
and Bureaucrats fiddling,
Professors snowing us
and Doctors diddling,
take the media servile
and experts surplus
and throw them all under the next passing bus!
Be not passive, obedient,
but good Mothers and Fathers,
save your precious children
from nuclear horrors!
Rise up and declare
your kids must not be victims!
Rise up and refuse to bow
to Nuclears’ dictums!

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