How Do Corporations Rule In the US?

Here is a short video clip about how the Koch Brothers fund their ‘favorite’ candidates. 

The political candidate who receives the most money ‘donations’ during any local, state or federal election wins about 95% of the time. This means that ONE large corporation (like the Koch Brothers) can bankroll an election for many local, state and federal candidates and be almost guaranteed to get ‘their’ person into office to do their bidding, about 95% of the time. They can assure a win, by just giving more money to their candidate than the opposition does. 

Then we have a problem with the SUPERPACS, which allow anonymous donors to give unlimited amounts to a fund in favor of one candidate or another. This avalanche of money thrown at a campaign corrupts our democracy and makes our government look more and more like a corporate fascist state, instead of what the founders meant it to be. 

Corporations own and control 99% of mass media that candidates are given air time on. How much air time is given to each candidate can swing an election one way or the other. Where they are put on the podium, makes a difference. How often they are called on and how much time they are given during a debate also influences the result. All of these techniques and more are used to ‘swing’ an election.

Corporate advertisers also exert ‘influence’ on media to put one person on or take off another person that they disagree with, or they threaten the media outlet that they will ‘pull’ their advertising. These corporate owned media outlets and advertisers KNOW all of this and use it fully to their advantage. The result? You will not see a corporate ‘unfriendly’ word spoken on mass media TV about 99% of the time, on any show, interview, movie, etc. Why do they call TV ‘programming’? Because what is shown on TV is largely about programming people in how to think and what to think about. Most people only think and talk about what is on TV, not about anything else. How is that NOT programming people?  

A few large corporations are also funding a few groups as shown in the video below, and give them money for meetings, buses, signs, provide air time, announce meeting dates, etc, while hiding their affiliation and financial support behind the scenes. These corporations then also set the agenda and field the candidates. 

Fox News Network actually HIRES presidential candidates and then gives them free air time, as ‘consultants’. Meanwhile, they get lots of exposure and this gets them ‘popularity’, which then makes them easier to elect, when the time comes. Again, a corporation is behind the scenes, pulling the strings, using a divide and conquer strategy. 

Combine the above items with an army of 5,000 lobbyists that descend on Washington like a plague of locusts, and you have to start wondering if there is any democracy left in this country…

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How Do Corporations Rule In the US? Via a Green Road Blog


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