International Uranium Film Festival June 28 to July 14, In Rio

From June 28th until July 14th 2012, the second International Uranium Film Festival will take place in the famous Museum of Modern Art Cinema of Rio de Janeiro. 

The Uranium Film Festival (in Portuguese Urânio em Movi[e]mento) is dedicated to independent documentaries and movies about the whole nuclear fuel chain – from uranium mining to nuclear power plants, nuclear waste, atomic bombs and depleted uranium weapons.

By February 2012, the Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro has received more than 70 film entries from all over the world. The festival team and international jury are now selecting about 40 documentaries and movies for that event.

Last year “Into Eternity” by Director Michael Madsen from Denmark won the feature award of the 1st Uranium Film Festival. An impressive film, which deals with the philosophical questions of the issues concerning the permanent storage of high-level nuclear waste. The best short film was a Costa Rican production of director Pablo Ortega of the University of Costa Rica: Uranio 238: La Bomba Sucia del Pentágono, Uranium 238: The Pentagon’s Dirty Pool. 

The short film shows the horrible effects and consequences of depleted uranium ammunition used in the Balkans and in the Golf Wars. The audience award for the best short film were given to: “Césio 137. O brilho da morte”, directed by Luiz Eduardo Jorge of Brazil. 

His documentary shows the events that transpired in a real live tragedy about the release of Caesium-137 into a populated area 1987 in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. This was the worst radioactive accident in Latin America, which cost the lives of many people and the health of hundreds or possibly thousands of survivors.

Last year the “Yellow Oscar” was an aquarelle made by the Artist Rubens Maia of Santa Teresa. This year the “Yellow Oscar” will be a model of the Bonde made from recycled and re-used materials by artist Getúlio Damado from Santa Teresa. It is a homage to the last tram of Brazil that was put out of service last year because of an accident based on the lack of maintenance. 

The local population of Santa Teresa hopes to get the Bonde back as soon as possible. Nevertheless the Yellow Oscar is a bit different from the real tram, which was powered lastly with nuclear energy. The model of Artist Getúlio is powered by solar energy, which could or should be the future.


Marcia Gomes de Oliveira

Executive Director

International Uranium Film Festival

Urânio em Movi(e)mento

Telefone: 21 2507 6704


Uranium Film Festival

Rua Monte Alegre 356/301

Santa Teresa

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

CEP 20.240-190




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One thought on “International Uranium Film Festival June 28 to July 14, In Rio

  1. From Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon, New Delhi, Mumbai, Berlin, München, Window Rock, Washington, New York City: The International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) is travelling around the world with dozens of atomic & nuclear films. Next IUFF starts November 27 in New Mexico, Albuquerque.


    On November 27th & 28th, 2013, the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) will make its premiere screening in the United States, starting in the Southwest with Albuquerque, New Mexico highlighting over 40 films from 15 countries which explore not only this radioactive element called “uranium”, but nuclear practices as well. These are documentary films, experimental and animated films, new comedies, fiction and science fiction films

    The International Uranium Film Festival that was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2010/11 is the world’s only traveling festival devoted to the entire Nuclear Fuel Chain, from uranium mining to nuclear power plants and uranium bullets, from Hiroshima to Fukushima and Fallujah. Now the International Uranium Film Festival is coming to the birthplace of the nuclear age. The Festival will make its way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and Window Rock, Arizona then finally in February 2014 to Washington D.C (Goethe Institute Cinema / Feb 10-12) and New York City (The Pavilion Theater Feb 14-18).

    The IUFF was born in Rio de Janeiro in 2010/11 still before the Fukushima accident happened. In Brazil the Uranium Film Festival take place every year in May/June at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) of Rio de Janeiro.

    The festival is an independent project and need your support. Your donation helps advance the Uranium Film Festival Mission to continue to inform, engage and empower audiences about the risks of nuclear power and radiation. And your donation helps us to support filmmakers who deal with that difficult and dangerous issue. Please support the International Uranium Film Festival.

    Thank You!

    Marcia Gomes


    International Uranium Film Festival Website:


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