John Stossel’s Illegal Everything; What Is Left That Is Legal?

How many rules and laws do we need to protect everyone? Do we need the government to force everyone to drink ONLY pasteurized milk, ONLY eat seafood imported in forty pound boxes, (but not in plastic bags), ONLY meat from factory farms (not coops or individuals), ONLY seeds from Monsanto, (not heirloom organic seeds), ONLY drugs from Big Pharma, (but not vitamins or herbs), ONLY lemonade from grocery stores, (but not lemonade stands), just to name the tip of the iceberg. 

If you want to try and video tape anything, such as people doing things to enforce these types of laws, you are very likely to get arrested and charged with all kinds of things. If you do nothing more than protest with a sign,  you are likely to face the threat of arrest, even if you are legally doing it in a public place.
John Stossel visits Portugal where ALL DRUGS are legal. He shows that they have no problems, and much less crime and people in jail, than here in the USA. 

Nevada has legalized prostitution. There is no problem with it. Denmark has legalized prostitution and also has very liberal drug laws. There is no problem caused by getting rid of these ‘moral’ laws. 

Prohibition actually caused more problems than it solved. Prohibition against things that people are going to do as consenting ADULTS, does not work. When people try to create laws agains these things, all that happens is freedom and rights are lost, and police/churches/politicians use them to gain power and personal advantages, such as re-election, more donations, etc. 

Maybe it is time to look at freedom and democracy again. What is the meaning of freedom and democracy, if we pass more and more laws AGAINST freedom and democracy in our personal lives.

 What do we gain if we all end up unhappy, unfree and undemocratic, because we now live in a FORCED, highly moralized church based society, where everyone is forced to live a certain way, that only a small minority of people believe in? 

If laws based on morals and not harming people are what we should strive for, then we should abolish and ban alcohol, all patent drugs from doctors and pharmacies (they kill 250,000 people a year) all tobacco products (leading cause of death) and driving (also high cause of death). Are you happy yet? Maybe we should pass a law FORCING people to smile all the time, or throw them in jail if they stop smiling. That is moral, right? People SHOULD smile more. 


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