Raw US Milk Farmer Tortured?

Are you ready to see “shocking photos of California’s 65-year-old “milk man” who was tortured in the LA County jail and barely survived 10 days in the jail system? 

These photos are completely un-altered. One was taken at a CVS pharmacy for a state ID, and the other one (on the right) was taken with an iPhone on the day of his release from jail. See the brutality of the Los Angeles “justice system” and how it aged this man 20 years in just 10 days:

Oh, but here’s the best part: While California throws raw milk farmers in prison and tortures them as if they were violent criminals, France has unveiled a raw milk vending machine that dispenses raw milk directly to customers. Gosh! All this without the need for armed Sheriff’s Deputies acting out their badass power-tripping goon fantasies? Gee, what will France think of next? I mean, how can there be raw milk without government men with guns being present?”

I lived for years in Germany, and we had nothing but raw milk and yogurt and cheeese, with no problems. France is apparently still living like that to this day. 

To be clear, I am not an advocate for raw milk on a factory farm basis. The problems that arise with raw milk is not from small 1-2 cow organic small ranch farmers, (like the farmer above) because they take care of their cows better than the average person takes care of their pet in most cases.  They do not allow their cows to get sick or have infections and then still milk them and sell that milk. 

Huge factory milk farms on the other hand, care more about profits than anything else. They may sell milk from sick cows, because they may count on pasteurization to ‘clean’ or sterilize the milk for them. The milk may contain pus from infections. 

Huge factory milk farms keep the cows penned up, feed them strange stuff that cows normally do not eat and free range grass is something that these cows never see. 

The difference in the quality of the milk is something that deserves debate. People who have been raised on the farm know what I am talking about, but city people, who have never lived on a farm, have no clue about the difference, and could probably care less. 

There should be a way to allow raw milk to be sold LEGALLY, for those who want to make this kind of milk and earn a living doing it, and for those who want to drink this kind of milk. Making raw milk farmers into criminals does not solve any problems, but creates many more. 

Right now, we have something that could be called a corporate dictatorship. All profits go to huge corporations, while the little guys like the one in the story above, are punished for ????what exactly? 


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Source: Natural News, published with permission.


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