Radiation Causing Unusual Changes: What’s Happening to Children Now?

Title Of Video: Radiation Causing Unusual Changes: What’s Happening to Children Now? (July 14, 2011)

What Are The Most Common Health Complaints After 3/11 In Fukushima Province And Japan?
Interview of Mrs. Noro, on Our Planet – TV.

The following is a rough transcript of the video above.

An email campaign was launched by OurPlanet TV. The question was asked on the air…. What are the most common health problems experienced by people after the Fukushima nuclear disaster? Here is the breakdown of the 500 responses received from all over Japan.

Irritation in the throat
Nosebleeds, all ages, all sexes
Pale face, dark circles under eyes
Eye swelling
Allergies getting worse
Diseases coming back again, after they went away
Injuries healing slowly or getting sore again, after they have healed

Mrs. Noro reports that: “The above are all body signs that are common among people who have been exposed to low dose radiation around Chernobyl, according to activist who got children out of these areas to reduce their body burdens of radiation. To go more in depth information around low dose radiation, click this link; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/low-dose-chernobyl-and-fukushima.html

Doctors in Japan have little or no training or experience in low dose radiation, (internal or external) symptoms, treatment or prevention. (Medical schools do not teach this subject in any country, including the USA.)

Commonly what happens to people if they go to the hospital with these problems is that they get diagnosed with cold or flu. They may even get a test for a bacteria or virus, but often none is found, despite diarrhea, nosebleed, or throat problem. They may go home without a diagnosis, or even with a diagnosis of a mental/stress issue. A blood test will reveal nothing unusual. If you get medicine for your diarrhea, the medicine will not help. Doctors often do not know what to do, other than to give stronger medicines and more of them.

Medical tests do not reveal the sources of these problems, and many people go home undiagnosed. If the problem is radiation, it is very common for medical tests to reveal nothing, and medicines to do almost nothing either.

This is why people go to our website and try to get more information. The Bura Bura Disease or Chernobyl Disease is common among those who have been exposed to low dose radiation. (These terms refer to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is caused by low level radiation)

However, it is important to go to a doctor and let them do what they can. Even if the diagnosis is wrong, it is important to do this, so that you have a record. (Get a copy of the records of whatever tests you got and the diagnosis received, in case they get lost). It is common for mothers to be told that it is just allergies, or that they are too nervous, or it is all stress related and such. All of these same things happened after Chernobyl with doctors in Russia and Belarus contaminated areas. 

Doctors without any training or experience in this area tend to think that radiation can ONLY result in leukemia or cancer, but nothing else, because that is the extent of their training. (They also get pressure from the industry to come up with this result)  The Japanese medical doctors who went to Chernobyl to investigate did not look at low dose internal radiation symptoms, or the bouquet of symptoms presented by low dose radiation in children. How would they be able to find these symptoms if they never look for them anywhere? If they believe that low dose internal radiation damage cannot happen, because that is what the nuclear industry believes and teaches, how can they diagnose it? 

These Japanese doctors visiting Chernobyl ONLY treated a much smaller number of children with more severe radiation symptoms and health problems, like cancer. But the problem with this approach is that the number of children with cancer is only the tip of the iceberg.

Underneath the few children that have cancer, there is a HUGE number of children who suffer and complain of fatigue for example, which is often a sign of serious thyroid diseases and problems, as well as a compromised immune system. 

Eye swelling is another common problem among children who are exposed to low dose radiation. This is most common in children who have fallen and gotten radiation exposure to their eyes, by perhaps getting sand or dust in their eyes in contaminated areas. The eyes can swell and even turn purple within a day of exposure, after they have played in a low dose radiation contaminated sandbox, or a dusty field, or a dirt playground. 

Another problem is that many people are eating radiation contaminated food, because the government ‘raised’ the ‘safe’ level of radiation in food, overnight. (There was no debate, notice or reason given for this) To read more about this issue, go to; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/radiation-contamination-standards-for.html

As this invisible and undetectable radiation contaminated food is eaten, it weakens the immune system of the body. This is why health problems get worse, more infections happen, and why allergies also get worse. Radiation acts just like a free radical, or an allergic substance that the body is then reacting against. When the body has to fight the effects of low dose radiation, it takes away energy needed for other things, like growth, immune system, healing, etc. A weakened immune system tends to cause fatigue, all by itself. (A Geiger Counter will not detect radiation contaminated food.)

Most of the emails about new and strange health problems came from Tohoku and Kanto regions, which are also the most contaminated areas. The government of Japan should be and could be doing health surveys like this, but so far, they are not. (But these low dose radiation symptoms and problems can happen anywhere, including the USA, particularly among the most vulnerable, like fetus, babies and children, or the elderly. The death rate of babies went up in the USA after Fukushima and Chernobyl, for example.) To find out more about this, go to; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/total-fukushima-radiation-released-into.html

A story being heard about children in Fukushima Province is that it is common for children to get a cold, which then rapidly progresses into pneumonia or something else so that they are constantly in and out of hospitals, where ordinarily this does not happen. But because the immune systems of children are weakened by low dose radiation contamination, this is the new normal. (Sudden deaths of infants and children for no reason is more common as well.) This is also what happened around Chernobyl. It is shocking to hear this is now happening around Fukushima, (and in places like Tokyo… see link for more information; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/tokyo-is-it-safe-from-fukushima-httpwww.html

For three years, nothing was done for the children around Chernobyl, so the Cancer rates were very high as a result of that. It would help if the government of Japan would do something much more quickly than what happened around Chernobyl in Russia, or TMI in the USA. To find out more about this, see link;  http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/three-mile-island-coverups-exposed.html

Basically, I went to Belarus seven years ago. What I discovered there is that there were NO healthy children there. In a school with 100 children, 97-98 had health issues. The authorities said that the children only got ill due to a weakened immune system, when they got even a little stressed or if there was some mildly shocking event. These children were in a ‘grey zone’ between health and illness. Most of these children were like ticking time bombs that could go off anytime. What these children are exposed to will not go away in a few years, and the problems are getting worse, not better.  To find out more about long life radiation contaminants, see http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/93-long-lived-nuclear-elements.html

Classes were shortened to 25 minutes instead of 45 minutes, because the kids could not handle the longer classes. They got too exhausted. The result of all of these problems is that it caused many people to leave the area. Those who were most educated left first. The ones that eventually were left were the poor farmers, disabled, and poor families with many children. The ones that were left were those without means to move or make a living in another area.

Comparing Fukushima to Chernobyl is easy. Hot spots in Kanto are exactly like those in Belarus. The radiation in Fukushima is way too high, it is crazy high. Around Chernobyl, people are NOT allowed to live in areas with more than 1 mS per hour dose of radiation.

For example, a no entry zone around Chernobyl, established in 1994, and extending 30 km from the plant, would have a radiation of .232 mS per hour. =

Yet, around Fukushima, people are allowed to live and work and children play in areas with 1.3 mS per hour, which is MANY TIMES HIGHER than this exclusion/no entry zone around Chernobyl. I cannot believe that people are treated in such an inhumane way in this country of Japan.  (Authorities say Fukushima is in ‘cold shutdown’, but is it really?) See link for more information; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/fukushima-is-it-really-in-cold-shutdown.html

The safety limit of 20 milliSieverts per year for school children has not been changed since the government announced it. The typical and normal maximum is 1 milliSievert per year for citizens in other countries. The government has said it will do what it can to reduce this, but so far, nothing has changed. (This pattern of the nuclear industry and government doing nothing is the rule after every nuclear accident, and there is actually a manual with 30 ways to deceive people and/or lie to them about a nuclear accident and/or low dose radiation. For more information see; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/primer-in-art-of-deception-cult-of.html

Bottom line, the solution is to evacuate the children AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER A NUCLEAR ACCIDENT, not to leave them there, to suffer and get all kinds of diseases and illnesses. The adults might not be able to leave due to financial reasons, but the children should be saved at all costs. 

At an absolute minimum, children should leave for at least a month and go to a much safer area. This is also done around Belarus. Evacuations can happen on a class basis, taking a whole class of children out of the area, and leaving for an extended period of time. If they do not do this, they will face really serious consequences. 

In Belarus, the government eventually got serious and responded by establishing programs to separate children from radiation. They established ‘radiation vacation’ programs for children with the heaviest contamination, so they could lower those loads in clean areas. Or they sent them to Sanitoriums; with health programs that helped children reduce their radiation loads.

But the problem with the areas around Fukushima is so bad, that I am afraid that even these measures will not be enough. The whole area around Fukushima is like a forbidden forest, as they term it in Belarus. In Belarus, entire forests are forbidden to enter by people, because they are so radioactive. In Japan many people are living in areas where it is too dangerously radioactive for people to go in Russia. To find out more about the dangers of radioactive substances read; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-dangerous-is-400-600-pounds-of.html

This problem is not confined to Fukushima Province. There are many areas with this issue. The children should be evacuated. In areas around Chernobyl, where the radiation exceeds .1 MICROSIEVERTS, children get ill. (To find out what really may have happened at Fukushima, and how this may actually be a disaster with global consequences, read http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-really-happened-at-fukushima.html

Dr. Hida, MD is a medical doctor in Japan who is an expert in internal radiation exposure. He has explained that if you see BOTH nosebleeds and diarrhea, that is a CLEAR sign of internal radiation exposure. This of course means that the child in question should be getting help of some kind, and not be left in that situation. We should be overly nervous and afraid. The most important thing we can do now is to protect the children.

It is better to over react now and protect children, than do nothing and be blamed or feel guilty later for not doing anything. (SAVE THE CHILDREN.)

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