Depleted Uranium (DU) Dangers And Effects On The Human Body

Epidemiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell PhD explains what depleted uranium (DU)  is. She talks about the effects of the weaponized DU on the people of Iraq and the planet. Depleted uranium (DU) has a 4.5 billion year half life, so it continues to persist in the environment, contaminating people and the environment for at least 40 billion years before becoming something else. 
Over 400 TONS of DU dust was spread all over the Gulf, and many of the US soldiers and airmen were exposed to this poison.
Depleted Uranium Part I 
You cannot see it, smell it, or taste DU, compared to just normal dust floating in the air. 
When DU shells hit a target, they burn and release uranium dust and uranium gas nano particles. The uranium gas nano particles travel long distances. The DU dust is thrown out of the explosion, and spreads out from there to large distances. The DUE dust can be stirred up and blown around by wind, once it settles back down to the ground. 
In this video they talk about heavy metal poisoning, plus radiation poisoning that soldiers and civilians get from DU. The military says today that DU dust is safe and needs no special handling. They say it can safely be eaten. But the studies done by neutral third party scientists, doctors and other researchers universally seem to point in the opposite direction and find that DU is highly radioactive, dangerous to health as well as to the environment. 
The director of the DU Cleanup project led a team into Iraq to clean up a few of the DU contaminated sites. His whole team is now either very sick or dead. Even the project manager tests high for DU contamination.  They get no help, no compensation, and all appeals for compensation (such as for Agent Orange vets) were denied, according to the director himself. He says that the military covers up and denies the danger of DU to the troops themselves, including his team. 
Depleted Uranium Part II 
A medical doctor talks about the pressure he got from the military to STOP his research on DU effects on soldiers. He said his career and his physical well being was threatened by the military. He explains that there are sixteen isotopes of uranium, and that any of them can create negative changes in DNA, tissues, organs and the entire animal. This doctor pursued his research anyway, despite the threats and intimidation.
As part of his research, he has found U -236 (DU) in high amounts in soldiers. He found evidence that all four uranium isotopes are present in body fluids and organs among those soldiers that are in his program. He is curious how the military will come up with more lies around this, to try and explain all of this away. 
This video section also talks about how DU breathed in or eaten is deposited in kidneys, liver, testicles and other parts of the body, resulting in higher rates of cancer and genetic mutation. 
It is common for civilians and soldiers who are exposed to DU, to be diagnosed with thyroid problems, muscle problems, kidney problems, neurological problems and cancer. This complex of a whole variety of symptoms is commonly called Gulf War Syndrome. 
We went back to tanks that were left out in the desert from many years ago in the first Gulf war. We took a Geiger Counter and measured high levels of radiation; alpha, gamma radiation from depleted uranium, all around the tanks that were destroyed with DU shells.
The earth, air and water have also all been contaminated by DU. Over one million civilians have died due to the Gulf War. The cancer rates are ten times higher than before the war. Many children are born with deformities. The military says this is all ‘normal’.  

Depleted Uranium Part III 
Medical researchers found that depleted uranium DU is responsible for these high rates of deformities and cancers. Bone cancers, brain tumors, birth defects and more are all common. There is no help from the military. There is no medical care for these victims from DU weapons, even in the United States. In the US, we have developed and use a sophisticated weapons system, but we have no interest or the means to take care of the health problems that will continue for BILLIONS OF YEARS. 
The military says that all of these health problems and deformities among babies are ‘normal’. Even US military soldiers’ children have these same problems, but again the military said there are just ‘normal’ health issues among soldiers. It is common for babies of DU exposed soldiers to be born with no arms, no legs, with hands sticking straight out of the shoulders, as well as having other problems.
Soldiers cannot sue the government or the military for harm caused from DU or for anything else for that matter, (otherwise they would quickly go out of business).  It is very expensive to treat and care for children that are deformed.

They ONLY way that these soldiers can get help for these children is to stay in the military. They also cannot complain or make noise about this situation, or their benefits are cut off. No one will insure a child with a ‘pre-existing’ condition. 
In the second Gulf War, they took a fragment of a bomb in downtown Baghdad, and it was found to be radioactive after it was tested in Germany. This proves that DU weapons were used in downtown civilian areas. 
The global military industrial complex wants to profit from selling more DU weapons systems and ammunition. DU weapons are now a staple in the arms business around the world, and their use is spreading, which means the whole world is being contaminated for BILLIONS of years. (Each war will add to the contaminated zones and add more children that will be born with problems, plus add to the number of civilians and soldiers exposed to this deadly poison, that lasts forever.)
Depleted Uranium Part IV
Since the Gulf War, DU weapons have been used in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as Yugoslavia. No one knows what is radioactive, or what was used to destroy armored vehicles or buildings. Neither NATO nor the US Defense Dept. will reveal where DU weapons have been used, or how much was used. They all say this is ‘classified’ information. 
They also claim that RAND did a study that found DU weapons were ‘safe’. To do this ‘study’ RAND searched and found a few studies that had more or less positive outcomes in the uranium mining industry (which has nothing to do with DU made from nuclear waste products). 

They ignored a HUGE pile of studies that found uranium has negative effects on human health, from all around the world. This ‘positive’ conclusion is now the ‘official’ result of ALL of the science globally, according to the military industrial complex, which largely owns Congress and the Senate, as well as the White House. 
In the video, one researcher found unusual bullets and shells on the battle field, and became suspicious. He saw children playing with what turned out to be DU bullets. These children later died of leukemia. Before they died, they got ulcers that were not painful. These DU bullets were measured and put out 11 mSieverts per hour. Conventional DU bullets cannot be this radioactive, according to the military. But the radiation detector does not lie. This may be what millions of children are playing with all around the world, where DU dust is present. I wonder why the cancer rates are skyrocketing worldwide for children? Why are there now whole hospitals set up just to treat children with cancer worldwide? This used to be unknown, or VERY rare.. Now it seems like an every day occurence. 
Two companies were paid to clean up a small amount of DU contamination Kuwait. It took three years to clean up 24 DU contaminated vehicles that were sitting out in the desert. They had to use special toxic waste clothing, special preparations and used high level toxic waste disposal methods. It took three years and cost millions of dollars to dispose of these few vehicles safely, without putting more people into harm’s way. 
Thousands of contaminated DU dust filled tanks and DU shells, bullets and bomb fragments are still sitting everywhere, in many countries, including where children play. Who is going to pay to clean up this mess that will last for 40 BILLION years, if no one cleans it up?

Poison DUst: Depleted Uranium Kills

Dr. Michio Kaku goes into details around DU dangers. He explains it very well. 

“US soldiers are returning from Iraq to die of “mysterious” ailments – and the depleted uranium (DU) poisoning scandal just won’t go away, despite efforts to cover it up. Protesters in New Haven spoke out against the U.S. military’s use of DU, its effects on US troops, and cutbacks in veterans’ medical benefits. 

The DU test costs $1,000, so the U.S. government won’t test for DU poisoning. “More than 240,000 Gulf War veterans are on permanent medical disability and more than 11,000 are dead. They have been denied testing, medical care, and compensation for depleted uranium exposure and related illnesses since 1991,” say reports. 

A U.S. government study found that 67% of post-Gulf War babies have serious birth defects or serious illnesses. In Italy, eight soldiers home from Iraq died of cancer, probably caused by DU exposure. Today, Italy proposed new legislation to censor media covering the military. The new law would bar any reporting on the health effects of depleted uranium. Anyone who breaks the law could face up to 20 years in a military prison, including civilians. You thought they came home safely from the war.”

In my view, manmade uranium fuel generated dust and gas is dangerous to human health, no matter where it comes from. Whether the source of uranium nano dust is from a nuclear meltdown and/or explosion, such as Fukushima, or DU dust from depleted uranium weapons, it kills.. 

Nuclear weapons, including DU shells, bombs and weapons need to be abolished, along with the nuclear power plants that are nothing more than an excuse to make more DU weapons. 


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