Prison Mistakes, Prison Reform

High profile mistakes are going on in Texas and other state prisons; from a man in a wheel chair escaping to a man making death threats from a cell phone on death row. 

Did you ever wonder how prisoners got drugs and cellphones in prison? Wonder no more, this report tells you very clearly how it works. You will be shocked…

Channel 11 news reporter Shern-Min Chow spoke with a man who spent years as a Warden. That former warden is now lobbying for prison reform. You may be surprised to hear what he has to say.

The questions we may want to ask ourselves are; 

What are we accomplishing by locking up drug dealers, who then get drugs delivered to jail by their guards? 

What happens to criminals inside jail? Do they get ‘better’ somehow, or are we getting worse trained criminals after they get released? 

What is justice? Who is profiting from the current set up of some drugs being illegal? Big Pharma, perhaps?

Why are 80% of the people in jail in the USA there due to anti drug laws, or related offenses? 

Why are we locking up and executing more people per capita than any other country in the civilized world? 

What are we getting with all of this focus on violence and endless wars?

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Prison Mistakes, Prison Reform; via A Green Road Blog