Ukraine raises $785m to seal Chernobyl under new ‘shell’

The current sarcophogus is shown above, along with a short video of what the workers have to put up with just to keep it from collapsing in on itself. Ukraine is spending a huge percentage of its total yearly budget on the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Because this leaking steel shield is at the end of its life, it needs a new ‘lid’ put over it. 

“The ruined nuclear reactor at Chernobyl is to be sealed within a 20,000-tonne steel shield designed to prevent any further radiation from escaping for 100 years. It would be large enough to enclose St Paul’s Cathedral in London, or the Statue of Liberty. “

The total costs to build and move this arch over the grave of a Chernobyl reactor are estimated to be 1.8 BILLION Dollars. My bet is that this will double or  more before they are done. 

Nuclear power has a failure rate that is terrible. The industry is covering up and lying about a HUGE nuclear disaster about every 25 years or so. These covered up disasters are growing worse, and becoming not just national disasters, but potential global life extinction events, as with Fukushima. We can no longer afford the lies, coverups, secrecy and propoganda put out by the industry, utililies and regulators, in addition to their government allies.

Assuming that this horrible nuclear facility accident rate continues, TAXPAYERS can look forward to having to build and maintain 4 of these every 100 years totaling 4,000 of these huge concrete/steel sarcophogi in just 1,000 years. 

Since each arch only lasts 100 years, humanity will probably spend all of the excess beyond just basic survival in rebuilding, maintaining and operating these huge toxic radioactive waste containers which will have to be rebuilt over and over and over again for at least 25,000 years. 

Multiply 2 BILLION Dollars times 4000 of these covers, and that still does not BEGIN to solve the problem of what to do with nuclear waste which also must be guarded 25,000 years or longer. 

How does nuclear energy have any future at all, assuming rate payers and the nuclear industry have to pay for all of this? The answer is NONE. That is why they are foisting the cost off on the whole globe and all of it’s citizens, who are lied to and fed propoganda about how ‘safe’ and ‘cheap’ nuclear power is. 

Yup, now fork over another 2 TRILLION for another one of these accidents at Fukushima. Japan is bankrupt; they just do not realize it yet. maybe that is why they did not try to fix it and just let three reactors melt through. They KNEW that they did not have the money in the bank to even TRY to fix it. 

At least Russia tried to stop the corium from going into the ground with 1 million people. Japan tossed 50 people and some sea water at the problem and hoped for the best. 


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