Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts has reported the first large study which confirms what has been said from day one, on 3/11/2011, that Fukushima could be a major long term life extinction event, rather than how it is portrayed now; as a minor 10% of Chernobyl type of accident.

According to the study, there are major genetic changes happening in ocean life forms 600 miles out from Fukushima. This was discovered through the many buoys put out by Woods Hole. They found due high radiation levels in ocean water far away from Fukushima, which in turn caused massive genetic changes in ocean creatures. 

(Warning; the following videos contain adult language.)

A Fukushima Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Has Been Confirmed 4/4/12 kevin d. blanch:

http://youtu.be/84pszFh7n9U via @youtube

In the next video below, Kevin reports that radioactive contaminated fish are being exported to other countries from Japan, without radiation testing on either end (and that eating these fish causes harm.)

Kevin is reporting that these fish test 37 times HIGHER than the emergency safety limits allowed for people in Japan, the few times that they were tested. 

The Japanese are desperate for money… where will they get it? They are in deeper debt than the Greeks, who are toasted and roasted financially speaking. Now Fukushima is putting a financial nail in their coffin. 

No wonder the government is telling everyone it is safe to move back to Fushima. Could they be telling anyone anything to get the least bit of money short term, and avoid legal costs and damages long term? Time will tell. 

The Japanese cannot eat their own food or drink their own water, in vast areas around Fukushima, because in their opinion it is too dangerous to just eat food or water without testing it, or knowing the source is absolutely clean. 

According to Kevin, many people in Japan have stopped drinking any water or eating any food grown in Japan, because they either do not trust the growers, the food, the water or the authorities who say it is all ‘safe’. 

Who really knows where radiation contaminated food, fish, fowl, beef, chicken or liquids may come from, because desperate farmers and fishermen may mislabel it or drive somewhere else to sell it. Fishermen may dock in a different port that does not have the taboo Fukushima label on it. 

It is too hard for individuals to test for radiation in food or water, without an expensive $15,000 radiation tester that specifically tests food or water for low level radiation that may cause harm long term. A standard Geiger Counter, even an expensive one, will NOT test food or water for low level radiation, unless it has HIGH amounts of surface radiation contamination. 

The only way to be safe from eating an invisible, tasteless and deadly radioactive poison  is to avoid all food grown within 250-500 miles of a nuclear accident. This means most of Japan is out of bounds for ‘safe’ food or drink. 

So why is Japan still growing food, harvesting fish and then selling it all overseas? Hmmmmm, interesting question….. 

If you do not know what is going on and why Kevin is so upset, in the following video, Kevin explains what has been going on for the last year, since March 11th, 2011. 

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Fukushima; Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed; via A Green Road Blog


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