GMO Sweet Corn Could Be Coming to Your Local Walmart

Walmart has refused to meet our April 1st deadline. Tell them you won’t buy their corn.

Walmart hasn’t rejected Monsanto’s GE sweet corn

Tell Walmart you won’t buy their lies or their sweet corn!

April 3, 2012

Walmart is a corporate giant that cares more about its profits than listening to its customers. Food and Water Watch and our allies have delivered Walmart nearly half a million petitions, 8,500 calls, andour supporters held events at more than 150 Walmart stores all over the country and posted thousands of comments on Walmart’s Facebook page. Still, Walmart has refused to reject Monsanto’s sweet corn.

In response to consumer concerns, Walmart is hiding behind a misleading statement that they don’t “specifically source” genetically engineered foods. No one had said that Walmart is going to specifically order Monsanto’s GE sweet corn, but unless Walmart takes affirmative steps to prevent it from coming into its stores, it is likely to be sold intermixed with regular corn, unlabeled and leaving consumers in the dark. It’s time we tell Walmart that we won’t buy their lies and we won’t buy their sweet corn.

I received this letter from Walmart last week saying that they do not “specifically source” genetically engineered foods, but let’s be honest, that means absolutely nothing, and it’s not good enough:

Monsanto’s new genetically engineered sweet corn could be planted this spring, which means that it could be in stores this summer. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and General Mills have all made the commitment not to sell Monsanto’s sweet corn, but it looks like since Walmart will not reject this corn by specifically saying they will not purchase it, the corn could be on their shelves this summer.

Walmart cares about their bottom line, and their image, so whether or not you shop at Walmart, can you tell them once more that you won’t buy their lies or their corn?

We’ll be delivering these emails directly to Walmart to let them know about all the potential customers they’re losing.

Take action today:

Wenonah Hauter

Executive Director

Food And Water Watch


P.S. We want to thank the 118,519 Food & Water Watch supporters, and our allies at CREDO Action, SumOfUs, Center for Food Safety, Center for Environmental Health, Corporate Accountability and Friends of the Earth for the amazing effort you all put into this campaign over the last several months. We may not win this one, but the fight for safe food will continue.

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