Radium Girls & Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City

The movie Radium City  explores the coverup and negative health effects of radium resulting from radium businesses that were present in Ottowa, Illinois as well as other locations for many years. 

People back then (and even today) were taught to not talk about their problems or about things that were bothering them. People and children were taught to never complain. People were taught to respect their bosses, and not talk back or argue with them, even if they disagreed with them. 

Everyone kept quiet and did not talk about what they knew, even if what they knew meant lives could be saved.  This air of secrecy kept the problems associated with radium facilities in the dark and out of sight, despite the fact that many people in town, starting with radium workers, were getting sick and dying.

None of these workers were advised to wear gloves or to use any type of protective equipment. None of them were told about the dangers of radiation. Many of them died or had severe health problems as a result of working in these plants. 

The factory PR campaign denied that radium had any effects on health. They took out full page ads saying that they gave free health checks to all of their employees, and they found nothing wrong with anyone. Everyone was safe, and there were no problems with the employees, (other than stress and mental worry). This is an excuse the industry still uses today, all around the world. For more information about the art and science of nuclear deception, click on the following link;

TheArt of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and FraudulentScience, via A Green Road Blog

The employees working at the radium plant were studied for years by Argonne, which was associated with the Atomic Energy Commission, (now called Nuclear Regulatory Agency). None of the workers or residents in town were ever told about the results of these radiation studies. No one was EVER informed of the radiation levels inside or outside of their bodies, even those wearing dosimeter badges. This secretive hiding of ACTUAL radiation monitoring data continues even today, after any radiation related incident or accident. 

All employees were assured and promised free healthcare, which they never got. As one of the former works above explained, when someone got cancer, the Argonne people never took care of them, and they had to go somewhere else to get treated. When they died, they were buried in lead lined caskets. In the video, they talk about how some of these people were even exhumed and their bodies were taken by Argonne ‘for study’. 

None of these employees were compensated for their painful and extreme medical experiments. None of them were informed as to what was going on, what radiation they were being exposed to, or what the effects of that radiation would or could be.  

This practice of NOT informing patients about what is going on, NOT getting full INFORMED CONSENT permission, and NOT telling anyone about any of the hazards of radiation that they were exposed to violates the primary Hippocrates Oath, which is; Above all, do no HARM. This is basic medical ethics 101. However this practice of keeping secrets and causing harm continues on today, and is much like the Nazi medical experiments done on death camp ‘volunteers’. 

The apologists, experts, nuclear industry and the regulators today still claim there is no danger from internal radiation, caused by exposure to low doses of radiation from such things as radium or radon for that matter, in this town for example. 

This town and all of the people living there were (and still are) human test tube subjects, which the military studied to see how many people would die and/or get cancer with high radiation exposure.

Now the nuclear industry is ‘studying’ the global population to see what the effects of accidents and normal plant radiation releases are on surrounding populations. 

In addition to the people suffering, animals suffered too. None of the dogs owned by the people of this town  lived to old age. According to the residents, they all died of unnatural causes, early in their lives.  One owner showed off his dog, who already had tumors on his body.  

Even wild animals around the town were full of tumors, as shown in this picture;

For more information about the effects of radiation on animals, click on link to article below; 

Bird Radiation Studies; Chernobyl,TMI & Fukushima; Via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/bird-studies-and-chernobyl-tmi-and.html

After the Radium Dial factory was closed, then it was turned into a meat locker plant. All of the family that owned it got cancer and died, except for one. The meat was sold to local stores in Ottowa, Illinois. We can assume that all of the meat from the factory was contaminated with radiation to some extent. 

The plant was eventually torn down, and the place was paved over with a thin layer of asphalt. Now a business is operating on top of that, although it is still a radioactive hot spot.  

Many areas of town test as radioactive hot spots, as do the surrounding counties. The debris from the building was dumped in various places around town, despite promises that it would all be taken out and away from town to a landfill area.

People took a lot of things out of the building before it was torn down, as mementos. Bricks, furniture, cabinets, glass blocks, and more were all carried away by residents. 

Workers who got tumors or died an early death after the plant closed were told by their lawyers that there was no money left, and no one was left to sue. 

The plant owners got rich and closed the company before lawsuits could be filed, and to avoid further lawsuits. The plant owner just moved down the block and started a new company, which did the same thing the old one did, but had a different name. This allowed the owner to be protected from lawsuits and maintain immunity from prosecution.

The people left in town who could not leave due to financial reasons or health concerns were also left with all of the health problems, radioactive rubble, contaminated drinking water and early deaths of animals, people and other living things, which continues to present day.

After the radioactive rubble from the radium factory was buried by the Atomic Energy Commission contractor(s) all over town, more problems developed.  

Hot radiation spots were found all over the town as shown by the map above. Experts and authorities were not concerned, did not warn residents of potential low dose radiation dangers or do anything to prevent harm to residents. This low level radiation problem remains to this day, and will continue for another 15000 years until the radium decays away.  

Radium Dial got involved in multiple lawsuits from former workers claiming they were harmed by radiation, so the business closed and the factory was shut down. Shortly after that, the same owner that owned Radium Dial, opened a NEW factory several blocks down from the old one, under the name Luminous Processes, and did the same thing all over again. The only difference is that the women were not taught to twirl the brushes with radium paint on them between their lips. 

Not long after that, this plant started to get fined for health violations, eventually totalling $30,000. By September of 1986, the Luminous Process building had to be decontamined as well and the state taxpayers paid the bill, which totalled $6.5 million dollars. The NRC forced the plant to close permanently, according to Wikipedia. 

Joseph Kelly, the owner of the original Radium Dial and the next Luminous Process businesses, went on to contaminate other areas, such as a Georgia Luminous Process plant location, which ended up becoming another Superfund Cleanup Site. http://epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/npl/georgia/lumprocga.html 

Guess who pays to clean up these messes, after owners like this take their profits and run off with them? Taxpayers… meaning you and I. This is something we can always count on with huge corporations. They take the profits, run for the hills and leave the risk, health consequences and bills for cleanup to the public and communities. When will this dynamic change? 

According to Wikipedia; “Radium was once an additive in products such as toothpaste, hair creams, and even food items due to its supposed curative powers.[24] Such products soon fell out of vogue and were prohibited by authorities in many countries after it was discovered they could have serious adverse health effects. (See, for instance, Radithor or Revigator types of “Radium water” or “Standard Radium Solution for Drinking”.) 

It is hard to believe, but “spas featuring radium-rich water are still occasionally touted as beneficial, such as those in Misasa, TottoriJapan. In the U.S., nasal radium irradiation used to be administered to children to prevent middle-ear problems or enlarged tonsils from the late 1940s through the early 1970s.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radium

Wikipedia also goes into the precautions one should take around Radium. It says that; “Radium is highly radioactive and its decay product, radon gas, is also radioactive. Since radium is chemically similar to calcium, it has the potential to cause great harm by replacing calcium in bones. Exposure to radium can cause cancer and other disorders, because radium and its decay product radon emit alpha particles upon their decay, which kill and mutate cells. The dangers of radium were apparent from the start. The first case of so-called “radium-dermatitis” was reported in 1900, only 2 years after the element’s discovery. The French physicist Antoine Becquerel carried a small ampoule of radium around in his waistcoat pocket for 6 hours and reported that his skin became ulcerated. Marie Curie also had a similar incident in which she experimented with a tiny sample that she kept in contact with her skin for 10 hours and noted how an ulcer appeared, although not for several days. Handling of radium has also been blamed for Madam Curie’s death due to aplastic anemia. Stored radium should be ventilated to prevent accumulation of radon. Emitted energy from the decay of radium also ionizes gases, affects photographic plates, and produces many other detrimental effects – to the extent that at the time of the Manhattan Project in 1944, the “tolerance dose” for workers was set at 0.1 microgram of ingested radium. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radium

For more information about low dose radiation; click on links below.

Lowdose radiation causing changes in children; via AGreen Road Blog   http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/radiation-causing-unusual-changes-whats.html
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Later on the water supply for the town was discovered to be full of radon, much over the EPA safety limit for drinking water. ‘Experts’ claim that there cannot be an association with the radium contamination and radium dumping all over town,  and the radon now being found in the water supply. 

Wikipedia lists radon as a decay product of radium. Is it not a bit magical to conclude that the radium cannot possibly turn into radon, and that these two radioactive substances have no relationship at all? Whenever radium is found, radon will follow, because that is what radium decays into. Even nuclear apologists have to admit to that much.  

Radium also decays into Polonium, and that is one million times more toxic than cyanide. Radium has a half life of 1,600 years, which means it will be around for at least 16,000 years, contaminating whatever it touches, while turning into even more toxic radioactive elements that also poison everything they touch along the way. 

Historic name Symbol, present name
Radium emanation 222Rn, radon-222
Radium A 218Po, polonium-218
Radium C 214Bi, bismuth-214
Radium C1 214Po, polonium-214
Radium C2 210Tl, thallium-210
Radium D 210Pb, lead-210
Radium E 210Bi, bismuth-210
Radium F 210Po, polonium-210

Radium acts like calcium in the body, so the body absorbs it into the bones, where it causes the bones to become weak and break. It also causes cancers and tumors of all kinds, as well as various forms of birth defects, genetic diseases, and a wide variety of leukemias, just like radioactive strontium. Anemia is also common. 

The response of the ‘expert’ authorities discovering radon in the city drinking water at first was to raise the ‘safe’ limit of radium in drinking water, just like they did for all of the highly elevated amounts of radioactive elements found in drinking water in Japan, after the Fukushima nuclear accident. This was done with no notice, debate, or public comment period. My question is; did anyone test the water or soil for Polonium in this town? 

Nowadays, they have installed reverse osmosis filters that take out the radon, but only after much public pressure. I wonder if that system takes out radioactive Polonium?


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Radium Girls & Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City; via A Green Road Blog

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The same things as what happened above are still happening to people all over the world today. Nothing has changed. People are lied to, radiation dangers are covered up and the industry gets away with what could possibly be called genocide on a global scale. Read the following articles and see what your conclusion is, after you find what what is really going on inside this industry. 


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Radium Girls & Radium Dials; Ottowa Illinois, Death City

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