CIA Remote Viewers Predict Solar “Kill Shot” Coming To Earth Soon

“The CIA and U.S. Army recently declassified a mind protocol called Remote Viewing (RV) that unlocks the unconscious mind’s inherent ability to obtain knowledge about any person, place, thing or even in the past, present or future. 

This technique was proven to work so well, the military used it in real-world operations. Due to security leaks in the program, RV was forced into declassification and revealed to the public. 

It took a team of scientific researchers over 20 years with millions of federally funded dollars to discover the secrets behind unlocking the inhertant abilities of the human unconscious.”

Formerly secret remote viewing predictions are detailed in the following video by a former participant in this secret government program. Major Ed Dames gives some details…..

The summary of the progression of events as seen by remote viewer team as detailed in the above video; 

The price of gold will go up to $2,000 (happened)

A mutant fungus in Africa will affect crops (happened)

Huge earthquake affects Fukushima (happened)

North Korea launches nuclear attack on South Korea (has not happened yet)

The above will be the last event to happen right before the HUGE solar storm, which some call the Carrington Effect. 

Once the Carrington Effect starts, remote viewers predict that a passenger carrying ship from Earth will be forced out of high space orbit and pushed to Earth. It looks somewhat like a Space Shuttle, but different. 

Ed says everyone will look up and if they are fighting in a war, they will go home. There will be no more wars. 

He talks about safe sanctuary places. They are almost without exception in Northern Europe, in places like Austria, Poland, Russia. They are small and distant from local population centers. He does not see many or any in the Southern Hemisphere.

Identify a sanctuary area where you will be safe. Travel to it and make yourself familiar with it. 

You will need fresh water to sit this out. Water will be in short supply worldwide. If you live next to clean fresh water when this happens, you will be lucky. 

You will need food. Food will be absent and there will be no access to food once this happens for at least one year. Stock up with a year of food, and rotate your emergency food supply by using it. 

Once this happens, there will be no gasoline, no power, and nothing electronic will work. The global and national power grids will NOT come back up, according to the remote viewers. Bottom line, there will not be enough people to make it happen anymore. 

One way to think about this is; make this a hobby. Do not try to pressure people into believing this. Work with those who do believe and are preparing, or do it alone. 

You will have to band together in small groups, because NO ONE will make it through this alone. Tribes have a better chance than individuals. 

Very small and remote towns up in the mountains will have a MUCH better chance than huge cities according to these remote viewers. 

What these remote viewers do not mention is nuclear power plants specifically. Wouldn’t you agree that it might make sense to avoid any place within 100 – 200 miles or downwind of any military or civilian nuclear power plant or research facility? 

If all or most of the nuclear facilities and their associated spent fuel pools melt down/blow up and their corium blobs fission for the next 50,000 years  because they were not shut off and cooled down before the Carrington Effect/Kill Shot happened, I am not sure any life will remain above ground anywhere on the planet, much less in small remote places. 

If all of this happens, who cares if you live through it? The whole planet will be contaminated with nuclear waste products, everywhere. People can hide underground for fifty years, but when they come back up, it will still be highly radioactive.

In another video, where he takes questions about remote viewing, Ed talks about how remote viewers have been WRONG. They are not 100% right. What he advises is to get three different sources of ‘intelligence’ before acting on something. This is how the intelligence community works. They confirm something and get three different sources for their information before they act. 

Say Ed is one source. Say NASA is another, because they are predicting the Carrington Effect in 2013. Where is the third source? 

My own conclusion? I think that if Ed is wrong, it will be much like Scallion and others like him, who predicted things just like Ed; the end of Earth as we know it. 

These remote viewers and psychics mapped out the Earth after huge Earth changes, and all of this was supposed to happen back in early 2000. There are many maps of what the Earth was supposed to look like after these huge changes. Guess what? It did not happen. 

There is also another element to all of this. Is there a choice that humanity is facing? Will this choice make a difference? The basic choice is one of consciousness or lack of consciousness. 

What I am pointing at is a basic choice between fear and love, between an outer focus and an inner focus. What are we primarily focused on in our day to day activities, feelings and thoughts? 

When I looked at this many years ago, I was in fear. I got depressed when thinking about Earth changes.  I definitely was not in a space of love. 

Now things are different. I am in a different place of consciousness as well. I live in love, not fear. No matter what happens, I am ready for it. I do not really care if something ‘bad’ happens, because I know that I am more than this physical body. 

Hearing news about the destruction of Earth is interesting, but does not take me into fear or depression. If it happens, ok, great. It does not affect me one way or the other, as there is little or nothing I can do about it. 

My personal focus is on living as a soul on Earth, with a goal of teaching how to live in a way that benefits seven future generations. I will continue living this way, no matter what happens or does not happen. 

The purpose of this article is to encourage people reading it to really look inside and figure out where their priorities are. Who are we? 
What are the values that we live by? Where is it that we are going? 

Hopefully, this article will shift your life priorities so that you too will live as a soul on Earth, and that you will explore the world beyond the ego, beyond the body, beyond this physical world and all of it’s limitations. 

If you are interested in learning more about this, read the American Indian Prophecy article. 

American Indian Prophecies and Living As Soul on Earth


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CIA Remote Viewers PredictSolar “Kill Shot” Coming To Earth Soon; via A Green Road Blog

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