American Indian Prophecies and Way Of Living As Soul on Earth

American Indians lived for thousands or possibly tens of thousands of years in a land that provided everything they needed.  They did not produce toxic waste, garbage dumps or pollute anything. 

By comparison, our supposed much or advanced and ‘civilized’ culture with the help of corporations, have ruined just about everything in this world, in a short 200 years.

            Indigenous Native AmericanProphecy (Elders Speak part 1)

American Indians living on this continent went from a population of 60 million people, down to around 60,000, after this country we call the USA was ‘settled’, or as the Indians put it, invaded and taken over.  

The Indian Nations and their peoples were almost exterminated. I would add that they were pushed off the best lands and ‘resettled’ on the worst possible lands, in the worst possible areas of lowest possible value, while the ‘settlers’ took ‘ownership’ of all the best. 

These ancient peoples lived in harmony with the Earth. They believed and still believe in Great Spirit. They could drink out of any river, stream, or lake without fear or trepidation of being poisoned or getting sick. They did not dump their sewage or garbage where sacred water flows. They believed then and now that all waters were pure and sacred waters, to be respected and honored, not polluted at will. 

They could breathe pure and fresh air, as the air was sacred. They could not imagine polluting the air, or buying carbon credits, for the ‘right to pollute’. 

They could live on the land that they did not own, and it was (and still is) sacred as well. Owning land in their eyes, is like owning the stars. What right do humans have to ‘own’ gifts that were given to seven future generations? One cannot own seven future generations, just like one cannot own the stars or the Earth. Those who try to do this are breaking Natural Laws.

These sacred gifts and others were given by the Great Spirit and Great Creator to all peoples, not to corporations or a few people so that they could control and own all resources (land, water, sky, buildings, plants, animals, people) for profit, gain and power. 

If you want to live properly, realize that we are one family, living inside Great Spirit. There is no end. There is no end to life, just a transition into another way of Being. 

 Indigenous Native AmericanProphecy (Elders Speak part 2)

We can live in a sacred way, honoring and respecting the gifts that we have been given. We need to focus on seven future generations and how to create a world that will benefit them. We hold this world in trust for seven future generations. We do NOT own it. 

There will be no one coming to save us. Our leaders are here and now. We are the leaders that we are waiting for. 

There are natural leaders in this world. They SERVE others, and help others to live a life based on real values, not fake values that violate all Natural Laws, such as profit, power or getting more stuff. 

Leadership has to have vision, compassion for the future. Leadership decisions must be based on seven future generations, not on short term profits for a few people, or even for stockholders. 

Every plant, every animal and every human alive has a place in this world. We are all connected. Certain plants gather around certain trees. If we kill or chop down trees, we kill a community that depends on that tree, and all kinds of other beings that we absolutely no knowledge of, possibly even in other dimensions that we are unconscious of. 

If we clear cut, we are being very destructive to many sacred communities. Planting mono culture trees is not going to replace these communities, just to give one example. 

Out of 100 economic units that make up the world, 49 are countries, and 59 are corporations in this world. ( I would say corporations are the world at this point.) 

Corporations are the driving force of the world. At present they do not care about human life, wages, human rights, the environment or the state of the world left over for seven future generations. 

What kind of decisions will be made on our behalf by these corporate states who own and control everything and everyone? There will be Hell to pay for short term, shallow, ego based decisions being made now by the 1%.

So what can we do? Become aware. Become of one mind. Challenge the short term, ego based corporate values. Most corporations are being driven by profit, not by the thought of what affect this or that corporate decision will have on seven future generations. They are not even making decisions by common sense, but only by what will make short term $$$. 

 Indigenous Native AmericanProphecy (Elders Speak part 3)

What the world needs now is leadership from the business world, because it has most of the power, money and owns most of the world’s resources.

We are a huge family, made up of resources, such as Earth, people, animals and plants. The world operates by Natural Law. There is regeneration happening, and it is endless, if everyone follows the law. There is enough for everyone, if we follow and work in harmony with Natural Law. 

If someone challenges the Natural Law and tries to overcome the law, there will be a lot of pain. The Natural law has no mercy. The law works for those who follow it, and against those who break it or try to change it. 

The Earth is all powerful. Natural Law is all powerful. Great Spirit is all powerful.  We do not have to be here. The Earth has it’s own process, separate from human beings. If we destroy ourselves as human beings because we violate Natural Laws, it will not mean the end of the world. Our self created demise will not end the Earth. People’s lives will end, and human beings may no longer be on Earth.  

No matter what damage you have done to it, the Earth will redo everything and heal the scars. No people will be here. It has all of the time in the world. It has infinite patience. It has been here for eons of time, and will continue on. 

The way we are living now is NOT in harmony with Natural Laws. We are breaking all Natural Laws and there is a consequence for this. There is no mercy. It means a lot of pain and suffering is coming. 

Imagine how we are living as being like a horse, rider and carriage. We are riders with a horse and carriage, headed for a stone wall blocking the way. Instead of looking ahead and slowing down or stopping, we are accelerating into the wall, driving the horse faster, by using up resources faster and faster, accelerating all of the destructive forces that we are unleashing on ourselves. 

Take a car race for example. A yellow flag comes out and the cars slow down. This is common sense. Corporations do not pay attention to the yellow flags or even a red light that means stop. The CEO’s say they need to make a profit, at any cost, no matter what. They are driving the horse and carriage into the wall, accelerating all the way.

What they ignore is that they have families and communities. They ignore that they have future generations coming after them, which they need to consider. They (the 1%) must consider Natural Law and moral questions such as what is good for seven future generations, as well as what is good for local communities that they do business in. 

Not paying attention to this and ignoring community needs, ignoring seven future generations to come, is violating Natural Laws. Living life based on ego is like ignoring yellow and red lights in a car race.

If corporations do not change, if CEO’s do not change, if ordinary people do not change to a more sustainable way of living, the world is headed for a stone wall. 

Every day we do not do what is right, in terms of what is good for seven future generations, we lose an option and get closer to the wall and the consequences. 

 Indigenous Native AmericanProphecy (Elders Speak part 4)

So how do we find ourselves and the part we play in the world? What is our destiny? Who are we? Many search and never find this answer because they look outside. 

So we were sent a messenger and he was called The Peace Maker. The power in the message and the teachings was to compel the people to follow the way of peace. 

He gathered all of the leaders together, and discerned the most powerful man, the one who was the most feared or most evil. He then approached this person. He taught how to live and how to follow a peaceful path. 

He brought the message because everyone was dying from being killed by another person. They did not know how to die naturally. This was at least one thousand years ago. This is much like what is happening on Bosnia and Serbia where the law is an eye for an eye, and revenge was considered strength. Women were afraid of their men, and would run and hide from them, because they were so fierce. 

The message he brought was a thanksgiving for life, and a gratitude for all living things. This was not the leaders vision, and they disagreed with the Peace Maker. He was a powerful person and was given a seat at the head of the Council. These regional Councils became One Council. He handed responsibility to the leaders and use reason and law instead of fighting and killing. He called this the Council of the Good Minds. 

Females were the ones with the seed. Nothing can move without two parts. The female carries life. Without her, there is NO LIFE, anywhere, at any time. She is fundamental to all life. Honor and respect women. 

Indigenous Native AmericanProphecy (Elders Speak part 5)

So here I stand in a position as a member of this Council. We look around for allies and friends, who will agree with the mandates for peace. This is the mandate for LIFE. 

The Peace Maker said: “We are now placing in your hands all LIFE. It is your responsibility and your duty to look after all LIFE.” 

He was not talking about humans. He was talking about fish, trees, insects, everything that grows, everything that has life. We are a family, all life. 

In Australia they talk about the two laws, which means the same thing; all LIFE. We are only a small part of the great design for living. If any one of the other parts falls out of the web of life, the whole web and fabric of life comes apart. 

We humans are the only ones who do not give. We are constantly taking so that we may have life. We do not give back to other living things. Indians now have gold fever, just like the white man. Our own people now have the same look in their eyes. This is a universal problem, the issue of greed, ego and selfishness. 

We have to learn how to live in balance, with Nature, with other people, with resources available to us, and with Great Spirit. 

The question we can ask ourselves is; how do I live as soul on Earth? How do I live so that seven future generations will benefit and not be harmed? The answers are all available. Keep asking the question. Seek them out. The answers will come. 


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American Indian Prophecies and Living As Soul on Earth
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