Hillary Clinton: Women Deserve The Right To Choose

As Hillary Clinton says in the video below; women deserve and need the right and basic freedom to choose their clothing, their jobs, and the choices they make around their bodies. 

Surprisingly, this fundamental right is being challenged not only in Tunisia but also in the USA.  Who is challenging these basic, fundamental rights of women? Extremists…

Extremists around the world, including in the USA, claim they need to CONTROL women.  Extremists need to control how high up in the organization they can climb (Catholic Church? Please tell me why women can lead other international religious churches and other organizations or political parties, but not THIS ONE? 

Extremists need to control which organizations women can belong to (Masters Golf Club? So tell me again why women can join the army but not join a golf club?  

Extremists  need to control what women wear and what they say, or who they spend time with.  They need to control whether or not they can have access to birth control. Extremists  need to control where women can go (Masters Golf Club?. Extremists  need to control what decisions women make around their bodies and who they choose to marry.

Extremists tell women that they are not worth as much as men for the same job, both in the USA and around the world.

 It was not too long ago in the USA, that women could only do a few jobs; teaching, nursing, raising kids and cooking or cleaning, just like in Afghanistan today. The women in that country are only a few steps behind women in the USA. 

What happens if women are empowered to do what they have a passion for and let loose to enjoy the same freedoms and democrat rights that men have?

Isn’t it odd how the innocent women and children are killed at a rate of about 10 to every soldier that is killed, in just about every war? Why is that still OK? 

Why not let the leaders (men) who want war, get in a ring and fight each other, rather than sending people out in their name to conquer and control people in other countries?

When will women force men to stop fighting wars? When will women refuse to allow wars, where it is common practice that men on both sides rape women and girls with impunity? 

Maybe if women stopped providing sex to men, until all fighting stops…. Surprise… this actually worked in Africa, where a war raged for over ten years, until the women stopped participating said NO MORE SEX. 


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Hillary Clinton: Women Deserve The Right To Choose; via A Green Road Blog