Fibonacci Secrets Revealed

The world, our bodies and the infinite spread of stars in the sky all contain hidden universal secrets.  Why not explore and learn about the mysteries contained all around us?

With that goal in mind, we present a short introductory movie with the title of; The Hidden Sky: Fibonacci Movie by Cara Reichel. Enjoy! 

Now for a movie, that goes a little deeper… This movie is titled Nature By Numbers, and was created by Cristóbal Vila. 

Much like the first movie but using a few more numbers, which in our opinion actually adds value to the movie, instead of taking away from it. Who knows? You may even decide you like math after you watch this video. Now if only they taught math class outside in Nature, using Nature as the teacher, as this video does so well. 

We have explored Fibonacci numbers in Nature. Now let’s move to music. Can this Fibonacci sequence of numbers be found there as well?

Here is another version of Fibonacci ratios, found in the patterns that sounds make..

(Turn your speakers down)

Are you ready for the advanced version and deeper secrets contained inside food, inside the human body, in the stars themselves, and even inside scientific researchers findings using such things as magnets, musical scale, and quantum scale matter? What is it about the number 1.618?  Why does it come up over and over again?

If you are ready, click on play..and watch The Fingerprints of God. 

Now for the question… Is the universe random? Are you random? Or, is there an intelligent design behind the universe and all living things, as well as in the stars? Is there an intelligent design behind YOU? 

The answer is contained in the stars, in all matter, in your body, in all of the food you eat, in all living things. 

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Fibonacci Secrets Revealed; via A Green Road

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