Mysteries And Theories: Is The Earth Growing?

Which theory is right? Does any theory or belief system come with an absolute money back guarantee of correctness? 

Historically, many aborigines and other religions including Christianity believe and teach that the Earth was created by some magical process, whether by birth or creation. Scientists added on the more recent and ‘scientific’ theories such as the flat Earth, sun revolving around the Earth theory. Since that time scientists have added the Big Bang theory, which has evolved through carbon dating and more. 

For the more adventurous among us, here is a unique theory that proposes Earth is actually growing, much like a cell. If this theory has some shred of truth to it, could that mean that what humans are living on may be a life form of some kind? 
Of course, this theory raises more questions, such as where did all of the water come from? And where does the mass come from that accounts for the growing Earth? More advanced questions may include; does the Earth or sun have a consciousness, will and/or thoughts? 

But like all science, theories ask us to think about what we believe, and how we fit into the mystery of what is around us. After all, no one REALLY knows, do they? Some people do believe that the Earth is alive and breathes. Where is the proof of that? The book Secret Life of Plants may offer a glimpse into this subject, and this video may offer some hints.

Some theories just seem to make more sense than others. The flat Earth, sun revolving around the Earth theory, or even the hollow Earth theory for example have fallen out of favor but at least one of these was the dominant scientific and religious theory at one point in history. 

But are the above theories any stranger than saying all matter was created from nothing at some point in time, and that we will go back to that point of no matter existing? From where and how did all that matter appear anyway? And how does all matter in the infinite cosmos collapse and disappear into nothingness? Is that not just as hard to believe as a living, growing Earth? 

Another question quickly arises. Is there a God or intelligent Higher Power behind all of this expanding, contracting, Black Holes, Fibonacci numbers, appearing matter, disappearing matter, or not? 

One thing we can be sure of. There are many theories and many beliefs, just as there are many religions. One theory states that the Earth is only 2,000 years old and that the Earth was created in five days, and that humans were CREATED from dust. Some theorists believe that the planetary plates that we live on are constantly being ground up and recycled. 

Each theory has believers or ‘supporters’, no matter what the theory is. Some theories have more believers at a particular point in time, and some have less. Each theory over time gains believers and supporters, and then may lose most or all of them later on down the road. 

A theory sponsor may go so far as to claim to be able to PROVE absolutely beyond a doubt that their theory is the ONLY one that is correct. But bottom line, the reason we call all of these things theories or ‘beliefs’ is because NONE OF US really KNOW for absolutely sure, correct? 

Many people CLAIM that they absolutely KNOW for guaranteed sure that this or that theory is true, whether it is scientific or religious, but generally, these types of theorists ask everyone to have blind faith in their theory or belief. They ask us to ignore the missing pieces of the theory that cannot be explained. They may demand us to ignore doubts or valid concerns that people may have. 

Bottom line, why do we have to believe in ANY theory as being absolutely true, whether it is scientific or religious, or something else. Why can’t we live in a world of mystery? What is wrong with increasing knowledge and wisdom, but also acknowledging that we do NOT know everything, and that there are many mysteries that we are constantly surrounded with? 

An ordinary person may live their life believing in conflicting theories. It is actually normal to believe at least in part, in several theories at the same time. Even those who passionately believe in just ONE theory often have doubts about their pet theory.  Life is not clean, neat and tidy, or even absolutely clear.  Even the most ardent believers have doubts at times, and that is part of life. 

Wouldn’t you agree that it would be much more humble and healthy to interact with others in a respectful manner who may hold differing beliefs or theories from us, rather than judging everyone else’s theory as being evil and/or wrong? 

How about we give each other the freedom to explore all of these theories and loosen up a little? What is wrong with actually exploring other theories and walking a mile in their shoes, just to get to know them as a fellow traveler on this little blue planet hanging in space?

We are all human beings living on just one planet. We are all living together on this planet as ONE human family. The Earth, the solar system, and the cosmos as well as our inner universe holds many mysteries, wouldn’t you agree?  Why can’t we explore these mysteries without destroying all of it, before we even begin to understand what is going on around us? 

Let’s not be so rigid and stuck in our own little belief or theory boxes.. Why can’t we all live without self imposed limits, judgements, and put downs? Why can’t we just take it easy and stay in that curious wondering state of mind, where anything is possible? Let’s live a life without self imposed limits and stay open to the mystery and wonder contained in living life. 

Life may very well be full of mysteries, magic and maybe even a miracle or two. After all, a miracle is just another theory, is it not? So explore the mysteries of life, but let’s not get too attached. Let us all focus on staying open, curious, wondering, much as a small child does so well. 

Maybe we can even learn something from the mysteries that are small children and babies. Just maybe, that theory about the Earth being a living, growing cell in a cosmos full of living cells does not sound so strange anymore….. 

Mysteries And Theories: Is The Earth Growing? via a Green Road Blog
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