Fukishima 15 Year Old Speech-Song

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And the earth cried. It worried it had died. The pain that was inflicted was so horrific that the soul of the planet was holding on for dear life. The breath of air that was once plentiful was now a mere gasp for existence. What man did is unbelievable, inconceivable. Can it change? Can it still be? The task is there for all to see, but the possibilities are not being seen.

The earth was once green and blue and it shouted out to me and you. I am life… I am the support for you and your wife. We danced together sharing each others gifts. Then my treasure throve was emptied and stolen from me. My waters run hot from the toxins that pour through. The air is so thick that it clogs the very pores of my life blood. How did the heat of the earth expand and damage my frame, my bones, oh, my old poor bones. You’ve dug into me and spat upon me and destroyed my free spirit as I continue to hold on to last. Give it up! Stop this destruction and create anew. The balance is shifted and the planet is drifting. Stop the craziness that is destroying us all. The order is tall as you must shift so much to leave me to repair and create new air. The time is for all to slow down and become stewards of the earth. It is time for rebirth. 

And, the earth cried and almost died. But alas, the call was heard and the tide was turned. Go and be the ears that hear and the tide that turns. Your life depends on it.

Fukishima 15 Year Old Speech-Song