The Children Beyond Chernobyl Movie

There are over 300 orphanages in Belarus, full of abandoned babies and children, affected by low level radiation. 
“RTE’s 2008 powerful and beautifully filmed documentary “Children Beyond Chernobyl” picks up where the Academy Award winning “Chernobyl Heart” left off. 
The film examines the work of Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI) and uses moving, intimate stories to describe how the charity and its volunteers are making a difference in Chernobyl affected regions of Belarus. 

In the first of 7 parts, meet the children of the Vesnova orphanage of Belarus, and learn about children who travel to Ireland for medical care. 
CCPI director Ali Hewson says that “you can’t argue with the economic impact” of Chernobyl, and describes why so many volunteers refuse to walk away.

The Children Beyond Chernobyl, Part 1/7
Part II
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