Movie; I AM, Exploring The Meaning Of Life, Liberty And Happiness

In Part I

This movie poses questions such as;

Does owning more stuff make us happier? 

Does competing and winning against everyone else make us a ‘better’ person? 

What value do we give competition, compared to cooperation and networking?

Is science the absolute truth? 

Is having more money a recipe for happiness and fulfillment?

What does a state of never ending war against (poverty,  communists, aliens, drugs, crime, etc.) get us?

What are the consequences of a way of living that teaches; greed is good?

Can an ‘economy’ grow forever?

Who are we? Are we really nothing more than greedy, selfish, egotistical, narcissistic, short term focused, win at all costs individuals? 

What is democracy? 
Does it work for animals, insects, plants, primates and humans?
In Part II

How is humanity evolving? 
What did Darwin try to teach others about the evolution of human beings in his books, which is being ignored and despised?

What are some recent discoveries around genes, nerves and more?

What are we hard wired for? 

Could we be hard wired for compassion around others?

Why are endorphins generated when we help others, or give of ourselves for a self less cause, community, nation?

How do we express; love your neighbor as yourself, even your enemy? 

Why is love limited to certain boxes, such as church, home, sports?

Is it possible to express love and live in love outside of church, family or sports teams?

What state are we designed to operate in? 
Fear, anger, hatred, bitterness? 
Or love, kindness, peace, harmony, etc?

Are we more than just flesh and bones? Is there something beyond us? Where and how would we access that Higher Power, if it exists? 

Is there a Universal Energy field? 
How does quantum entanglement work, and can it’s effect be seen in a simple yogurt experiment?

Can this universal heart connection effect be demonstrated on a global scale?

What is consciousness? Is it linked into the world we live in? How does the butterfly effect work?

How are human beings connected together with each other, with all life, with all of the infinity of what exists?

Why is it that 99% of the genes we have are identical to those found in fish, dogs, chimpanzees, and other living beings?

In Part III 

Who are we? 
Are we just mechanical meat objects that disappear into meaningless dust, with no connection to anyone or anything? 

Or, are we connected on a very deep level, never alone, part of a greater whole, part of a human family? 

How do we change something we do not like, or that does not feel good? 

Could change start with consciousness?
Every day actions can build up over time into a huge change. 

A coalition of individuals acting together for the common good builds with small actions. 
It gathers strength and momentum, until change happens. 

How do we create something that is sustainable and good for seven future generations?

Is there a law that says if one animal, plant or insect takes more than it needs, that it then dies out as a result? Within human beings, we call that uncontrolled growth that takes and does not give; cancer. 

Is humanity a cancer, taking more than it needs from a living, breathing system called Gaia? 

Is violence the only way to do things? 

Does love, peace and compassion have a power that is greater than hate, fear and anger?

What is your part in the world? 

What is your passion? 

What makes your heart sing? 

Do not follow the freeway that everyone else is on. 

Follow your own inner road. If you have to, build your own trail through the woods, so that others may follow your trail.

Everyone has the power of ONE that is you. That I Am that is you is unstoppable, invincible and unlimited. Learn, grow and explore that power that is you, within the Oneness. 

If not you, who? 

If not now, when?

If not this, then what else?

Movie; I AM, Exploring The Meaning Of Life, Liberty And Happiness; via A Green Road Blog

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