Drones: Secret War, Expanded Violation Of Sovereign Nations, Citizen’s Constitutional Rights

According to Reuters, 3 US citizens have been ‘taken out’ or killed by secret CIA drones in foreign countries. The number of drone attacks in many foreign nations is accelerating, compared to the number authorized under President Bush. 

There is a supposed ban on ‘assassinations’, but many civilians and/or government/religious figures are killed by drone strikes. 

Supposedly, drones allow for ‘pinpoint’ strikes that kill only the intended target, but in reality, there are many more civilian casualties than if some country went in and arrested that person as one example. 

President Obama has temporarily halted (but did not reverse) illegal anti Geneva Convention torture policies implemented under President Bush, but now the drone attacks are radically increasing in number, and so are the numbers of civilian deaths caused by them. 

“The Obama Administration has approved five times the number of covert drone strikes that his predecessor did. Thomson Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland sits down with Reuters’ Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Rohde to discuss his special report detailing the quiet expansion of presidential power under Obama.”

There are many issues around the use of ‘secret’ drone spying and bombing missions. 

1. The first issue is one of violation of airspace and sovereign rights to that airspace. Pakistan keeps saying that the US should stop doing secret spying and/or drone strikes in their airspace, but the US keeps doing it. Iran has been and probably still is being flown over without permission, as are many other countries. Who has this ‘list’ of approved violations of foreign airspaces by ‘drones’ or spyplanes, and who is approving this?

2. The second issue is that a majority of the civilians living in each country are enraged by these drone bombing strikes, whenever and where they may happen. The common civilian casualties caused by drone strikes end up being front page news across the whole nation involved. 

This front page news of US bombing of innocent civilians causes negative publicity for the US, and positive publicity for anti-American, anti-democratic foreign political/religious groups. The response of each bombing by drones is a  growth of anti-American sentiment. The USA cannot afford more negative sentiment at this point in time.  

3. This negative coverage around civilians being killed by drones only serves to foster the growth of anti-American feelings. These negative feelings then serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists worldwide.

The very tool designed to ‘take out’ terrorists only serves to recruit and grow the ranks of terrorists worldwide. The drone policy results in a long term ‘blowback’ of growing terrorists, which is exactly the opposite intention of the drone program, correct? This issue is not even disputed by US government or military authorities. Why not? Could it be that growing terrorists is a good for the profits of the military industrial complex, with all of their no bid war profiteering?

4. The fourth issue is that at present the US is probably  the ONLY country in the world using drones over  other foreign countries. These US spy and bomb drones are flying over foreign sovereign territory, more often than not without permission of the nation involved. As an example, a drone recently crashed in IRAN, which is currently under severe pressure to eliminate any nuclear program. What happens when the Iranians duplicate it, and use it on the US, in the same way that it was used on them? 

Iran certainly did NOT give the US permission for the US to spy on it, or to drop bombs on suspected ‘terrorists’. This violation of sovereign territories and airspace leads to the next problem. What happens when OTHER nations start using drones? 

Rep. Kucinich briefly addresses issues around Iran specifically. 

5. The fifth issue is; what happens WHEN (not if) Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, or other ‘enemies’ of the US start using drones and fly these spy/bomb drones over the USA? Is that OK? If not, why not? 

Are you OK with US and foreign nations flying over your yard and spying on you? Right now, other countries are developing and using drones…… The US is not alone in this. The newest technology out of Europe is a ‘stealth’ drone, that will not show up on radar. 

In other words, future drones will not only be secret, but invisible. What happens if these are sold to our enemies, but friends of Europeans who are developing this? What happens when Russia and/or China develop their and sell them to their allies, including Iran, etc?

6. The sixth issue is that this drone program recently got approved by Congress and the White House for use in flights over the US, as well as foreign nations. Using drones on US soil and airspace opens up the use of drone spying (and bombing?) on US soil, without trial, jury or legal due process. Did you approve this by voting it in? Who changed the Constitution by the way?

If this drone program by foreign nations flying over and bombing us is not good for the US, then why is it good for the US to do this in other nations, without their permission? If the US drone spying/bombing drone program is not violating the basic Golden Rule; “Do unto your neighbor only that which you wish to have done unto you”, we do not know what would. 

What would the US do if a foreign war plane from Iran for example, came into the US airspace? Would we treat them as Iran treated us? Or would we just shoot them down, due to fear and trepidation of what it MIGHT do?

7. The seventh issue is; what happens when those other countries start bombing suspected ‘terrorists’ inside the USA, that they have on THEIR terrorist lists, including US citizens of course? 

They can point to the US killing US and other nation’s citizens without a trial, without a jury, and with no international legal due process or rights. Supposedly, any person opposed to Communist China for example, could be labeled a ‘terrorist’ and taken out by a drone strike via an order given by the Communist leaders, no matter which country they live in globally, including the USA.

What happens if some other foreign nation decides you are a ‘terrorist’ and bombs you in your house, car or at work, because you said or blogged or mentioned something that was unfriendly to their dictatorial government. What if you are actively working on human rights, peace, freedom or democracy in some form of fashion, and a country calls you a terrorist, much as the nation of Communist China is labeling the Dahli Lama? 

This US led drone program opens up the war on ‘terror’ into a free for all, where anyone can kill anyone for any reason, with no legal consequence. 

This drone program takes war into a zone that it has never been in before. War used to be ‘declared’ on countries. Now it is being declared on individuals. There are no ‘rules’ around this kind of war. Anything goes, and any citizen can be killed for whatever reason. 

8. The eighth issue is; what happens when someone starts using the drone program on freedom and democracy promoting dissidents in their own country? 

Often, dissidents that are opposed to dictators are labeled ‘terrorists’ by that leader, and assassination plots have commonly been hatched by dictators against their supposed dissidents, in MANY countries. Now there is a convenient method of disposing of any and all opposing leaders to a dictatorship or military despot in any country. 

No person is accountable because death rains down from above, from a high altitude missile. No one can be blamed or taken to court for murder. The person pushing the button is on orders from someone else, that could be secret, hidden and out of view. 

9. The ninth issue is that there are No ID markings on these drones, so there is no way to track it back to country of origin, who is behind it, who is responsible for the ‘hit’ or anything else. 

The world of assassination via computers and drones is a secret free for all killing spree world filled with video games and a fun time for all. Who can get the highest score for killing the highest number of ‘terrorists’? Let’s have a contest.. 

Literally, countries could start killing each other’s or their own citizens in a blood fest orgy of taking out a higher number of terrorists than the other side did, just to ‘get even’. 

Drones: Secret War, Expanded Violation Of Sovereign Nations, Citizen’s Constitutional Rights 

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