The Green Party And Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits

One of the problems with politics these days is that people are so disgusted with the candidates offered, that they refuse to even vote. Many people are saying that they are ‘forced’ to vote between the lesser of two evils. Most people understand that corporations have an enormous influence via the media, lobbyists and elections campaign contributions. 

The mass media does not offer any choices beyond the two parties, both of which are ‘owned’ to a major extent by these same corporations. If you have any doubts about this, or do not believe it yet, read the following articles and watch the videos about corporations, before moving on to the rest of this article. 

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And yes, there is a solution!

The first thing we have to do is to get out of the box of thinking that the corporate owned media puts everyone in, with their ‘programming’. We can ask several questions, which will lead us out of the ‘box’ that keeps most people trapped of their own volition.
The first question is; what benefits seven future generations of our children, and their children’s children? This question is important, because short term profit oriented thinking is what gets corporations such a bad rap. 

Guess which party is best at thinking about seven future generations? The Green Party. 

1. Grassroots Democracy
2. Social Justice, Universal Human Rights 
3. Ecology; Nature Centered
4. Nonviolent Communication/Peace
5. Decentralization, Local Self Reliance
6. Local Community-Based Economics
7. Feminism And Gender Equity
8. Promoting Diversity And Equality 
9. Personal And Global Responsibility
10. Long Term Future Focus And Sustainability
The second question to ask is the following one; does any political party prohibit campaign contributions to their candidates by corporations? The answer is that there is a party which does not allow corporations to ‘influence’ their candidates, which means they truly represent the people, and not corporations.

Did you know that the Green Party does not allow corporate money ‘donations’ to any Green Party candidates? This is a huge game changer.

Every vote for a Democrat or Republican is a wasted vote, because corporate money has ‘influenced’ them to the point where they no longer represent ordinary people.

Do not waste your vote on corporate money controlled candidates or parties, such as the Republicans or Democrats. 

Consider registering and voting Green Party for both local, state, and national leaders. Attend a local green party meeting. Consider running for office as a Green party candidate in your local area. 
Worst case, if you do end up deciding to vote for a dualopoly candidate as a registered ‘green’, your vote will be a swing vote, making the difference in elections, since neither Democrats or Republicans have enough votes on their own to win elections. Being green forces BOTH parties to listen to your needs and fill them. 
Bottom line, no matter what, it PAYS to be green. More power, less waste, more efficiency, more transparency, more accountability, and a better future for seven generations of our children.

The Green Party And Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits; via A Green Road Blog

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