The Force And Power Of Love

What is the power of love? Who can measure it? Where is it located? 

The answer is that science has not studied love, because it is invisible, unmeasurable and unknowable. However, love can be EXPERIENCED. 

There are many definitions for love. A simple definition of love would be whatever gives pleasure, as in a baby getting it’s needs met; food, water, physical contact and emotional connection to Mom. 

Some would define love as starting with family love, and extend that into love between two people, such as in a friendship, relationship or marriage.  

There are even more definitions possible when one combines love and power. Some would say that love is selfish and all about ‘my needs’. What is good for me, I could see as ‘love’, whether that means more money, power, possessions, etc. Some people do not feel loved unless they are getting more of these things. 

Others like Martin Luther King Jr, would say that love is all about the other person, and what we can give. What is your definition? 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Huey Lewis in the video above sings The Power of Love. He expresses love as the foundation and power that drives everything of value. He describes it as more powerful than steel, and able to turn strong men into weaklings. 

If you have ever been deeply in love with someone, you know what Huey is talking about. If you get the chance to feel this, it is worth any sacrifice. This kind of love is worth more than any gold, any possessions, any fame, and any other power, because all of that pales by comparison with the power of love. 

Christina Perri sings; A Thousand Years, in the following video.

She is pointing at love being something beyond time and space. How far can love take a person, a couple, a community or even the world? There are many aspects to love that can be explored even further in depth than being deeply in love. Take tantra yoga for example. 

Is it possible that love continues on even beyond death? Is it possible that we can experience or be in  such a state of love such that it never ends? What happens if we die and come back? Some people have described the feeling of the ‘other side’ as being extremely loving and completely different from this Earthly realm, which is full of suffering and pain. 

Where would this journey into the heart take us, if we really wanted to explore the inner realms of the heart? What direction would we have to go, in order to experience the power of love that is like that? 

One possible way to go in that direction is to explore the inner realms that are inside of us. What are the limits of love? What is the ultimate power of love? How much of that power is it possible to feel and express? Maybe we can look at some examples of people we know about, or have heard about. 

Mother Teresa is one example of love and power in action. She used prayer as part of her expressing love as a power, through her Christian faith. But love is not possessed of any one religion or belief system. There are many paths that go up to the top of the mountain of divine love. 

Mahatma Gandhi is another example of love and power in action. He used meditation and his Eastern religion as a foundation of his love and power in action. He used the power of love and non violence to take back a country from an invading army; (the British).

There are many more examples, other than the above.. Explore how love and power express themselves both through others and yourself. It may help to go inside and explore the depths and breadth of love, empathy and compassion with various teachers who specialize in teaching more about it, such as gurus, masters, and love specialists of all kinds.  

How powerful is love?  Is there is a limit to  love when it is expressed by one person, or a small group of people? 

What has been your experience of self less love in action? Have you been on the receiving or giving end of self less love? Most people experience this with their parents. 

What can a community accomplish once it harnesses the power of self less love expressed through individuals?  The answer is blowing in the wind, or possibly in the inner realms. 

Care to take a journey inside? Here is one small way  to start exploring your heart and the power of love.

Concentrate on the word love. Repeat the word love, over and over. Contemplate on the meaning and feeling of it, in every cell of your heart and your whole body.  Concentrate on your heart, and keep repeating the word love, first out loud and then silently. Keep doing this for longer periods of time, until you build up to a 30 minute period, or longer. Schedule a regular time every day, and combine it with meditation if you like.. 

Here is another example of one way to start exploring the power of love that is inside of you; 

More actions you can take to learn more about love  and peace in action…


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The Force And Power Of Love; via A Green Road Blog

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