Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Discusses Vaccine Dangers

Dr. Russell Blaylock MD is a neurologist and a brain surgeon. In the following video, he discusses the dangers of vaccines, and why they are so toxic to the human body, in the following video. He says that physicians do not research the scientific and medical literature, and know almost nothing about neuroscience, as Dr. Blaylock MD is.

Yet, medical doctors somehow claim that all vaccines are safe, and cannot possibly cause harm. Doctors also used to say smoking was safe and had no negative effect on health. Doctors used to say that MSG caused no health effects, and did not cross the brain blood barrier, but now research has shown the opposite to be true. MSG can cause migraines and other effects, and MSG DOES cross the brain/blood barrier. 

The number of vaccines has increased exponentially in the last 30 years, from several to hundreds. A typical person can receive HUNDREDS of vaccinations during a typical lifetime. 

Vaccines have been linked conclusively to diabetes, asthma, neurogical diseases, and more. Where vaccines have been outlawed, diabetes rates have plummeted dramatically. 

The problem is that these vaccine companies donate to all medical schools. They wine and dine residents and interns. They advertise on all of the media. There is no way to get the danger message out due to the overwhelming influence (of the Big Pharma monopoly.)

Virtually every vaccine is contaminated, and those can cause neurological pathogens, which can be passed on to your offspring. 

To grow these vaccines, you have to use living tissue. they started with monkey tissue, but now use a wide variety of other living tissues. Contaminations range from 30-60% of all vaccines.

Kidney cells are contamined with THOUSANDS of viruses, and unless you are looking for them, you will not find them. 

A recent discovery is a stealth virus, which cannot be detected without special tests. Stealth viruses can cause Cancer, decades after the vaccine is taken. There are conferences about this all the time, but they are closed and no information is discussed in the media. 

DNA fragments from vaccines can insert themselves into your genes, which can be passed on to your children. If you inject a micoplasma as a contaminant of a vaccine, it can cause infections and cancers. 

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Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Discusses Vaccine Dangers; via A Green Road Blog

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