Vaccines, Mercury And Autism – Dr. Michael Ayoub MD

Rough transcript; 

“The growth of autism is parallel to the growth in the use of vaccines. A .01 solution of mercury in a vaccine contains 21 microgram of mercury. 2 parts per billion of mercury means the water is not drinkable. 1,000 parts per billion for fish is allowed. 

Vaccines can have 15,000 parts per million of mercury in them, which is WAY beyond the toxic waste definition for any liquid. If a vaccine spills on the floor, they have to bring in specially trained hazardous waste people to clean it up.. this is not a janitor kind of spill cleanup. Why is this hazardous waste being injected into kids, much less adults?

The EPA and American Academy of Pediactrics says this level of toxicity is ok. Why? They ‘average’ this dose of mercury over a period of six months into the future. This is like saying that you can take six months worth of heart medication such as Coumadin, which is really Warfarin (rat poison) all in one day and you will be OK, because we will average it out over the next six months. 

In Denmark, the vaccine load of mercury was a fraction of the amount found in US vaccines. The level of autism is a tiny fraction of the amount of autism in the US. In Denmark, it is illegal to use mercury in vaccines, so they export vaccines with mercury to the US. 

In one study, the rate of autism dropped by 2/3 when they took ALL of the mercury out of the vaccines. In public announcements, the CDC and other organizations have announced that there is no link between autism and vaccines, but under the Freedom of Information Act, the very studies that they are supposedly announcing results from, actually show 7 to 11 times higher risk of autism related to vaccines, which is about the same risk factor for lung cancer with smokers. Of course, the actual data has not been released to the public. 

In secret (and illegal) meetings, the CDC met with private Big Pharma drug companies and private health organizations. In transcripts from that meeting, they ADMIT that genetics cannot cause this kind of rise in autism and rates of increase are linear, cause and effect related to vaccines. 

This is just the first ten minutes. Watch the video for the rest..

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Presentation by David Ayoub, M.D., a radiologist from Springfield, Illinois. From the 65th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Vaccines, Mercury And Autism – Dr. Michael Ayoub MD; via A Green Road Blog

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