Scientific Proof That Homeopathy Works?

In Secrets of Homeopathy, Part 5, TEST TUBE HOMEOPATHY, John Benneth reviews the elegant, controlled and exhaustive in vitro (test tube) research for evidence of action for homeopathic remedies at Glasgow University, led by William E. Boyd, M.D. 

The research shows the evidence of homeopathic mercury’s effect on enzymes. Due to reflexive skepticism, this amazing work has been largely forgotten and ignored, much to the loss of medicine and mankind.

In Cuba, they did a huge research study around homeopathics. Watch this short video about it… 

Then we can go the homeopathic studies around animals which prove homeopathy actually works as well as or better than drugs, without the side effects. Animals are not subject to the placebo effect, despite this bold assertion by a BBC TV show that claims the opposite. So when the BBC interviewed a veterinarian and he said that homeopathics worked 80% of the time for all kinds of health issues, they just dismissed this as a ‘placebo’ effect. Animals have NO PLACEBO effect. 

In India, they use homeopathy a lot more because it costs a lot less than expensive drugs. One firm advertises; “Painless Treatment of Speechless, Innocent Animals with Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine.The brand Hivet is certified and proven by veterinary college HAU Hissar.”

So when animals studies are ignored, and human studies are ‘not enough’, and test tube studies are ‘flawed’, what does it take to prove homeopathy works? 
The following homeopath makes a point about why clinical trials also will not work for homeopathic remedies. The basic problem is that homeopathics are INDIVIDUALLY chosen in order to work more effectively, according to INDIVIDUAL body signs.   A homeopath will mix up different remedies to reflect the individual needs of a person, whether those are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

At low dilutions, 1-3C homeopathic remedies work on the physical level, at medium dilutions – 3-10C mental/emotional, and at high dilutions, it is only to be used for spiritual issues. (When BBC tested homeopathics at 30C for physical effects, they were displaying their ignorance.)

By comparison, drugs are given to everyone, the same way and in the same dosages, no matter what. The medical industry does NOT believe in the spiritual level at all. (This is actually one of the problems with drugs… individual people respond differently to the same drug and to the same doses. Drugs are also toxic, and cause huge numbers of negative side effects as well as deaths.) By comparison, homeopathy has none of these risks, which is why Dr. Hahnemann MD developed them in the first place.  

(NaturalNews) Most scientists would state categorically that homeopathy is a scientific impossibility. Who would disagree, as the explanation that is currently provided to support homeopathy makes very little sense to the average person? How is it possible that a solution that contains no chemical atoms causes a biological reaction? All of our basic understanding of science screams out that this is patently impossible.

But what if all that we have been taught at school, at university and at work is in fact only part of the truth. What if there was a missing part of our education that provides the missing link that makes subjects such as homeopathy scientifically obvious. What if there is much more to our body than simply chemicals?

It took me two years of research to uncover this hidden area of science. Once I did, the scientific explanation for many controversial areas of science, including homeopathy, became uncontroversial. What I am about to teach you about homeopathy is just one of the many areas of science that have been hidden from us which are finally exposed in my book, Blinded by Science .

If we look at homeopathy from a completely different area of science other than chemistry then we can begin to understand how homeopathy really works. It is just like one of those intellectual games that people play, where the answer is so obvious once you know it, but impossible if you don’t.
Take the following puzzle:
You are in front of three light switches only one of which turns on a light in the adjacent room. You only have two attempts to find out which of the three switches work. Without being able to see the effect of the switches it is impossible to know which of them work, it is a mathematical impossibility.
However, by using a different area of science, the solution is incredibly simple. The answer lies with the heat generated from the light and not the light itself. If you turn on a switch and then turn it off again and go and feel if the light is hotter then in two attempts you will know exactly which of the light switches turns on the light.
Now if we turn back to homeopathy, we have to look at it from the same idea and say that the idea that chemicals are the issue is irrelevant to solving the problem.
It is not the chemicals in the solution that cause a biological change but the vibrations that emanated from the chemicals, which have an affect. The massive missing part of our education is simply the concept of “vibrations” and everything that they affect. In the puzzle above, the light caused the bulb to heat up through vibrations and so two ideas were working at the same time, light and heat. The same is true with every aspect of our body, it works on two levels, a chemical one and a vibrational one, they go hand in hand, one does not work without the other.
As every electron vibrates uniquely and everything is made up of electrons then it is incontrovertible to state that everything vibrates, absolutely everything. So if everything vibrates, it would seem fairly logical that one vibration must affect another. Just take sound as an example, a choir all singing together sounds very different from a school playground.
The same thing happens in our body, you get choirs in parts of our body where it is healthy vibrationally and noisy playgrounds where our body’s organs are malfunctioning causing vibrational disharmony and sickness.
This idea is hugely controversial as it contradicts everything that we have been taught. The tragedy however, is that science has proven it to be true in thousands of different studies, but has not promoted is as it implies that pharmaceutical drugs are not the only cure in town.
So if vibrations are the answer what about the big idea that is put forward by homeopaths that is it also to do with the concept that water has some sort of a memory to provide evidence that homeopathy works scientifically.
This is total nonsense and provides yet more ammunition to everyone who wants to dismiss a perfectly sensible area of science as pseudo-science. WATER DOES NOT HAVE A MEMORY. Of course it doesn’t. Water has amazing functions but memory is not one of them.
Water has the amazing property that enables it to change its vibrational pattern to the chemical or environment in which it is in. This is an incredibly important point and one that needs to be remembered, water is a chameleon, adapting itself to its environment vibrationally.
As an example, in one experiment, if you treated a cup of water with a specific vibrational frequency the water would change itself to that specific vibration and it would stay like that forever. It would only change if it came across a different vibration.
This vibrated water if ingested directly and instantly affects our body’s biological functions. Depending on the vibrational frequency of the water, different illnesses can be treated.
I have not included the specific scientific experiments here that prove all of the ideas I have outlined, but you can look them up for free on my website at in the bibliography section on the website.
The conclusion from my research is that if you add a chemical into a solution and then remove all traces of that chemical from the solution, the specific chemical vibrational remains which has the same biological affect as if the chemical were still in the water. The body recognizes the new vibration and reacts accordingly.
This idea has radical implications for our health as it means that not only do we have to question the water that we drink but also our environment in which we live which is saturated with man made vibrations from all of the electronic machinery that we use in our every day lives. What damage are they in fact doing to our health?
So hopefully, in these few paragraphs I have shown that it is scientifically logical for homeopathic treatments to work, through the properties of vibrations. The problem that I have, however, is this: how do homeopathic treatments work when they are in solid pill form. For this I do not have the answers. I can only confirm that homeopathy is a very simple science in principle when it is in a solution and should be embraced by the scientific community.
About the author:
Matthew Silverstone is the author of Blinded by a book that will completely change your attitude to your health.
Blinded by Science offers a theory which when applied to factors like water, plants, the Sun and the Moon all seems to make perfect sense. As simple as it sounds, it is the theory that everything vibrates. The book explains that everything vibrates from the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our blood, our brain, sound, plants, animals, all the way into outer space. Once this basic principle is understood, everything suddenly becomes clear. Once you apply this theory to the world around you, you will be astounded by what you learn.
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