Dr Emoto; On Vibrations, Water, Energy, Consciousness And Healing

Does water have memory? How do our thoughts affect the world around us and within us? Can water be imprinted with information, whether that information is from homeopathic remedies or from other sources? In the following video, an expert on the subject explores this fascinating realm. 
From the above video, we have learned that physical things can affect and imprint water, which has a ‘memory’ of that physical thing. (Flower remedies are a particular form of homeopathic remedy, which is made by placing flower petals in purified water, and then exposing it to sunlight.) 

Are you ready to go deeper down the rabbit hole of reality?

In the following video we explore the world of how human emotions affect water. Dr. Emoto is an expert on this subject and the pictures are the results of his work in this field. What his research suggests is that water is not only affected by physical things being put into it, it is also affected by EMOTIONS of humans working around it and with it. Since we are mostly water, that means we are also imprinting our thoughts on ourselves, correct?

This means that if a medical or scientific researcher believes that water has no memory and that consciousness, soul, emotions, and love does not exist, then that is what the water picks up and ‘memorizes’. That information is picked up and relayed back to that researcher, confirming their limited view of the world, both inside and outside of themselves.  This is a  basic spiritual law of the universe… we all have free will and that cannot be violated. 

So any researcher trying to confirm that consciousness does not exist will confirm only that result and no other result, as Dr. Randi and others like him keep doing, over and over and over. But, as this video shows, those that are in the opposite camp, have no need to disprove or attack consciousness, intuition, love, kindness, beauty or homeopathic remedies for that matter.

Thoughts do affect and literally create our reality. We can believe in God, or we can refuse to believe in God. We can refuse to believe that water has a memory and confirm that by being around only people who are like Dr. Randi, who attacks anyone that believes, experiences and teaches this, or other things like homeopathy, herbs, ayurveda, intuition, etc. There are plenty of those people around, wouldn’t you agree? They call themselves aetheists. But those limiting thoughts affect the outer world and inner experiences, and those thoughts have many consequences. Now we come to a defining moment.

Do you believe in things that cannot be seen by touch, eyes or lab equipment; love, intuition, beauty, kindness and consciousness? Yes or NO?

You can refuse to believe in these things.  You can justify why there is no love, kindness, or consciousness in the world. But then the consequence of that thought which turns into a belief, is that you will feel and experience NO LOVE and NO CONSCIOUSNESS, NO INTUITION, NO BEAUTY, NO KINDNESS, ETC. This first thought then turns into a belief and a mind setting into a ‘concrete’ belief system, which cannot be open to or accepting anything contrary to itself. 

You can even prove in a lab that intuition, love and consciousness does not exist, as Dr. Randi has done. You can have labs all around the world repeat this experiment, because love and consciousness is not visible, touchable or verifiable in any scientific laboratory. The results will be confirmed over and over again. Eureka, science has proven that love and consciousness is a fraud, charlatan and a quack. 

You can now comfortably call anyone talking or teaching about beauty, kindness, love, intuition or consciousness a quack, fraud and charlatan. You can feel totally justified, with lots of scientific community support in the mass media and peer reviewed journals. You can even offer a 1 MILLION DOLLAR reward for anyone PROVING that these things exist. No one will collect, because your reality will impose itself on any experiment. Your reality will not allow any other truth to enter. Your $1,000,000 will be safe and secure. Love, God, intuition, kindness and consciousness will never enter. 

You are always right, because whatever you believe is what you experience. Thoughts manifest into things and experiences. You get feedback verifying that what you believe is ‘true’, and that everyone else is ‘false’, wrong, and/or a quack. You will not be open to anything other than your own belief system, which is set in concrete. Concrete is not open to anything different. Concrete shrugs off anything and everything, even if it is true. 

On the other hand, there are those who  are open and do believe in love, beauty, happiness, consciousness, water memory and homeopathic remedies. They will not only find those things as being true, they will also experience those things in deeper and more meaningful ways, as they explore the meanings of those things, and discover how and why they work and exist. So let us go deeper into this concept of vibration and truth. 

As Dr. Emoto teaches, everything in the universe has a vibration. Every person has a vibration. You can feel the energy and vibration of a person, because thoughts and words, translated into experiences and beliefs, have a huge amount of energy and power. That energy and power is expressed outwards and can be and IS experienced by others. 

A full length movie below goes deeper into the secrets and mysteries of water; skip this if you do not have an hour to watch it.

So if you meet a person full of ego, hate, envy, jealousy, bitterness and limited thoughts, such as; there is no kindness, beauty, love, consciousness, or memory or mystery in water, then that is what you will experience around that person as well. You will become just like them and match their energy. 

If you are around a depressed person, odds are that you too will become depressed. If you are around an angry person, you also will experience that anger. You will also become more and more angry. The anger will multiply and intensify over time, unless some other focus of thought is chosen. 

These mysterious ‘vibrations’ of thought can and will affect you. So choose carefully who you choose to be around, and which ‘vibrations’ you choose to tune into and become more in line with. Vibrations are thoughts after all. Thoughts are energy, as proven by simple scientific brainwave measuring equipment. 

Brainwaves are invisible, but science has been able to measure them and prove they exist. Someday, equipment will prove that love exists and has an energy. Someday, science will prove many mysteries and secrets about water, presently unknown. 

If a person believes that God, prayer, affirmations, homeopathics, herbs, ayurveda, acupuncture, intuition and vitamins have no positive effect, no positive use, and that these have no healing effect, then that is what that person will experience and confirm with every action, thought and with every person they meet. A wall will go up that will blind them to any other possibility, but that wall will only be inside of them. 

Anyone around that person will be affected in that direction and begin to experience that same belief system, and take on that ‘energy’, or ‘vibration’. Choices do have an effect. Which doctor we go to affects us, because their ‘vibration’ affects us just as much as their actions. 

If we go only to doctors who do not believe in God, angels, intuition, consciousness, homeopathics, herbs, ayurveda, accupunture, healing touch, love, affirmations, etc, then that is what we will experience around them as well. We will confirm their belief system and take on their energy/vibration and express it in our own lives. 

ENERGY, which is made up of thoughts as outlined above, is put out by that person and can be experienced and verified, as being TRUE, but only by and for that person. That person will never experience any of the things they do not believe in a positive way, ever, by choice. 

Those that build walls by choice will be shut off from God, intuition, and the positive effects of any of the healing modalities that they are not open to experiencing the truth of, by the law of FREE WILL. We cannot violate the free will choices that anyone makes, whether for good or for harm. 

However, the opposite is also true. If we stay open, and/or seek out the truth, we will find it. We will find that 
God, angels, intuition, consciousness, homeopathics, herbs, ayurveda, accupunture, healing touch, love, affirmations, etc, all exist and can be experienced in many ways, around and with many people who KNOW these things are true and work. 

The experiment that Dr. Emoto lays out at the end of his video is well worth doing, for anyone interested in exploring the power of thoughts,  beauty, love, emotions and consciousness. 

Bottom line, human are like snow flakes. No one snow flake is like any other. How and why snow flakes exist in their diversity is a mystery that at least one scientist is exploring. Water is also mysterious. There is much more that we do NOT know about water than what we DO know about water. 

In the same way, no two humans are alike. Each human is a mystery. Why some people choose to pursue science and others pursue art is a mystery as well. The world is full of mysteries to be explored. 

Dr. Emoto On Vibrations, Water, Energy, Consciousness And Healing; via A Green Road Blog
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