Ancient Maps, Ancient Mysteries

What explains the mystery of animals in what is now Alaska being flash frozen, with green grass still in their mouth? 

What explains the mystery of maps that are older than our oldest civilization, which show the Antarctic WITHOUT any ice on it? 

There is a theory known as crustal displacement. Many years ago, science ridiculed continental drift, just as science and religion once ridiculed a round earth theory. 

What is the mystery of the long lost civilization of Atlantis or Lemuria, and where can it be found, if it does indeed exist?  Could this long lost continent be located in Antarctica? 

How were ancient structures like the pyramids all around the world built ? How were 300 TON blocks of rock cut with precision to the point where they fit together so tightly that a piece of paper does not fit in between them? Engineers say this is not possible with even our best technology today. 

This theory can be tested. Let’s look under the ice and see what is there…

There are many mysteries around the world. If we assume we know everything and are the best, we may miss some important truths about our own distant past.  Let’s not get stuck with the temporary models and theories that no longer work for us. Maybe we have to move on and let go of what no longer works, much like the flat earth theory had to be let go of not too long ago. 

Mysterious Ruins of Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku