Future Uses And Menace Of Drone Technology

Small flying drones with cameras on board are now available for $300 online. Anyone can buy a drone.  Drones now look and act like a hummingbird. 

US military directed drones in the air  around the world now number 7,000. There are also thousands of unmanned military drones being used on the ground globally. Where is all of this going? 

Every large US university now has a robotics program, funded by the Dept. of Defense. Students are learning how to develop and use robotic drones both on the ground and in the air. But are they also learning how to use non violent communication methods and the many ways to promote peace instead of war? Are they also learning how to become self fulfilled and happy? 

There are no laws around the use of foreign spy drones in US airspace. The US has been flying spy planes and drones over foreign airspaces for many years, even during the height of the Cold War. 

An advanced stealth US spy drone was captured recently after it crash landed or was shot down in Iran. Whatever happened to the sovereign airspace rights of nations? Because the CIA did not respect the airspace rights of Iran, it basically gave the Iranians the most advanced, secret drone technology, for free. 

Where are we going with the use of drones? As the video points out, what happens to our right to privacy, when anyone can fly a small drone up in the air and start taking pictures, even in the most restricted airspaces? What prevents Iran and other nations from doing to us what the CIA is doing to them?

The video above shows a drone being flown around the White House, which has the most restricted airspace in the USA. 

Yes, there are and will be many positive uses with drone robot technology, but it also seems to make sense to think seven generations ahead and be cautious about developing and blindly using technology, just because it can be done. 

Is this technology making us more or less secure? Is it enhancing our freedom or taking it away? Is it promoting peace, or endangering the world in even more ways? Is it promoting human happiness or doing the opposite? Is it protecting our privacy or taking more of it away? Is it benefiting seven future generations or endangering them?

Could future wars between nations be largely based on robotic drones delivering bombs and/or weapons of mass destruction? Is there a point where weapons, robots and/or drones will automatically start a war with no humans involved? Nuclear wars have already been averted by humans when machines and robots would have started more than one global nuclear war without any hesitation.. Do we really want to develop a military filled with robots and drones, and no more humans? 

Can robots and/or drones at some point in the future be used by a few ‘superior’ humans to take advantage of, control and/or eliminate defective, inferior, or opposing dissident groups of humans, as explored in the movie The Terminator   or  IRobot?

We have opened many Pandora’s boxes, such as GM foods, nuclear power/weapons, chemical fertilizers/pesticides, flouride in drinking water, vaccines and more.. Do we really want to keep opening these boxes and letting the horrors out? For more information on these subjects, click on the pages button at A Green Road Blog homepage.

Future Uses And Menace Of Drone Technology
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Future Uses And Menace Of Drone Technology
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