Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations

Over forty anti global warming organizations are funded by the Koch Brothers. The father of the Koch Brothers made his wealth by going to then Communist Russia and making his wealth there. Then he came back to the US and helped start organizations such as the John Birch Society and over 40 right wing groups, that deny climate change and global warming. 

Blog: New Documents Reveal Top Climate Skeptic Well Funded by Polluters

Few climate skeptics get as much attention as Patrick Michaels. Virtually all climate scientists agree our climate is in crisis & we need to reduce our carbon emissions as quickly as possible — so opponents of climate action treat Michaels, who… more

For more detailed research and analysis of global warming denialists and links to corporations;

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This is what one year of climate change due to global warming looks like:

We’ve just learned that yet another major Heartland Institute contributor, LKQ, has pulled its support. With the loss of LKQ, which Heartland expected to contribute $150,000 this year, the Heartland Institute has lost over a million dollars in expected support — nearly half of its total expected funding for this year. Thanks to your work, this hateful group of climate change deniers — the same ones who compared those of us concerned about climate change to serial killers and terrorists — has been seriously crippled.
Let’s take a moment to celebrate our incredible victory. Can you share the great news with friends and family, to up the pressure on the dwindling list of companies that remain?
Heartland's getting dumped by 19 corporations so far
Or forward this email to a friend, and encourage them to go to to join you in taking action.
For decades, climate change denial has been funded by the corporate world, aiming to confuse the public about the overwhelming scientific consensus around global warming in order to protect its profits. Your efforts represent a massive turning point — not just for the Heartland Institute, but for the entire climate change denier industry. Together, we are telling these corporations that they can’t simply keep funding this work without people like us holding them accountable.
Heartland Institute rallyBefore last week’s conference, and our allies at Forecast the Facts and 350 tried to get Clear Channel — the same company that ran Heartland’s billboard — to run our response ads calling on Pfizer and others to quit funding Heartland. When Clear Channel refused, you came to the rescue. You helped fund a rally outside the conference and people-powered bike billboards that circled the conference venue, exposing Comcast, Pfizer and Microsoft, which continue to support Heartland’s extremism. The rally got so much attention that even a couple of notorious climate change deniers came out to see what the commotion was about.
All the attention we’ve brought to Heartland’s anti-climate crusade over the past few months culminated in this moment: In his closing remarks, Heartland President Joseph Bast admitted that his group is running out of resources — because we’ve gotten so many corporations to flee — and he announced that,due to a lack of funding, this would be Heartland’s last planned climate change denial conference!
Let’s keep the momentum going, and up the pressure on the rest of Heartland’s funders. Click here to share the graphic above on Facebook.
Thanks for all you do,
— Taren, Kaytee, Emma, Claiborne and the rest of us
P.S. There has been some amazing media coverage of the Heartland story, and our campaign has been at the center of the story. Politico dubbed our growing movement to call out corporations who meddle in democracy the “shame lobby,” citing a “string of stunning victories recently that would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago.” Here are a few of the best write-ups that you may want to check out.

Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road Blog

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Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road Blog

3 thoughts on “Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations

  1. Pollution is man made, it's called spraying coal waste across the sky for 20 years. Planetary heating, from the core of the planet itself, is called the Expanding Planet Model.

    Put it together and you can then see why there are two sides being funded on the same issue. The powers that be cannot reveal the reason that the earth is now involved in a planetary expansion event.

    You would be quite wrong to think that enviromental groups are also not receiving funding. They are, and for the reason that a disguise has to be maintained and an illusion or side show discussion over global heating is the veil which is in front of the real situation.

    Yes, it isn't about man causing planetary heating when all the other planets have also experienced rising temps. It's called a reactivation of the planetary cores. The loss of the magnetosphere, the breakdown of the magnetic field is typical of an excited or heated magnetic field.


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