Acid Oceans; Why Should We Care?

ABC News does a short 1 Minute video about ocean acidification above. The video below is 1 Hour and goes into great detail, as well as explaining the chemical changes happening in the ocean. 

The ocean absorbs almost half of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, changing its chemistry in ways that may have significant effects on marine ecosystems. Join Scripps marine chemist Andrew Dickson as he explains what we know — and what we don’t — about this emerging problem. Series: Perspectives on Ocean Science


Scientists report that CO2 levels are rising at an exponential rate of growth. This CO2 is absorbed by the oceans. CO2 is acid, so it makes the oceans more and more acid. 

Calcium is alkaline, and it cannot exist in an acid environment. Calcium makes up the shells and bones of just about all life in the ocean. Acid from CO2 dissolves alkaline based calcium bones and shells. 
If we do not change what we are doing, by stopping the burning of all carbon based fuels, (bio fuels, nuclear, oil, gas, kerosene, wood, diesel, propane, etc.) all life in the ocean except for things like acid loving jellyfish, bacteria and viruses will be dead and gone. 
Here is a graph, showing the increasing concentration of C02 in the global atmosphere. 

Below is a graph showing the C02 levels over the last 1 MILLION years. Remember that humans have only had what we call a civilization for at most 10,000 years. 10,000 years is like a second in the geological timescale of 1 million years. The blue arrow shows where the present CO2 levels are now. 

What do you think will be the response by Nature and all of it’s living systems that evolved over 1 million years? Nothing alive has ever been subject to this drastic, almost straight up CO2 rise globally. Watch the video, as the scientist explains what is projected to happen in the future. 

We are experimenting on all life globally, including ourselves. At this point, we are all giant lab rats, being subjected to huge increases in C02. 


The amount of CO2 in the air globally amounts to 1,000 BILLION TONS of CO2. If you froze all of this C02 and made it into a liquid, it would amount to 1,000 square kilometers by 1,000 square kilometers of CO2.

In the picture/graph above, we can see three red lines. The first line to the left shows pre-industrial calcification levels and CO2 concentration of 280 PPM. The next red lines show calcification levels now and 380PPM CO2 levels, and the third red line shows CO2 levels of 580 and effects on calcification. 
The grey line and the dots below it indicate where all shells dissolve in the ocean, and probably all bones in fish as well; at around 750 PPM CO2.. 
By extension this is also probably where C02 air concentrations would cause massive lung problems in humans, as well as bones dissolving in humans as well. Basically, all life would become extinct at this stage, if we make it this far. 

Acid Oceans; Why Should We Care? via A Green Road Blog

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