Long Term Nuclear Waste Storage Fatal Flaw; Dr. Busby

The future of nuclear energy depends on the industry finding somewhere to put the high level nuclear waste. This waste is radioactive for millions of years and must be isolated from the environment and from humans. 

The hitherto intractable problem was apparently solved by the Swedish nuclear industry who proposed a plan to encapsulate it in copper canisters and bury it in tunnels 500m underneath the Baltic sea at Forsmark. The full environmental impact report was released last year; the government requirements are that the company SKB show that the waste will not emerge from the canisters between 100,000 years and 1 million years. 

After studying the report in detail it became clear that the design was flawed because it did not include consideration the FACT that Helium gas is produced from the alpha emitters inside these copper cans. 

The volume of helium gas in each canister would cause it to explode long before 100,000 years resulting in the contamination of the Baltic Sea by the equivalent of 2000 Chernobyl accidents. 

More information on radioactive gas is provided here;

75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road Blog

Back to the drawing board guys!

Paper is at 


In the following video, Dr. Busby explores the risk model contained in the environmental report for this repository. He explores the fallacy of the radiation standard used in the report. 
They claim that the radiation in this repository will all be gone in 100,000 years and be back to ‘natural’ uranium background levels. This is manmade uranium, not ‘natural’ uranium. 
He explores the fact that the half life of uranium is BILLIONS of years, not 100,000 years. For more information, go to; 
93 Long life Radiation Contaminants; via A Green Road Blog   http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/93-long-lived-nuclear-elements.html
By combining the gas leaking from this repository and the billions of years that this has to stay safe, it does not sound like they really planned this out very well. 

Long Term Nuclear Waste Storage Fatal Flaw By Dr. Busby; via A Green Road

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