Bill Moyers; How To Buy Your Own Election And Politicians With Dark Money

It is easy to buy your own election and politicians these days. Due to the Conservative, corporate friendly Supreme Court in a Citizens United Decision, we now have to treat corporations as ‘people’. They now have the RIGHT to secretly and behind the scenes contribute money to SuperPacs, which can influence an election in whatever manner they choose. There is no law that says that a SuperPac has to disclose where the money came from. 

Scott Walker raised about $60 Million from outside his state to beat his recall election, about EIGHT TIMES more than his Democratic rival. The ad blitz bought millions of dollars worth of targeted ads aimed at swing voters. 

It does not take a massive percentage swing in votes to beat an opponent. All it takes to ‘influence’ a close election (as this one was) is enough money injected into mass media via ads to change about .5 to 1% of the votes. Then you can pretty well be assured that your politician will win. This is exactly what happened with Scott Walker in Minnesota. 
The only problem with corporate money is that it corrupts democracy, and this is why it is called ‘dark money’. Just like darkness and light in many other areas, we have dark money and light money in politics. Light money does not corrupt democracy, because it comes in on a level playing field. Dark money corrupts democracy because it swings not just elections, politicians but also courts and judges.

Where is democracy, if an election, local, state, federal and Presidential politician as well as local, state, and federal judges can be purchased by a specific corporation for their own ‘use’?  Also see more written information at; 

Dark Money In State and Local Elections

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