Police Can Legally Rape Suspects In Search Of Drugs

The war on drugs has gone to extreme and ridiculous lengths. The war on drugs can only happen by violating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This was one reason why the Prohibition era laws against alcohol were struck down eventually.

First; all of the rights people have are taken away if drugs are involved, just as they were during the Prohibition era. 

Any person is automatically presumed guilty and everything is taken away from that person, just because he or she is charged with drug possession.  For any other crime, you are presumed innocent and the prosecutor has to prove your guilt in a court of law, in front of a jury. 

With drug charges, you have to prove you are innocent and sue to get your possessions, bank accounts, car, house and everything else back. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is turned upside down. 

By using drug laws, the police have the ‘right’ to search you by forced catheterization, in order to try and find ‘traces’ of drugs inside of you. If they find any, you are guilty, but if not, they are not guilty of illegal search and violation of your rights/privacy/body. How is this different from legalized rape? 

This is another way that the USA has turned into a police state. According to RT News, 75% of ALL CRIMES such as robbery, murder and violence are directly or indirectly connected to drugs. Now add the direct arrest of everyone who has traces of drugs found inside or on them, found via forced catheterization.
Now add all of those found guilty of ‘constructive possession’, meaning they were guests or passengers at a party or in a car that had drugs or etc. in it. That may add up to pretty close to 100% of everyone in jail these days, all due to the anti-Constitutional anti-drug laws. In many states it is a FELONY to have any traces of marijuana in or on you. 
In those felony marijuana states, anyone can get a lengthy prison sentence for just a whiff of marijuana, detected by forced catheratization, all because a person inhaled second hand marijuana smoke at a party, in car, or elsewhere.

It is a little known fact that all US money has traces of illegal drugs on it, due to the widespread use of substance such as cocaine, meth and marijuana. Just by touching money, everyone is technically guilty and could probably be charged as drug users, as drugs can be detected on the fingers after handling money.

Everyone is technically guilty of possessing or using drugs, and contaminated money is the ‘evidence’ of this. The anti drug laws are doing nothing more than corrupting our democracy, and eliminating our freedoms, while corrosively destroying this country from the inside out.

The war on drugs can NEVER be won, but this war is destroying our country, step by step.

Police Can Legally Rape Suspects In Search Of Drugs