Karl Rove; The Secret King Of The USA

Karl Rove has swallowed the whole Republican Party, the Tea Party, The National Rifle Association, The National Chamber of Commerce, Christian Fundamentalists, Fox News and huge Superpacs such as Crossroads and more. He controls and funnels the power and money that these few large, very rich organizations have into ONE viewpoint, One POWER, which represents the 1% directly, but secretly.

Karl Rove rules the USA like an autocratic king, passing judgments, destroying careers, controlling elections, while paying millions of dollars to have certain people win that are ‘favorites’ of Billionaires such as Koch, Murdoch and other 1%’ers.

The millions of dollars shoved into state elections by secretive SuperPacs headed by Karl Rove distorts and destroys democracy on local and state levels as well as national and international playing fields. 

In a huge percentage of elections, the candidate who gets the most money wins the election. That is a good thing when ordinary people are the only ones contributing, because it reflects the will of the people. But when ONE Billionaire can determine an election, no matter what public opinion is, then democracy no longer exists. 

The money thrown by billionaires into the courts via lawsuits and passing laws favoring corporations, by giving them people’s rights, destroys basic equality, human rights as well as worker rights.

The money thrown by corporations into voting rights laws suppresses democracy by swinging elections away from those who are for the people and local communities, while swinging election results towards those who are friendly and persuaded by mass media outlets such as Faux News that corporations need no laws, no oversight, no government controls and no restrictions on how they make profits, get people elected, as well as being in favor of eliminating things like worker rights, union rights, minimum wage laws and basic human rights.

These things are now the mantra of Karl Rove, but also they are the mantra of the Republican Party. The above also happen to be the favorite position of huge corporations who care only about profits, not the environment, workers or community.

Bill Moyers interviews Craig Unger on the Continuing Power of Karl Rove http://billmoyers.com/segment/craig-unger-on-the-continuing-power-of-karl-rove/#.UFaKGxYnfhE.twitter

In the above interview, Bill talks with Craig Unger, author of Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power, about Rove’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering to once again affect the outcome of a presidential election.

“Most people thought he was a creature of the Bush family,” Unger tells Bill. “I think he’s a force more powerful than that.”

Karl Rove; The Secret King Of The USA; via A Green Road 

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