Voter ID Laws; Good, Bad or Neutral?

The New Hidden POLL TAX That Is Voter ID Laws

Voter ID laws are making it MORE difficult to vote. Why? It costs money to get the ID necessary to vote, essentially making the voter ID requirement a POLL TAX.

Many people do not live near the places where it is now required to go, in order to process or submit paperwork, in order to qualify to vote. It also takes a lot of time to get this paperwork done.. Poor, sick and disabled people often do not have the energy, transportation, time and/or money to go to all of this trouble. Add the fees and potential court and lawyer costs to establish the ‘paperwork’ so that a person who has no ID can vote, and the total cost for the right to vote has been found to cost $2,000, in the real world.

Hidden Discrimination Of Voter ID Laws

When the Constitution was written, only rich, land and (mostly) white slave owning MEN could vote. Their intent was NOT to allow a democracy and set up a system where everyone could vote. They wanted to preserve the white slave owning 1% rich landlord feudal system that they were setting up, because only about 1% of the total population back then qualified to vote. Indians, blacks, immigrants, women, the poor and all those who did not own property could NOT vote. They KNEW back then that voting means power. Power was not being shared by the writers of the Constitution. The right to vote by everyone other than the 1% had to be fought for over many centuries of time…

Kings and lords did not allow voting back in the day, remember?

People Fought And Died For The Right To Vote

Over time, all of these discriminated against poor slaves, and other immigrants and minorities struggled for and won the right to vote. Many died for the right to vote.

Women fought to get the right to vote and own property as well as the right to divorce. A woman’s right to vote was written into the Constitution, not too many years ago.

Blacks and minorities fought for civil rights as well as the right to vote, resulting in among other things, the Voting Rights Act of the 1960’s which opened up the doors to minorities voting. Before this time, blacks and minorities could not vote because they had to pass ‘tests’, like memorizing the Constitution, or guessing the number of jelly beans in a LARGE jar.  Many died during that struggle to get the right to vote and the abolish unfair laws that prevented voting, despite it being possible. Now we seem to be going back to the days when only certain ‘kinds’ of people are allowed to vote, such as during the Jim Crow times… Are we also going back to allowing only black and white separate bathrooms, restaurants, pools, beaches? Are minorities going to be required to sit in the backs of buses, trains and planes next?

Voter ID Laws Are A War Against Classless, Worthless People

If you move frequently, you cannot prove that you have a ‘right’ to vote because the new laws require a stable address, utility bills, addresses that match up with photo ID, etc.  Forget about voting if you move frequently. You more than likely will not ‘qualify’. Farm workers who have no stable address will more than likely no longer be able to vote.. Guess what? They vote mainly for liberal candidates… but that is probably just a coincidence, right?

Voter ID Laws Are Against The Homeless

If you do not have a home, because you are homeless, you will no longer qualify to vote, because you are now required to have an address to vote with these new voter ID laws. Forget about voting if you lose your job and become homeless. Forget about voting if you are part of an Indian tribe living in the country where you have no address. Guess what, they vote mainly liberal too… aw.. that’s just a coincidence, right?

Voter ID Laws Are Against The Poor Elderly

If you are a senior who no longer drives and you do not have a drivers license, no passport, and no birth certificate because it is in the cover of a Bible, forget about voting. If you as a senior cannot get ‘out’ and about and if you do not have some spare cash to to do all of the paperwork to qualify to vote, forget about voting. This ‘class’ of voters is mainly, poor and minority. Awww, shucks that is just a coincidence too, right?

Rich white seniors can hire people and spend lots of money to fit into this new voting qualification thing, so it is only the poor black, Indian, seniors who have no car and no money that need to worry (hmmm, strange that is seems to be mainly poor minorities who vote liberal, and they can no longer vote.)

Would Voter ID Laws Work In Iraq?

In Iraq, they celebrated the right to vote by allowing EVERYONE to vote, even if they had NO identification, no passport, no birth certificate, no driver’s license and no college student ID. If they required ID in that country, almost NO ONE would be able to vote. Only rich people in cities would vote, because most people are poor there, and have no money to get ID, much less drive anywhere to process ID and pay something to get it.

The only requirement after voting in Iraq was that you had to dip your finger in ink. Why can’t the US do the same thing? What is it that these proponents of Voter ID Laws are really afraid of?  If we really, truly, want to celebrate freedom and the right to vote, citizens of the greatest country on Earth would allow EVERYONE to vote, just like they do in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why is it suddenly such a ‘good’ idea that the greatest country on Earth suddenly needs to put up roadblocks, mines, mountains and other obstacles in the way of only certain types of people voting, and then only in certain neighborhoods? Could it have something to do with the FACT that minorities now outnumber whites. Could it be that rich white people especially now need an unfair and immoral ‘edge’ in order to win elections?

Voting is essential for a true democracy. Voting is not required in a dictatorship, or in a fascist state, where voting only confirms the single leader who is like a God on a pedestal. There is no true voting in a country like North Korea. If the Supreme Leader allowed a vote there, it would not be free and democratic. The vote, if it happened, would only confirm an already certain outcome.

Students Can No Longer Vote

In certain states with Voter ID laws, students can no longer vote, even if they have student ID cards. However, all those who have gun permits (mainly extreme right wing Republicans) can vote, even if there no picture on the ID. Students mainly vote for liberal candidates…

Repeat after me; this law is only tackling that rough and tough problem of voter fraud.. Yea, right. So where is all of this fraud going on, where people vote for other people, and possibly vote multiple times? After all, this Voter ID law is all about integrity, one person, one vote, right?

So what about the people who are creating all of these rules for everyone else to follow? Are they following these rules themselves? Do they even care? Here is an expose of many of these same leaders who are pushing these Voter ID laws, committing voter fraud, right on camera, out in the open.

It gets worse… electronic voting boxes are now becoming the rage. Find out how elections can easily be rigged with electronic voting machines.

Voter ID Laws; Good, Bad or Neutral? via A Green Road

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