Governments Covering Up And Minimizing Nuclear Accidents

Around the world, the nuclear industry works inside government agencies such as NISA, IAEA, WHO,  and others via revolving doors that go from industry to government regulators, and back again. The USA is no exception to this ‘rule’ of corporate takeover of each country, and specifically the corruption, and/or takeover of specific goverment regulators, including but not limited to the nuclear industry regulators. For an overview of how the details of this global takeover works, read/view the following;

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For more on the specifics of how the nuclear industry covers up, spins or minimizes the dangers of nuclear power see; 

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For more information about how CORPORATIONS in general take over governments around the world, including the USA, see the following; 

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Specifically, the Japanese government has been taken over by the nuclear industry, so BOTH major political parties are complicit in the denial of any harm done to civilians by the Fukushima accident. Here are more details about how this worked, and specifics involved in the coverup, minimization, and takeover by the nuclear industry. 

AP Headline: “Japanese govt kept meltdown risk secret” — NISA spokesman replaced after letting it ‘slip out’ during press conferenceMarch 10, 2012
*Webcam Mystery Man at Press Conference* Media banned from Fukushima plant — TEPCO: “We can not disclose the actual situation inside” (VIDEO) October 5, 2011
Mainichi: Nuclear scientist/Nagasaki survivor canceled Fukushima press conference because gov’t officials worried about causing widespread fear January 15, 2012
Tokai Mayor: “We don’t trust the govt’s nuclear policies” — “We cant feel safe unless the mistrust is resolved” (VIDEO) October 27, 2011
WATCH: 10-fold spike in Fukushima radioactivity discussed at Tepco press conference — I suppose it was blown up by wind says spokesman January 10, 2012
Japan TV: Monitoring posts show far lower radiation dose — Levels shoot up just steps away August 1, 2012
Press Conference: “Japanese gov’t kills our children, still now” — “I am very worried and afraid” (VIDEO) May 24, 2012
Japan Press Conference: People who work for Tepco are not human; They have neither tears nor blood — Gov’t are liars (VIDEO)September 12, 2012
Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake — People in Japan deceived (VIDEO) January 31, 2012
Vast underestimation of radiation levels by Japan gov’t — Blames “calculation errors” June 3, 2011

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Governments Covering Up And Minimizing Nuclear Accidents; via A Green Road
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