Earthship Biotecture Community; Green Housing

These homes are made to work WITH the environment, and use a maximum of $100 worth of utilities each year, or less. 

There are no sewer lines, water lines, or power lines going to these homes, because all of that is self supplied. 

Strangely enough, even though these are the most ADVANCED and ecologically friendly homes on the planet, they are ILLEGAL to build anywhere but near Taos, New Mexico, at least so far.

Why is there so much resistance to these green homes and green home building codes? Could it be that huge monopolistic corporations control the flow of energy and building materials? 

Is it possible that huge monopolistic corporations do not want this type of house, because there are HUGE profits to be made by controlling the utilities that supply homes, along with all of the materials used to build and maintain those homes?

Huge corporations influence and control local, state and national governments, along with laws that govern people, control profits and keep populations vulnerable to being exploited and used. 

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Huge corporations need to make money off of food, energy, water and all other items necessary for basic human survival. Taking this out of the control of corporations is hitting them where it hurts the most, their bottom line. Corporations will do just about anything to make a profit and hang onto customers, forcing them to buy from them, and not allowing them to get out of the ‘Matrix’.  Here is just a brief overview of one energy matrix and how it works to control populations. 

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Earthship Biotecture Community; Green Housing – via A Green Road

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