When A Presidential Debate Is Not Really A Debate

Did you know that the Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation, owned solely by the Democrat/Republican political machine? 

According to Wikipedia; “The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) began in 1987 by the Democratic and Republican parties to establish the way that presidential election debates are run between candidates for President of the United States. The Commission is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation as defined by Federal US tax laws,[1] whose debates are sponsored by private contributions from foundations and corporations.[2]
The CPD sponsors and produces debates for the United States presidential and vice presidential candidates and undertakes research and educational activities relating to the debates. The organization, which is a nonprofit corporation controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties, has run each of the presidential debates held since 1988. The Commission is headed by Frank Fahrenkopf, a former head of the Republican National Committee, and former White House press secretary Michael D. McCurry.[3] As of 2011,[4] the Board of directors consists of Howard Graham Buffett, John C. Danforth, John Griffen, Antonia Hernandez, Caroline Kennedy, Newton N. Minow, Richard D. Parsons,Dorothy Ridings, and Alan K. Simpson.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission_on_Presidential_Debates

What kind of debate is it, when only two of the dozen parties are represented? What kind of democrat debate is it, when the two biggest parties run the whole debate process, and finance it through corporations. 

Individual taxpayers are not involved in the whole process, and other political parties are locked out of the whole debate process, from beginning to end

The US political system and mass media is actually HOSTILE to most voters. It is designed to eliminate and RIG the system so there is no chance for anyone else to get into office, at a state or national level. You have to BUY your way into office. 

The election and debate process in the US is like having a family reunion, but only inviting 2 people out of 200 that are direct members of the family, because they have the most money, and own/control most of the family property. The rest of the 198 family members get to ‘watch’ the other 2 ‘debating’ on TV, of course.

Almost all of the mass media buys into this, and the mass media is also owned and/or controlled by massive, monopolistic corporations who then set up and control the dualopoly that we live under now. 

Compared to Germany, the USA has no real choice when it comes to the ‘big’ two party system we have. In Germany, when a person votes for a party, their candidate is elected, and gets a proportional seat to represent ALL of those voters who voted for him or her. The government always has to form a coalition, based on numerous politicians representing many different segments of their country. EVERYONE is represented, if they VOTE.  In the USA, the winner takes it all, and none of the alternatives  are even given a seat at the table. The political game is rigged, and it has been, since the beginning. 

When this country was ‘founded’, the founding ‘fathers’ made sure that only a few rich people could vote. Indians, blacks, women and immigrants could not vote, hold office or even own property. 

So is it any surprise that the game is still rigged in favor of a few rich people, who own or control most of the political machinery? People have fought and died to get the right to vote, resulting in women, blacks and Indians voting. This only took about 200 years to accomplish. But the 1% have kept control despite this, by rigging the voting system to make sure that 98% of the time, only ‘their’ candidates make it through. 

Everyone knows that the big two political parties are mainly choices between a greater or lesser EVIL. Everyone knows that corporations have massively corrupted the big two parties, no matter which one is voted for. 

The result of this private ownership by corporations of the whole Presidential debate process is a ‘fake debate’ between two corrupt, corporate ‘owned’ individuals. Meanwhile the debate and mass media which is also owned by massive corporations, ignores the best choices offered, within a broad spectrum of other political parties that are never heard about on the mass media or in the ‘debates’. 

In the end, real choices are not even discussed or offered, because no one else is even offered a seat at the debate table or in the mass media. Is this really freedom and democracy?  Is this really what we as US citizens want?

Let’s compare shopping in a grocery store to the debates that never happen. 

Imagine going in a huge grocery store with 1,000 choices of food. The ‘manager’ of the store blindfolds you and leads you into the store, where you are ‘exposed’ to only 2 choices of food. The corporate ‘manager’ of the store controls when and where the blindfold is taken off, once you get to the two choices that he wants you to see.

Now you get to choose between these two slightly rotten choices of food, where he makes ALL of the profit, personally.  Out of the corner of your eyes, you can see much better choices, but you are not ‘allowed’ to hear about, see, touch or even talk about them. Now, do you feel like a winner or a loser in this store with only two choices?

Would you come back to this store, if another store offered you more choices, without a blindfold and dogmatic store manager?

Voters in our political system are offered a losing choice between two corrupt parties, controlled by even more corrupt corporations who have only short term profits in mind. These corporations corrupt and decay our democracy and take away both our rights and freedoms, solely due to lack of choice, without even going into the many other issues involved. In the eyes of these corporate ‘managers’, it does not matter who people vote for, as both parties consist of their corporate controlled, corporate sponsored losers.

Even good people end up corrupted in this system.  Anyone that is OK with corporations, who is then ‘financed’ to get them up the the state and national level quickly lose all moral or ethical sense of compass, because by that point, they are OWNED by corporations and serve them, not the public. So basically, all votes are wasted on both losing parties.. Everyone who votes for either of the big two LOSES, both their vote and their self interest. 

Politicians in the big two parties pretty much ALWAYS say one thing, but then do another. Both parties are top down structures, not responsive to the bottoms up democracy that citizens of this great country say that they really want and will fight to defend. Voting for either big party keeps this top down, rigid, dogmatic, 1% controlled power system in place.

The 98% tendency for a politician at the state and national level is to do what corporations want and toe the ‘party’ line, which is controlled by the corporations, who tell the political ‘kingmakers’ what to do, and which laws to pass.

The big two parties do not not do what the electorate wants. But the game as a politician of the big two is to lie, cheat, steal and promise things to average citizens, just in order to get their votes. They stay in office for as long as possible, until they get thrown out. By then they have golden parachutes, consisting of healthcare and very lucrative retirement accounts for life. They have usually gotten rich from the corporate influence and insider trading which they do while in office and they basically do not care anymore anyway. 

But before the big two get tossed out by fed up voters, they enrich themselves by doing illegal things that would get you and anyone else thrown into jail for long periods of time. 

However, for politicians, doing insider trading and trading votes for job favors, or handing people no bid contracts before/after they leave office is all just part of doing business and getting rich, at taxpayer expense. Both parties are part of a lose, lose network that keeps everyone under control using the basic technique of FEAR.

The only ones getting rich and winning are the 1%, inside of this lose lose system. Anyone voting for either of the big two parties loses, which makes this a lose lose system. 

By contrast, winners choose who they REALLY want to vote for, such as the Green Party. Winners NEVER waste their vote, because each vote really means something, rather than meaning NOTHING by voting for a big two party member. 

Winners choose who REALLY represents their interest. Losers pretend to believe one of the big two parties propoganda. They are then disappointed when their candidate does not live up to the hype and promises made in small sound bites that sound good up front.

Of course, the average voter has to keep voting for their loser candidate who does not measure up, because it would be even more of a loss, if the other side ‘won’ with their ‘loser’ candidate. So then on both sides of both parties, loser politicians are guaranteed another term in office, where they can keep on losing even more, while making the top 1% corporations that control almost everything even more wealthy than they are already.
More human rights, freedoms, justice, worker rights, and democracy is lost every time voters vote for the big two losing parties. Because corporations do not like any of these things, they get politicians into office that decapitate and get rid of all of these things, while putting things out in the mass media that this is a ‘good’ thing for people. 

Over time, everyone but the 1% loses by voting for the big two, as more and more freedom, rights, democracy and worker rights are lost over time, in return for huge corporations and a few rich people getting more and more power, control, money, property and corporate ‘rights’.

The only way to correct this problem and to WIN more democracy, human rights, dignity, respect for human life, freedom, a better community, and more local control as well as money is to VOTE, and to VOTE for only a party that does not accept corporate donations. The Green Party is one such party. 

By voting Green Party, you are a winner and create a winning future for seven future generations. 

By voting only for the big two parties, you end up being a loser, mainly because the big two parties have only SHORT TERM interests in mind, such as who will give them the most money and how they will make the most money, while raping and pillaging whoever, whatever, where ever.. 

The big two do not care about our children’s future, your community or even you as a person. They only give lip service to seven future generations, but almost never vote that way.

Bottom line, if you want to be a winner, vote Green Party. Just by voting, you will be a winner every time you vote. 

Now, let’s view a real debate for real people, by real people. 

When A Presidential Debate Is Not Really A Debate via A Green Road

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