USA – Radiation Damaged, Mutated Kitten

This is what radiation damage can look like in a cat, and this kitten is born on US soil. Since there are multiple nuclear reactors nearby, it is difficult to determine whether this damage is caused by radiation from Fukushima. This kind of damage can also be caused by ‘normal emissions’ from a nearby plant.

Tests can be done on this kitten,  humans, other animals, food and water to determine the ‘signature’ of the nuclear contaminants, which will determine with a close to 100% accuracy, where the radiation is coming from. Fukushima radiation has a particular radioactive ‘signature’, different from all other accidents, nuclear bomb tests and all other nuclear power plants.

But then again, this kitten may be suffering from nothing more than radioactive tritium, which is in the water supply around all nuclear power plants.
75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road
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USA – Radiation Damaged, Mutated Kitten; via A Green Road

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USA – Radiation Damaged, Mutated Kitten; via A Green Road
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