Children’s Cancer Rate Is Increasing Every Year; WHY?

Dr. Busby and Children with Cancer

Chris Busby exposes the corruption of UK charity Children with Cancer, the largest childhood cancer charity in the UK. But this charity is like almost all others, it is corrupted and controlled by the nuclear/medical establishment, which ‘believes’ only one set of facts, even if they do not fit with reality. 
He explains that this ‘charity’ is clearly standing in the way of finding the real causes of childhood cancer. This charity believes that the ONLY cause of cancer is children is VIRAL, and CANNOT be anything to do with the nuclear industry or low dose radiation of ANY kind.

He points at the ‘outside’ research done around the world, done by scientists and researchers outside of the nuclear industry, which proves that low dose nuclear radiation IS the cause of cancers and 2,000 genetic diseases.

Jeffrey Patterson MD on Nuclear Power and Human Health; via A Green Road

Dr. Busby advises people to stop donating their money to ANY medical or non profit organisation that wastes most or all of the money donated, by avoiding looking at what is the obvious cause of childhood cancer, environmental exposure to low dose radioactive contamination. Here are some links of general interest in terms of how low dose radiation is harming children;
Just to point at one very SPECIFIC example; recent studies of uranium particle exposure in Fallujah Iraq show a CLEAR cause and effect relationship between depleted uranium and a 14-fold increase in childhood cancer in that town. (Hint; it also affects US veterans who went to Iraq, and their kids)
Depleted Uranium Effects In The Human Body; via A Green Road 
Nuclear power plants he argues, also run on uranium and release particulates. Dr. Busby states that nuclear power plants, even if they are operating normally, with no accidents, are all associated with increased numbers of childhood cancers.

75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road
Dr. Ernest Sternglass PhD; Childhood Cancers/Deaths Caused By Nuclear Power Plants; via A Green Road
He accuses this supposedly neutral conference committee of bias and draws attention to the astonishing choice of ex- nuclear industry British Nuclear Fuels (Sellafield) research chief, Richard Wakeford, a man who has described himself as (British Nuclear Fuel’s Rottweiler) as the CWC lead conference speaker on the relationship between ionizing radiation and childhood leukemia. 

Pro nuclear apologists like Richard Wakeford ALWAYS draw the conclusion that there is NO relationship between low dose radiation and cancer or any other diseases. 

But can these pro nuclear apologists be believed?   The price we all pay is very clear; and it means many more children will suffer and die if these ‘experts’ are wrong, in denial or have hidden, selfish profit motives. 

Watch the following videos and decide for yourself…

Dr. Gorden Edwards PhD; Nuclear Power, Hope or Hoax Speech; via A Green Road
The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science; via A Green Road 
IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via A Green Road
93 Long life Radiation Contaminants; via A Green Road
Tokyo; is it safe to live in or visit? via A Green Road
30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via A Green Road
Fukushima; Today’s Titantic and Costa Concordia; via A Green Road

Dr. Busby asks everyone to write and complain to the charity commission and the trustees of the CWC, to your legislative representatives and medical boards. 

Also, register and vote for Green Party candidates, and get some people into office that do not take corporate ‘charity’ which makes them nothing more than lapdogs of these huge corporations that monopolize and try to control money, politics and all choices, to the detriment of our children, their children and thousands of generations of their children into the future.  

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Children’s Cancer Rate Is Increasing Every Year; WHY?; via A Green Road

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