Highly Radioactive Rain Falling In USA, Other Countries

“The Fukushima Diary has reported the unusual findings of large amounts of radioactive Lead 210 in soil samples from Yokohama Japan, approximately 500 times greater than would be expected. These findings are a direct corroboration of the POTRBLOG team’s analysis.  Fukushima Corium hit Radon laden groundwater and is releasing massive amounts of Radon in the resultant steam along with all the harder to detect longer half life man-made Fukushima fallout. 

Moreover, the detections of Cesium and other fallout in the soil sample build the foundation for a Rosetta stone which will allow one to infer and calculate suspected Fukushima radioactive contamination by taking Geiger Counter measurements of short half life Radon daughter fallout.” Source; video above

Here is another tester with a Geiger Counter, measuring rain for radiation contamination.

Here is another measurement of contaminated rain from around the Grand Canyon, from another person with a Geiger Counter.

For more information about the invisible dangers of radon and other alpha emitters, see the following links…

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The Fukushima disaster continues on without a break. The radiation is pouring out of the disaster site from one or more underground nuclear fires from melted through coriums, as well as spent fuel pool emissions,  leaks/dumpings into the ocean, ‘vent’ stack emissions, as well as from the burning of radioactive waste contaminated products.

Dr. Chris Busby; Consequences of Burning Radioactive Waste In Japan; via A Green Road
The bottom line result is that radioactive contamination  from many man made sources is going up high into the atmosphere, into the Pacific ocean, and is then coming back down in the rainfall, or getting into the food everyone eats, far from the source of the radiation.

75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road

Radioactive contamination all around the world is generally increasing, especially in the rainfall, food and water. Because most of these emissions are not continuous, but more in the form of ‘burps’, the hot rain seems to come down in the same way.

Some rain and falling dust in the air is ‘hot’ and highly radioactive, as the above video shows, and some is not. The only way to tell is to wipe a car hood, windshield, or other smooth surface, right after it starts raining . Measure the wet wipe with a Geiger Counter.

Overall, what may be happening seems to indicate a ‘loading’ of the upper atmosphere, from the continuous ‘burping’ emissions of numerous underground Fukushima coriums, vent stack emissions, spent fuel pool emissions, radioactive waste burnings and more.  Radiation readings in food and water globally seem to be rising consistently around the world.

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Of course, the nuclear ‘experts’ and mass media owned by huge corporations are almost completely silent about this whole fiasco, because it would mean the end of the nuclear industry and quite possibly all nuclear weapons as well, if people really understood and heard about what is going on at Fukushima.  So the deception continues on, as it has with all other nuclear ‘accidents’. 
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So what is REALLY GOING ON at Fukushima? Explore the following links to start learning about what is being covered up, denied and minimized. 
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What happens to this deadly radiation, once it falls as rain or dust all around the world? Of course, the radiation from any nuclear ‘accident’ enters the water and food chain. Invisible poison has become a ‘normal’ part of the water and food chain, all the way up to humans.

Government agencies response to increases in deadly radiation in food and water is almost universally implementing ’emergency’ overnight increases in the amount of this deadly radiation allowed in food and water, but to do nothing else.

Voila, the radiation problem is solved, because the radiation amount is now ‘normal’ and safe. Besides, anything you cannot see, hear or feel is not going to hurt you, right?

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Radiation Safety Standards for Food: Comparing Chernobyl vs Fukushima; via A Green Road
Low dose radiation according to ‘experts’ is nothing to worry about, and is not harmful. But again, part of the pro radiation cult belief system is that radiation does not harm anyone. Neutral outside scientific researchers are finding that the opposite is the case… 
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So what can you do? There are many things that can be done, but first educate yourself about the dangers. Then find out what you can do to protect your family and loved ones. 

The odds are that if you educate yourself and then try to help others by informing them of the dangers, they will call you a crackpot or crazy, because most people are so brainwashed by the ‘programming’, that they do not know the truth when it stares them in the face. 

Consequently, they suffer and die. This is the sad but horrific truth of the matter. Those in denial are not protected by their denial, but suffer and die because of it. 

Highly Radioactive Rain Falling In USA, Other Countries; via A Green Road

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