The Entitlement Generation; Who Are They Really?

Do you believe the ‘experts’ on the mass media, when they say something? When some ‘expert’ says that the entitlements are going to losers and leaches that make up 47% of the US population, who is it that they are pointing at, really? Is it you, your neighbor, or someone else?

Should we really just take these experts at their word, without asking them to do a LOT of explaining and debating with people who may think differently? 

Who is really getting most of these ‘entitlements’ anyways? This is a SERIOUS question. Governor Romney (part of the 1%) was famously heard saying to a private closed door audience that 47% of Americans consist of those getting entitlements. In other words, this 47% consists of leaches and losers. 

The attitude and thinking expressed by the 1% is that almost 50% of Americans are worthless and useless, sucking at the teats of the public taxes, just because they are ‘not working’. Of course, it does not matter that many of these entitlement addicts are getting paid out of Social Security. 

Almost everyone getting paid out of the SS program paid into it their whole lives. In our book that is not an entitlement, that is just a savings program, where you get to draw back out over time what you paid in for 30 years. In many cases, people never actually get back what they paid in, when it comes right down to it. 

So is this an evil ‘entitlement’ program that should be privatized and turned over to the huge corporations to run and control? We think not… 

Huge corporations LOVE getting rid of pension funds, so there is another social program that the government now pays for, when corporations welsh on their pension promises to employees.. Is this an evil entitlement program that we should get rid of, or is the problem actually with the evil corporations that conspire to rob the pension funds and then disappear so no one can be prosecuted?

So is Social Security an evil entitlement that we should be getting rid of? What is the other option? Should we go back to the system when there was NO Social Security, and seniors were starving in the streets? 

As President Obama is quoted as saying during the Presidential debates; “Think about who he (Romney) was talking about: folks on Social Security who’ve worked all their lives, veterans who’ve sacrificed for this country, students who are out there trying to hopefully advance their own dreams but also this country’s dreams, soldiers who are overseas fighting for us right now……”

What about the people serving in the military; which makes up about 60% of the US budget when you count healthcare and other costs of perpetual warfare?  Is the whole military industrial complex just a HUGE entitlement, because taxpayers pay for it? 

Historically, a standing permanent army is an aberration and very recent event. Most of US history does not include a permanent military force, and certainly it was not included in the thousands of years that the American Indians occupied this land before being ‘settled’ upon.

Most if not all military folks are getting paid out of the public Treasury collected from US taxpayers. According to  Governor Romney, everyone serving in the military branches is collecting an ‘entitlement’, and President Obama agrees. Is Romney really pointing at people in the military as part of the ‘worthless’ 47% that are ‘collecting entitlements’ that should be gotten rid of? 

Certainly, many people would agree to pay 60% less on their taxes if given a choice of not supporting the military industrial complex that operates mostly as a result of tax collections from individuals via ‘entitlements’.

Students collect ‘entitlements’ when they get a scholarship to go to college. Should a law be passed to BAN all scholarships, even for the best and brightest students? Even huge corporations support the idea for scholarship programs. Would you vote for someone threatening to ban all scholarships, especially if your child qualified for one? 

Almost all ‘public’ schools are an ‘entitlement’, starting with kindergarden, primary school, middle school, high school, and all colleges as well.  No one person really pays for all of that schooling, except through taxes, even if we do have to pony up for the school uniform or for bus service sometimes. So are all of our kids who are going to school and trying to better themselves worthless and useless ‘entitlement’ addicts, as part of the useless 47%? 

Should we get rid of all public schools and teachers to eliminate this ‘entitlement’? Certainly, that is happening now, as the ‘evil government’ school budget is shrinking. Now students and parents have to pay more and more each year.. Thank the Conservatives for your higher school related bills. Is this what you want for your kids or grandkids? Should they or you as their parents be required to pay the full cost of school for each child in order to get rid of those evil entitlements? It costs $45,000 per year  from grade school on, each and every year to keep ONE kid in school.  Who is going to vote for that? You? How many kids do you have? Multiply $50,000 per year by the number of kids you have.. That is what it costs to send them to school without ‘entitlements’. 

Are all seniors who are signed up for Medicaid, Medicare, and/or food stamps just to make it through the month without having to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills part of the ‘47% entitlement addicts’ that Romney is pointing at? 

Before we had these social benefit and caring programs, if you were a poor senior who had worked all of his or her life, and if you had no pension or healthcare to speak of, you were left in the gutter to die of some treatable illness or starved to death. Is Romney  and the 1% class suggesting we go back to those cold, uncaring, ruthless and selfish times when robber barons and slaves or serfs were the only thing around?

The disabled, mentally ill, genetically damaged and brain injured victims are collecting veterans benefits, welfare, medical care and/or food stamps. Certainly they are part of the ‘entitlement addicts’ that Romney and the 1% point at as being evil and something we should get rid of in the budget.  Whoever votes for these people like Romney is voting to cast all of themse people out into the street to die, as was the case before all of these social programs were put in place.  

Is a totally disabled veteran worth any more in term sof entitlements than a totally disabled person who got run over by a truck in an accident and can no longer work? We have met both types of individuals and in  our book, they both deserve ‘entitlements’. So who is Romney pointing at in a deragatory manner when it comes to entitlements?

Since the government is bad and part of the ‘entitlement’ evil that Romney is pointing at, maybe it is just the government payroll police, firefighters, or teachers who are the ‘evil’ ones collecting entitlements? 

Certainly that makes sense. Because now that Conservatives get to put that ‘evil entitlement’ agenda to work, that is the class of workers that are being fired, laid off and being cut back. We wonder if these workers are even connecting the dots when they lose their jobs? Do they realize that they are the ‘evil’ ones that Romney is pointing at with the 47% remark? Who are they voting for, we wonder?

Since Romney is part of the 1%, maybe he is pointing at the 1% as far as evil entitlement addicts go. But no, that is not the case. NONE of the 1% think that they are part of the problem. The 1% ALL point at someone else, somewhere else, as being part of the problem around ‘entitlements’. 

If you ask anyone who is part of the 1%, if corporate welfare, loan guarantees, subsidies, grants, free handouts, or military contracts, are part of the ‘entitlements’, they will reply with a deadly serious tone of voice, that NONE OF THAT is an ENTITLEMENT. 

Despite the fact that the 1% take about 80% of the total money collected from taxpayers for themselves, while making record profits, that is NOT an entitlement, that is just ‘fair business practice’. (We are adding the 60% of the military budget with the 20% collected by businesses through subsidies, etc.)

What kind of thinking does it takes to believe that a huge monopolistic corporation making BILLIONS per year, while paying ZERO taxes, is also ENTITLED to taxpayer dollars in the form of corporate welfare subsidies, FOREVER? 

Even more fantastic is the idea that these 1% plutocrats have is that they actually BELIEVE that if these corporate welfare entitlements are taken AWAY from them, despite the fact that they are paying zero taxes and making record profits, that it would be like ‘raising taxes’ on them, which would be totally unfair and unreasonable. 

Even more fantastic, is that the 1% feel entirely ‘entitled’ to take over the whole political, legal and financial system globally, just because they can. 

The 1% feel that they are the ONLY ones ‘entitled’ to run the whole country, select the ‘leaders’ chosen by them, through their financial ‘contributions’. 

95% of the time, their money ‘entitles’ them to win the election, despite everyone having the freedom to ‘vote’. Who cares about voting and free choice anyway? 

Corporations and the 1% also feel ‘entitled’ to be ‘people’, via the Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling, just so they can contribute UNLIMITED amounts of money to political campaigns, since they do not have enough power and control without this kind of law in place. 

This Citizens United law, according to Romney, also ‘entitles’ them to order their employees to vote and contribute ONLY to THEIR right wing candidate, since they have the best idea of who is going to win anyway. Why give employees the right to vote for some other candidate? That would be a waste after all.

So what is the answer to solve all of these problems? Vote Green Party. It is the only political party that does not take corporate ‘contributions’ and is outside of their influence and control. Do not waste your vote on the Dualopoly. Both of the big parties are totally corrupted by campaign cash, flooding over them like a Niagra waterfall.  

The Entitlement Generation; Who Are They Really? via A Green Road

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