Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic

Pro nuclear power apologists put forward the claim that nuclear power is inexpensive. “In the dawn of the nuclear era, cost was expected to be one of the technology’s advantages, not one of its drawbacks. The first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss, predicted in a 1954 speech that nuclear power would someday make electricity “too cheap to meter.”

However, government subsidies in the form of corporate welfare “to the nuclear power industry over the past fifty years have been so large in proportion to the value of the energy produced that in some cases it would have cost taxpayers less to simply buy kilowatts on the open market and give them away, according to a February 2011 report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The report, Nuclear Power: Still Not Viable without Subsidies, looks at the economic impacts and policy implications of subsidies to the nuclear power industry—past, present, and proposed.

“Global subsidies for oil, gas, and coal amounted to $409 billion in 2010 — compared with $60 billion for renewable energy that year.” (Add another 40-60 Billion For nuclear corporate welfare in the US alone). 
“Cutting those subsidies would be economically efficient, reduce overall energy consumption, and level the playing field with renewable power. The International Energy Agency suggests that removing fossil fuel subsidies would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 2.6 gigatonnes a year by 2035. That’s half of what’s required to prevent the planet’s average temperature from increasing by two degrees centigrade or more per year.”
Let’s dive into just ONE nuclear power plant, (Trawsfynnydd) and see what happens financially over the life of just ONE power plant, without including mining, refining and purifying of uranium to power it.
Construction on this nuclear power plant began in 1959. It was operational in 1968 and then it shut down in 1991.  It was in operation for 33 years, which is the safe design basis for nuclear power plants, for many reasons.
This ONE nuclear power plant will not be fully decommisioned until 2073. This means that it may take one hundred years to decommission an average nuclear power plant like the one above. The 100 year decommissioning process deals with just a small fraction of the toxic, nuclear waste that an average plant produces. 
In another case, a Quebec nuclear reactor shutdown will cost $1.8 Billion. Tje Gentilly-2 plant near Trois-Rivières is to be dismantled over 50 years.

Another dirty secret about the nuclear industry is that most if not all nuclear power plants have run out of money to ‘decommission’ themselves, even though by law they are supposed to collect this money while they are producing power. So who do you think will be on the hook to pay for the cleanup of the mess? 
Not only does the nuclear industry universally transfer all of the risk and cost of cleanups, accidents and ‘decommissioning’ to taxpayers, they universally also keep all of the profits they make, plus they demand taxpayer subsidies just to keep operating. 

Huge Number Of Radiation Contaminated Sites In Just ONE US State; via A Green Road

The nuclear waste from this and every other nuclear power plant must be guarded for at least another 1 MILLION to BILLIONS of years, even AFTER IT IS SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY, contrary to the claims of nuclear apologists, who say that nuclear waste issues are not worth talking about.

93 Long life Radiation Contaminants, A Problem For Billions Of Years; via A Green Road

Is it worth the cost of heating water for 30 years, to pay someone to guard this deadly waste for 1 MILLION years? 

Uranium Mining Legacy; Toxic Waste For 1,000,000 Years; via A Green Road 

Wouldn’t you agree that heating water for 30 years, and then having to guard both the uranium tailing piles and the waste fuel from the power plant, recycling and concentrating facilities for 1 million years makes absolutely no economic or financial sense at all? 

There is no long term waste solution for the nuclear industry. Further, the consequences of no solution cause further problems, by polluting our environment, with such practices such as the burning of nuclear wastes, and the dumping of nuclear reactors/wastes in the oceans of the world. 

Dr. Chris Busby; Consequences of Burning Radioactive Waste In Japan; via A Green Road

Long Term Nuclear Waste Storage Fatal Flaw By Dr. Busby; via A Green Road
The Fallacy Of High Level Nuclear Waste Geological Storage; via A Green Road
No Solutions For Nuclear Disasters Or Nuclear Waste; via A Green Road
What Happens To Nuclear Waste In Your Country? via A Green Road 
During the time after a nuclear plant is shut down, when no power is being produced, it is costing rate payers or taxpayers money, as the above examples show.. 

A nuclear power plant, unlike any other kind of power plant, cannot just be shut off, and then lay off all of the workers. The toxic and radioactive waste is also a constant and never ending invitation to terrorists, who may use this leftover toxic mess to make a dirty bomb. The plant and the waste must be guarded and protected from terrorists forever. How realistic is this plan? Are you willing to sign up to pay for the next MILLION years to guard some waste that only gave you hot water for 30 years? 

What are the odds of an active nuclear power plant resisting a terrorist attack? Did you know that terrorists have already taken over a nuclear power plant? It is actually pretty easy to take a plant over, or to cause it to melt down, if one knows how to do it. 

Atucha Nuclear Reactor Taken Over By Terrorists; via A Green Road 

We are lucky that terrorists are stupidly attacking only airplanes, because if they can turn off a nuke plant, (not hard to do) and just one spent fuel pool or nuclear reactor melts down, a city or town nearby with millions of people in it will become uninhabitable and have to be abandoned. Is that worth the cost of heating water for 30 years? The following horrible scenarios can and eventually will happen if we do not shut down all nuclear power plants. 

Fukushima Reactor 4;  Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road
Japan Plans To Evacuate 40 Million Citizens; Russia Shocked; via A Green Road

If we look at the whole fuel cycle and the costs to guard against terrorists using it, the total energy to profit ratio of nuclear power stations, is actually net-NEGATIVE. It is just a question of how much nuclear power goes into the red, not if it is a money losing proposition. 

Assuming that everything goes according to plan, the amount of energy society expends overall to construct, fuel, and run a nuclear power station and then decommission it and safely store the long term radioactive wastes produced, is FAR GREATER than the total electrical output of a nuclear power station during its operating lifespan.

The following graph shows that the whole fuel cycle loses almost 3 times more energy than it delivers.

DELIVERED Nuclear Energy                  2.19 QBtu

ELECTRIC ENERGY LOSS                    6.20 QBtu

Ramaswami Kumar wrote this nuclear fuel cycle audit where he states that the whole nuclear energy fuel cycle consumes 500% more energy than it delivers.

Karl Grossman makes the point that the nuclear industry is full of psychopaths that knew that nuclear power was and still is far more dangerous, more costly and more toxic, than any other form of energy generation, but they cover up the truth and lie to the public about it. How does it feel to be lied to? 

Read Karl Grossman’s book; Cover Up: What You are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power. It is available here for free; 

IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via A Green Road
Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via A Green Road
30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via A Green Road
TEPCO Controls Mass Media, But Loses ALL Nuclear Plant Insurance Coverage; Via A Green Road 

Climate change concerns, coupled with high oil prices, peak oil, and increasing government support, are driving increasing renewable energy legislation, incentives andcommercialization.[12] New government spending, regulation and policies helped the industry weather the global financial crisis better than many other sectors.[13] According to a 2011 projection by the International Energy Agency, solar power generators may produce most of the world’s electricity within 50 years, dramatically reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the environment.[14]

There is a hope for the future of humankind if we focus on a green, clean, renewable energy future. The following articles point the way to accomplishing this positive goal. Humanity can and must live without nuclear power. 

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Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road

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