How To Steal An Election In 9 Steps; Greg Palast – Billionaires And Ballot Bandits

Talk by investigative journalist Greg Palast author of “Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps” given September 27, 2012 at Town Hall Seattle in Seattle, WA. 

“We know exactly who is going to win the upcoming U.S. Presidential election: It’s going to be the candidate in favor of GMOs, vaccines, Big Pharma monopolies, corporate dominance, Wall Street bailouts and war; with 100% certainty, and here’s why:”

Bottom line, the lesson is to never vote for anyone in the Dualopoly. Vote for a third party that does not take corporation money, as it is the ONLY way to take our democracy back. 

Because the big two parties are ‘owned’ by corporations, if you vote for either one of them, your vote is wasted. Big two political candidates cannot get to that level, unless they buy into what corporations want, because it takes so much money to get to that level. Only corporations and billionaires who ‘own’ these corporations can ‘sponsor’ candidates with HUGE money from Super Pacs and secret money that cannot be traced back to corporations or to the few billionaires who control them. 

Once these Dualopoly candidates take the money, it also means they ‘owe’ corporations  and their 1% billionaire owners such as the Koch Brothers ‘favors’ or at least a favorable view when it comes to lawmaking, policy, etc. Bingo, democracy has been largely lost, because the people’s and workers voice has just been cut out, their votes have been stolen, and their views have been suppressed. 

The Green Party does not accept corporate money, so the views of the party reflect the views of average citizens, not faux people that are actually corporations. The solution is to VOTE, and to vote for a Green Party candidate. 

Voting MATTERS. …..Be sure to VOTE, and to vote EVERY TIME you can! Many people have died for the right to vote. You do not need money, or political influence, or lobbyists, or fund raising dinners to influence an election. Just make sure you VOTE. 

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How To Steal An Election In 9 Steps; Greg Palast – Billionaires And Ballot Bandits; via A Green Road


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