Creating Heaven On Earth With Mastermind; Inspirational Video For Wealth, Health, Relationship, Life

Is there a relationship between consciousness of people and the consciousness of the planet? In the view of modern physics and string theory, there is nothing else going on. We are all part of this planet and the infinite cosmos, and it is part of us. The total of all individual consciousness makes up planetary consciousness. This can be a very powerful and useful concept in the hands of those who are aware and conscious enough to utilize it. 

For those who are aware and conscious, it is known that a positive individual future time line can be created out of nothing through intention, statement and visualization, along with positive emotions.

The future of the planet is determined in the same way, through the thoughts and emotions of everyone on the planet. The total of all thoughts and emotions of everyone on the planet, in effect, determines our future timeline. Choice, not chance, determines human destiny.  

As we think about what that means, we will possibly realize that there is a way to change the future course of the planet, by changing what we are visualizing, imagining, and feeling as far as both our individual and planetary future. 

The premise is that there is a way to change the timeline from the global suicide path that we may seem to be on and that many belief systems seem to be choosing. Here is one way to change the planetary timeline, using powerful spiritual and Mastermind principles.

Imagine it is ten years from now, in the year 202_. Imagine that future time is here and now, in the present moment of time. Using the power of mind and spirit, time has no meaning, so we can operate outside of the boundaries of time and space, where there are no limits.

We are here together, living on a beautiful pearl blue planet called Earth, hanging in the deepest black vastness of  infinite space. In the last ten years we have decided that planetary suicide is not an option, so we have made huge, positive, life affirming, love engendering paradigm shifts on all levels after a moment in time when a global consciousness shift happened, all at once, via the 100th Monkey Effect. Heaven came to Earth, and everyone realized who they really were.

Since that moment in time, when humanity ‘woke up’, it has moved incredibly fast into sustainable, clean, renewable, zero carbon and chemical/radiation free ways of living, raising food, home building and generating power. All around the world, individuals, families, villages, neighborhoods and communities both large and small have transitioned into sustainable, bottoms up ways of operating.  

As a result, the global environment is getting back to ‘normal’ and is becoming cleaner each year. Seemingly miraculous inventions have eliminated the need for carbon fuel burning of any kind. New laws and technologies have made polluting carbon fuel burning machines obsolete, expensive and unwanted, when compared to the new free or almost free ways of producing clean power, pure water and organic food. Other inventions have sped up the absorption or transmutation of huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other toxins, including radiation, thus reversing the global climate change, chemical burdern, and radioactive pollution process. GMO foods have been made illegal, since heirloom seeds are now the norm. 

Humanity lives in an affirming and a love based, positive way that provides basic necessities of life for all humans on the planet. Wealth and resources are being shared voluntarily because people live  centered in the heart, with feeling and intuition, (not from the uncaring mind/ego). This means that all people on the planet are fed, housed, clothed, educated and provided meaningful ways of harnessing their passions and spiritual gifts.

Wars have become obsolete for many reasons, as have armies and weapons. Swords and tanks have been converted to peaceful tools that help produce the new free or low cost and sustainable ways of producing energy or raising food. People have also realized and become consciously aware that is more cost effective to solve problems with non violent communication, as well as peaceful, loving negotiation rather than violent confrontation or dehumanizing propoganda. Schools now teach the Science of Sustainable Health, focusing on teaching mainly about what benefits seven future generations. 

People now respect and love each other with a deep empathic compassion, no matter what their religions, political party or belief system, because everyone realized at the moment of the 100th Monkey Effect moment, that all are ONE. 

There is now plenty of room on the planet for everyone to express their creativity. As awareness of our interconnectedness increased, people all around the world have moved into positive life affirming and sustainable ways of living in harmony with the environment, and with each other. All peoples, black, white, red, yellow, brown and more are living together in peace. All people are now focused on expressing life affirming freedom and love within and without. 

People all around the world have learned and realized that the ‘commons’ are more important than for profit corporations, which have been made largely obsolete, or repurposed into employee owned or nationalized commons centers of commerce.  Private property and individual profit has been made obsolete by a new spiritual understanding and ways of working together for the common good. 

Common’s such as parks, libraries, fire departments, police departments, governments, roads, community centers, bridges, books, forests, water, air, soil, have all taken on a new importance and significance when viewed from an angle of what benefits seven future generations. Instead of ‘owning’ things and land, air or water, people now hold all things in trust for the benefit of seven future generations. 

Money has lost almost all of it’s meaning and value, since it really had none anyway to start with. People have realized that for most of it’s history, money was not needed in villages and tribes to operate, live or evolve. People have realized and live in a way that does not require any money or ‘profit’, and especially not any method of making a profit that takes advantage of or damages either people or the environment. People only take what they need and no more. 


Your future timeline stretches out in front of you, like a road going away into the future. Imagine flying down this Green Road and let your mind take you out ten years. Once you are ten years into the future, FEEL what if feels like there. Ask your Higher Self or Mastermind what your personal highest and best future FEELS like.  

Trust this future creation process, even if you are just using your imagination. Do this every day as long as the world is not the way you like.  Imagine and FEEL it being the above.  This exercise is both an affirmation and a powerful tool for world transformation, using faith, imagination, feeling and the power of mind and heart. This is a time of tremendous change and transformation. 

Please send this to all your friends, and people that you think may benefit from this. Ask them to do this too. Share this on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks for all that you do. 
Creating Heaven On Earth With Mastermind; Inspirational Video For Wealth, Health, Relationship, Life; via A Green Road

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