Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees

This documentary shows how the Japanese are making attempts at decontaminating areas that were soiled with radioactivity from Fukushima. There are many problems with a so called ‘decontamination’. 

The movie talks about how much this process costs; between $19 to $35 per square meter, for ONE round., with many areas needing THREE rounds of decontamination, according to the documentary above. Since there are 377,873 square kilometers, the total number of meters in Japan is 377,873,000,000. Multiply 50% of Japan by either $19 or $35, (experts have said that Japan is largely contaminated all the way down to and including Tokyo).

Now we start to calculate the total cost of decontamination with either 1 round or three rounds. Roughly, $188,936,500,000 times 35 = $6.6127775 Trillion.

Where is this country going to come up with 6 TRILLION to cleanup just the soil, not including lake water, subsoil, farms, underground drinking water aquifers, and ocean cleanup? 

To handle all of these other radioactively contaminated areas not handled by the ‘normal’ three round decontamination process, we can safely increase this 6.6 TRILLION by another multiple of 4, resulting in 24 TRILLION to deal with all of the other cleanup costs, and this still does not handle the problem of what to do with the massive piles of radioactively contaminated soil, water, plants, etc. 

To move and safely store all of this highly radioactive waste generated by these three rounds of radiation decontamination and cleanup for the next MILLION YEARS, we can safely DOUBLE the above costs to 48 TRILLION, or more, since right now, there NO ANSWER for long term, geologically stable nuclear waste storage.

People face a difficult choice. Do they stay in a contaminated area, and risk their health and the health of their children? Or do they move, and leave everything they have built up behind, never to return? Generally, those with the means and financial ability do move out, and those who stay are the poorest and the least able to move. 

Depending on the success of the cover up and minimization campaign that is put into place after each nuclear accident, either the whole accident is completely denied, partially denied or it is just minimized, as in the following cases. As you will discover, most nuclear accidents are never talked about in the mass media. Fukushima is no exception. 

Fukushima is a major disaster that has received so little coverage, that most people assume it was taken care of and is now over with. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
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As you will more than likely discover, decontamination after nuclear disaster is almost impossible. Radiation contaminates the rivers, forests, farm land, cities, roads, water supplies and ocean.. Even the air we all breathe is contaminated. The radiation then is concentrated and moves up the food chain to the top of the food chain. This is a fact that the documentary fails to even mention. Staying in a contaminated area exposes one to all of these radiation inputs, via food, water, air and just walking around. 

Fukushima is a nuclear disaster that will kill millions of people, because it is much larger than Chernobyl. Chernobyl has caused 1,000,000 deaths and many times that number are suffering from a huge variety of negative health effects, as outlined in the articles and books/videos above. Decontamination will not change that. After an accident happens, Pandora’s Box has been opened, and nothing will close it again. 
Each time an accident happens, it is a potential global life extinction event, due to the huge amount of radiation released which then travels around the world via ‘hot particles’ or in the case of Fukushima ‘bucky balls’. But the danger that is present in every accident that threatens the whole planet is actually in the spent fuel pools. To find out more about this, read the following articles. 
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Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees; via A Green Road

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